NOW is the Time to Visit the Caribbean

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NOW is the Time to Visit the Caribbean

What many people do not realize is that the weather on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side is quite different from the rest of the country. When it is rainy season on the Pacific side it’s dry and sunny here in the Caribbean, where I live. Yet the temperatures are milder than mid summer. Ask anyone else who lives here, September is the most beautiful month of the year.
In September and often into mid October, the skies are bright and sunny and the water is calm and clear. Yesterday I was at everybody’s favorite beach in Punta Uva and it was like a HUGE swimming pool. There were families out for a Sunday picnic; there was a beach wedding held in the afternoon, yet the beach was not too crowded for a lovely swim. And there’s river there that flows into the ocean - with a rope swing - the kid’s favorite.
All year long Puerto Viejo is a great place to go with its good restaurants, great live music every night and warm friendly people. But if you come in September you have the special bonus of practically perfect weather every day. I hope to see you here soon!


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Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, Carolyn. I've been so busy! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the Caribbean. That weekend of the bike race was unusual for Puerto Viejo. There were so many people in town. We are never normally that crowded - not at all. Did you get to see my website? I hope you like it. And please do come back and visit again. Lisa

Thank you Lisa! Although I

Thank you Lisa! Although I did not receive your response until we got back from Costa Rica, we took your suggestion and went to Puerto Viejo for a few days and loved it. We were there during the bike race and had a great time...and the water was warm! Also drove down to Punta Uva. It was our first trip to Costa Rica and we drove all around the country. We really enjoyed the people and the country. Of course we had some slow drives through the rain, but the sights were fantastic!

Now is the Time...

Hi Carolyn,
      Nice to hear from you, I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit to Costa Rica. To answer your questions: I have been to quite a few places in Costa Rica but the Caribbean is my favorite and my area of expertise. I have lived in the Puerto Viejo area for over four years. I really love it here. Our weather patterns are different from the rest of the country. Rainy season here usually starts around now but we have still had quite a bit of sun, lately. The Pacific side is coming to the end of their rainy season, yet the rains are still rampant in that part of the country and throughout the Central Valley as well. For that reason my suggestion would be to come to the Caribbean side.
      There have been cases of Dengue in this area but none that I have heard of lately. The last six months have been drier than usual and dengue is carried by mosquitoes, which hatch in standing water. If you stay in a place that has screened windows or mosquito nets on the beds and you use repellant, you should be fine.
      Take a look at my website: All your questions are answered there. I have several good posts on crime in Costa Rica. I also discuss other parts of Costa Rica besides the Caribbean and even several trips I've made to Panama. Pura Vida!

Now is the time to visit the Caribbean

We will be in Costa Rica this month and now see that it has been raining much on the Pacific Coast. Have you only been in Puerto Viejo? Beside there do you recommend any other location and places to stay (even in Puerto Viejo). We have also been reading about the Dengue fever outbreaks from Guapiles to there a problem where you are suggesting? I am also wondering about the reponse that you recieved regarding the drug-related crime passing through the Caribbean side of a country. Thanks and have a great day!

Costa Rica's Caribbean

Are you in Bluefields or Corn Island? I know people from there who live here because they can make more money. They tell me it is beautiful there. I really want to go visit some time.

Theft is the major crime on Costa Rica's Caribbean side. Where you have poverty you have theft. It happens all over Central America. I always say that if anything - anything - is left vulnerable it will be stolen. Homes must be occupied and fortified so no one can break in. People must be informed. I made and distributed a poster to help keep tourists safe. The locals (business owners, residents, citizens, expats... many people) have a Facebook page where we keep track of crime, report it, make sure denuncias are filed, help the victims and work on crime prevention. If we choose to live here we choose to live with the good and the bad. It is best to do what we can to help solve problems and make things better.

That being said, I still love living here!

Viva Caribbean

I love the tranquility of the caribbean waters. I lived in Barbados and the BVI for a while and would love to do it again! I am in Nicaragua now and the caribbean side here is largely unexplored by mainstream tourists mostly because of scary stories of drug-relted crime passing through there. I hope there is not that problem in Costa Rica caribbean side?

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