Primary and Secondary Sources About Nicaragua

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Here are a few items I've recently come across about Nicaragua worth taking a look at when considering Nicaragua and its historical relationship with the U.S.

Here is a semi-primary source called With Walker In Nicaragua by James Carson Jamison (who went with William Walker to Nicaragua in the mid 19th century).

Here is an unbiased semi-primary perspective by John Pilger about Nicaragua's "unique struggle to end the cycle of poverty and humiliation" -- well, except for the unbiased and unique part.  But if you're into gore or are a Somozista with no reservations, make sure you watch at minute 23 of the video.


After watching that video, it would be hard not to be a Sandinista supporter@!  Except, then one has to wonder, how did Pilger manage to fail to present even one interview with the Nicaraguan opposition - whether that opposition was out of the country, fighting within the country, or living within the country?  I wouldn't have known to ask about that, but after three years when I lived in Nicaragua, I talked to all those kinds of people (as well as the same Sandinista-supporters Pilger interviewed).  Pilger's journalism about Nicaragua has about as accurate a representation as Margaret Mead's experience in Samboa: a packaged misrepresentation that justified some inner psychological need of the artist/journalist/scientist.

I'd like to read some primary sources from the 17th through 19th centuries.  Anyone have some good ones they recommend?


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try again

 sorry, I think I had the wrong filename extension... try it again.  Depending on your computer, it might work better to do right-click on the link, then "save as" and then "open", as it's a big file (18MB)

i'm curious to see your link

i'm curious to see your link but it isn't working for me.

nice tip.

I just found this book about nicaragua in 1852 from google scholar when I searched for his name.  Looks interesting - for some reason the book doesn't start until about page 60 of the pdf file.


Ephraim George Squire

Ephraim George Squier. He is hands down the best source of anthropological work done in Nicaragua and Central America in the 19th Century. He is considered one of the fathers of Antrhopology before Anthropology was considered a science. Objective and illuminating historical and scientific record keeping. He's got many books but some of them are not currently being printed.


Sounds like there is another Pilger-like documentary coming out showing one side of a "capitalists versus exploited laborers" story: BANANAS

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