Panama Guide Claims Killer Found in Panama and Headed to Costa Rica

ALERT! Have you seen these people? They are wanted for serial killings in Bocas del Toro Panama, and may have obtained fake passports from and/or spent time in Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, or other Central American or Caribbean countries. Their MO is that they "befriend" someone with property for sale, murder the property owner, forge papers, and steal the property, telling people that the property owners "moved away." Has anyone gone "missing" in beach or resort communities in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc. in the past few years? These people may have been working their way down from the US, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and now, Bocas del Toro, Panama. At least 3 people were murdered for their property and an international manhunt is under way.
To read info and see photos please go to:
There are a lot of stories and many photos of this couple.
The publisher of Panama Guide is the one who cracked the case and is actively working with Panamanian police and US FBI so if you have any info about these people or any info about a crime that MAY have something to do with them please contact him (Don Winner) directly.

These people have a "hells angels biker" type persona, and are ALWAYS armed.  They ingratiate themselves by throwing money around and having wild parties.  They probably sell drugs too, although nobody here admits to buying any.  (Or give them away, if they spot a "mark.")   They search for people with nice property for sale, "befriend" them and then murder them.  

Most recently, they appear to have purchased a car with Costa Rican plates with cash and crossed the border into Costa Rica.  They will head for places where there are lots of expats,preferably American, with money, most likely a resort type area and may try the same murder for land scam


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Wow! Gone and see this

Wasn´t ¨Wild Bill¨¨ one of the people posting on one of the Nica sites? That ID is very familiar. I think I told this guy to F off, and he was buddying up with one of the other losers on those sites.

I have often wondered if many of those people are running from something, because they are so angry. I could be wrong, but that ID is very unique and I recall it. Could be wrong though. He looks like the type of loser that runs from the law and his wife. UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Serial Killers

I am glad they caught these two! I hope they spend the rest of their lives in prison. Nobody can really blame Central America for not catching them - they have been on America's most wanted list since 2006!

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