Obama and Chavez, Up In a Tree, K..i...s...s...i...n...g...or Not ?

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Are Obama and Chavez becoming increasingly enamored for one another? (if so that's good; or, if so that's bad)

The only donation I've ever made for a political campaign, I made for Hilay's primary run. Ten bucks - not much, I suppose.  I did so because I felt I understood her and felt she had the capability in herself and her team to do a good job and to do so with the highest percentage of honesty of the candidates from either of the two major parties.

Now I still feel that she was the right candidate; I'm wondering more and more what Obama's goals are.  Does he know, I wonder to myself.  Maybe he doesn't even have clear goals himself.  Certainly I haven't been able to figure them out.  He seems to pride himself on being able to have everyone like him. But what does he want to do with everyone's confidence?  Share the gospel of Jesus Christ his savior?  Turn lead into gold?  Get Hondurans to love each other and stop killing each other and lay aside their corrupt culture?  Good luck!

I don't know the answer to the question whether the President is an unimportant figurehead, or an important decisionmaker and executive to carry out the laws of the congress.  I don't know what Obama really wants either.  This is why I supported his opponent in the primary.

I have a feeling that in three years and in seven years I am going to be saying the same thing: what is his goal to do with all the popularity he creates by his politically correct speech and smiles?  When I read Obama's 1983 article from his time as a college student I wonder the same thing.

I am starting to wonder whether we will also be asking that question in eleven years also.


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Hello My Friend

Yes it seemed the anonymous writer was trying to mount some kind of religious war.  We're doing ok, thanks.  Wednesday (today) is music day, so that's nice.  And though some people are gettings sick from H1N1 swine flu, it's not so bad.

Obama's modus operandi that there are legislative solutions to so many problems is clever but not wise or correct, in my opinion.  So much misuse of resources when a citizenry strives for health care rather than health, or educational programs rather than knowledge.  It's the mark of a man who went to Ivy League schools and somehow never read (or understood?) Atlas Shrugged, The Wealth of Nations, and possibly logical thinking in general.

I think it's likely at this point that the full Obamacare will not pass.

Will Obama accept it and move on (like Hilary did 16 and 8 years ago) or will he become obsessed with his political defeat and impale himself upon it, the victim and martyr who was disenfranchised by circumstance?


Hi Peter how are you doing seems like someone got pretty angry when I likened Barry to Uncle Adolf you fascism exists on both the Left and the Right of the political spectrum sorry I am a Bush lover Brown Nicaraguan Reaganite here don't be " Anonymous " stand up for your side of Nicaragua be it Tommy, Humberto, Charile, Danny or any other of the " dictadorcito's " pals it's all good I sure do love America too bad it's going down the toilet by the way Peter what do you and everybody else think about Obamacare?  Nicaragua is looking mighty attractive every day, isn't it?


To the [personal insult moderated] who is calling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, "his wars" as in Obamas. Guess what [personal insult moderated], that facsist nazi George Bush started them. Wake up and smell the coffee. [personal insult moderated]

ugly American

You must be young!


BTW, what do you think of the forum bigots?

Where did that term 'the ugly

Where did that term 'the ugly American' come from.....?

It appears you are right

It appears you are right about Obama as a socialist.  Why do you think Warren B, Bill G, Eric S, and Bill C supported him?

Is he any better at math than George W?  Sometimes it appears that Obama wants (in deed) to be quite generous with financiers (who surround him in the White House) and genenerous with the military and generous with the rest of the world and generous with Russia and generous with patients and generous with school districts and generous with college professors, generous with the Pope, poor people, tax payers, non-tax-payers... Who's going to write the checks?


p.s. There was also a comment received here on this thread that I did not approve because it had too many swears and the commenter's supposed email address belongs to a dead person.  Anonymous poster with dead person's email address, please just register on the site.  Also for all posters please try to remember to * out the vowels of your vulgar words.

Jesus Christ Peter Obama is a

Jesus Christ Peter Obama is a g*dd*mn Socialist, I am telling you the man just wants to flush America down the toilet and give this country over to his Muslim brothers, especially his sheiks in Saudi Arabia and Dubai (you know he's just a black eunuch for the Arabs like all Blacks are, like Farrakhanvict and Jackson and even MICHAEL Jackson Jehovah's Witness my brown Catholic Nicaraguan *SS!) and he's just waiting for his bro Mahmoud to send the bombs over so he can send all the good American boys, White, Hispanic, Asian, whatever to fight his stupid wars in Afghanistan and try to make it seem likes he's doing good.  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  Never forget that Peter, he might as well be named Adolf Nazi Hitler.

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