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Every three months I must leave the country. All tourists do in Costa Rica, to get their passports renewed. I took a trip to Panama’s ruggedly beautiful Pacific coast. I walked on wide flat beaches that seemed to go on forever, climbed craggy cliffs and lava rock walkways, stayed in cattle country with no steak to be found and a has-been surf town that was half asleep. Check it out here:
and let me know what you think.
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Not sure how much longer or if we'll be able to renew our visa? I was told at the border I cannot continue to renew by crossing 3 days. Some people I understand are getting only 30 day renewals. Understand immigration doesn't have to give any renewal if they don't want to. Would have been nice to know this was coming before I invested so heavily here. Please write to anyone in charge in CR, This is not going to help economy or real estate.

Costa Rica Fines

I am told it has already started. As I said in my travel journal report, I am very careful to be sure I do not overstay my 90 days.

10 Annoying things...

This comment is an example of one annoying thing forum users shouldn't do. That would be to post replies that have nothing to do with the topic. Say whatever you like, but if it has nothing to do with the topic, start a new topic.

A must read especailly if you are American

10 Annoying Things American Tourists Shouldn't Do

Stop talking about how “cheap” everything is.

Stop talking so damned loud.

Read something about the country you’re visiting before you get on the plane.

Do not assume people speak English.

Don’t assume people don’t speak English.

Don’t ask people what communism/socialism was like, and don’t pretend to understand it.

Don’t get into pointless political arguments.

Don’t "educate" people.

Don’t talk about how much better something is in America

Please don´t stick out like a sore thumb especially the way you dress

The wind...

Muchisimas Gracias.


But I understand your like to travel. keep your chin up and go with the whind.

Passport Renewal

No, I cannot get residency so I do not have to do this all the time. I do not fit into any of the categories of people allowed to get residency. I am not old enough to be a pensionado, I do not have enough income to be a rentista. And I am not employed in any kind of special job that the government considers important to the country. I don't mind, though. I like to travel.

can you

get some type of temp residency so you do not have to do this all the time?

Passport Renewal

The Costa Rica govt is considering to fine anyone that has over stayed there visa.
It is suppose to go in efect after the new year?
Lic Giovanna Barrantes

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