Phase I of upgrade complete

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We've just finished the upgrade of the software this afternoon to the latest drupal version, 6.8.  This keeps the site secure against malicious attacks.  It also fixes the bug you might have experienced when doing "reply" and then seeing a blank screen of death stating, "argument type mismatch" or something like that. 


Unfortunately, the "private message" module has not yet been upgraded to this latest version, so I have had to temporarily disable the software.  My apologies for this.  When the maintainers of the private message module upgrade it, I will re-enable the module.  You can still easily send messages to other users by going to their user page and clicking "Contact".  This sends an Email to that user and is not stored at

I also want to remind you if you haven't tried it, to check out the menu items at the top of the window - some new tabs are neat - like "Collected News", "Collected Blogs", "Our Recent Posts" etc.

I hope to be modifying the basic page layout soon.  You'll still be able to use this red one if you revert to it in your user menu, but the default will be a blue menu with a slightly different layout in the menu bar.  Stay tuned




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