Nicaragua vs Costa Rica (Plus, Why Not Give Ortega the Benefit of the Doubt?)

Funrunners's picture  is my idea to help make a difference, this is a function of the single travel fraternity I am starting . It  is NOT an America group , saying oh let me help these poor people, because I have so much more.  It is an international singles organization, that want to help those that want to help others. My plan is to open a Red Door Kitchen there in Esquipulas, (my girlfriends home) to feed the kids, and a first aid center.  I have only been to Nicaragua 3 times, so I do not hold myself as a n expert in any way.  I have traveled Costa Rica for 25 years and I realize the difference. 

But I also know that while I ran a Bar in San Jose, Costa Rica and paid my dues there. I learned one thing, every Nicaraguan I hired wanted to work, most tico's wanted to get paid.  I was so lucky to meet Margarita (my girlfriend, who lives here with me in the USA). So of all the money I lost from a dishonest attorney and rediculious govt policy, I think of it as a great success.  I was a Marine Corp military Police, and I am not ignorant to the dangers of hunger people.  BUT at the same time, life is to be lived and that is not to be considered hiding in a safe place and never doing anything to make a difference.  SO I think this Ortega has a chance, He could become a national hero, He could be the man that made Nicaragua a great place to live, vaction and invest.  So far he has been worried about putting money in his account.  But, perhaps be simple math he will come to the conclusion that he has enough now.  So it would cost him little to become the man that made the difference.  With the absolute emminant opening of Cuba, Costa Rica is going to take a huge tourist hit.  Every Hotel has property there and are ready to build, a construction frenzy like the world has never seen, will occur.  Nicaragua LAST YEAR , had a major hotel resort want to build 4 resorts in Nicaragua . But they walked when the government said they would have to insure the employees f the sub contracters.  They were asked to insure people they had no control over. The obvious lawsuits that would result from fake back injuries, etc, they walked.  That was 4 Major resorts and all the promo that would have gone with them.  My plan is simple, partner up with people that have an idea or location for tour/hotel/restuarant. I am starting in Costa Rica and will be in Nicaragua soon.

I know I have read very informative reports here, feel free to express your real thoughts. We only learn from experience, it does not have to be ours.



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Are you drunk?

You are a marine??, had Ortega in your sites but did not have permission???? You must be drunk! The main post was by one person and the last two are a completely different persons. Please disregard my first post, no need to contact me.

lets exchange ideas

I am not sure what I can say on here and it be posted. but if yuou look ed at the website there should have been a contact.


I do not hate a people, I have4 no use for Ortega, BUT if you are going to do anything to make a difference there ORtega has to be dealt with. A MARINE is a man of honor, and a man of honor does not hate a race or creed, he may hate a culture of evil, MarinesinMexico will tell you my way of thinking, but that is against evil that is killing children of all races and creeds. TRUTH, we Had Ortega in our sites in 80;s could not get premission to fire... He would not ewven be here now, BUT he is so it has to be dealt with,

Where do I start

I like your idea(s), IM me if you like and we can talk.

you aare not a MARINE

I can believe you think that way of Ortega, I'm also a Marine and I hate Nicas just like mexicans, you most got injected by some nica puzzy and now you like it, down in costa rica all nicas are willing towork but also still and rape all women they can get, see the crime in tht area, I will love to get a few Marines to get this people out of that country.

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