Questions About Purchasing Property and Living in Nicaragua

Thank you,
I wanted to thank those who responded to my post it has given us some insight. Between that and thru conversations i have recently had with others i am getting a fair picture in my mind of what to expect. Actually one of the options we were considering was picking out an area we want to stay and renting for a year or so while we get a feel for what is available as far as a permanent home and what is an appropriate price. Also with the election pending in a year or so it may be wise to wait to see what occurs, hopefully the country will stay on the course it has taken over the last few decades and continue to slowly blossom into the potential flower of Central America it can some day be.

As far as a little intolorance by the neighbors for being a same gender couple is concerned, we are both thick skinned and a little name calling or the cold shoulder from the neighbors is never a bother. It actually comes with the territory, One learns quickly who the truly nice people are and who are only fooling themselves. My real concern was if it was going to cause issues trying to buy supplies or be a cause for concern about violent behavior.

again thanks! your continued input is appreciated. We will be arriving on May 8th and staying for at least three weeks in the area we like... yours Jennifer.


My partner and I are seriously considering relocating to Nicaragua for
our retirement and have two basic questions to ask.

The first is probably the same one asked a thousand times a day. Is it
safe to invest in property in Nicaragua? What I really mean is it
possible to purchase land and be reasonably assured that the title is
clear and also that the political climate has changed enough that someone
relocating from the United States feel secure that their investment is
safe from being “confiscated”?

My second question is one of tolerance to diversity. We are a same
gender couple, both female. Although we do not flaunt it we are simply
worried about our safety. Is there a reasonable tolerance for persons
of our nature in Nicaragua?

We will be arriving on May 8th to begin our search for our new home.
We are seeking a place in the northern part of the country somewhere
near Ocotal or westward from there. We have fond that region to be
quite beautiful, peaceful and removed from the more urban areas.

Our goal is to become a part of the culture, not to lock ourselves
away in some compound full of retired Americans. We are both computer
programmers who want to live a quiet lifestyle, grow a few vegetables
and I especially want to keep some bees. My father was a beekeeper and
I loved helping him out when he was alive.

Both of us want to give something back to the community, perhaps teach
a little at the local school once we have mastered the language enough
to communicate reasonably well.

There you have it. What I am seeking are just honest answers not
emotional rhetoric from someone who is angry about one thing or another.

Thank you for your time in advance for answering my questions.




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Back from my trip

After spending the l;ast few weeks exploring Nicaragua i can only say that i am enamored with the country! everyone we met there was kind and considerate. Many people went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our stay no matter where. We looked at properties from Grenada to Ocatal and must admit the places in the north most impressed us. we found a lovely home on 3mz with everything we could posibly want.
i am sorry my question sparked some kind of childish postings by some obviously angry people, i hope they can find some peace in thier lives, they certainly seem to need it.
again i want to thank everyone who helped with thier suggestions and especially all those i met along the way, none of which crawled thru my windows while i was asleep :)
we will soon be comming "Home" to nicaragua. Thanks again! Jen

OH spare me the fake concern for others

Or you'd be asking why our TROLL, el Gordo has been here. This feigned concern nauseates me almost as much as those who complain about the oil spill off the Louisiana coastline when they allowed the oil drilled there. Its pretentious.


tHIS THING IS crazy!!!!!!!!

She did contact me

but to my personal email as I asked her too and also provided.. she is fine and having a great time...

I understand

That things can get off topic but this was remiss of Nicaliving. As for being a moderator, well I am to biased in my thinking so that would not be a good idea, but thanks anyway. I think if we just ask like adults on this site and stay on tipic all will be good. Well all can be moderators if we just remember the mission of the site.

Hi Cory

I do agree that we seemed to have gotten personal & sidetracked in this topic.

I think, though, the original poster did respond to thank us for responding.  She didn't do that by adding a comment, but rather by prepending her comment to the beginning of her post.

I'm certainly open for suggestions about how to create a respectful and yet also real context for sharing information and ideas about Central America that allows for a range of interpretations to be expressed.  Or if you would like to moderate, I'm sure I could figure out how to allow that with this website software.


Has anyone noticed

That a person came to this site to ask a very valid question and the dysfunctional group that this site is, did a Nicaliving on her?

What is it with this group that it feels it needs to spew accusations, request people to call the lawyers and never answer a question?

I see that she has never thanked anyone nor posted again – good work guys!

Since whe is "You and Peter make a fine pair"

Since when is "You and Peter make a fine pair" a personal attack? Get a grip Peter.

You cannot read

try going over the comment I made and make a deduction ......I bought it and shipped it, its was not my sale, I was paid to provide them to the Acadia, I just noted that THEY (very important) pay attention THEY charged 25,000 per to the Government.....WIZ KID

Really LaFoca -- personal attack deleted --

Why do you call yourself some peanut with multiple identities? You and Peter -- personal attack deleted -- . You with the self published books. He with his christian dating site. I guess -- personal attack deleted --

Jorge sorry about the confusion. I was talking to Peter

He seems to have no idea how Nicaragua and business in general works. He thinks 25k per truck is too much. He better move back to Lala land. The haircare product idea is great! Glad you are doing well with it.

Good luck to you, Jennifer

I hope your experience is a positive one and you find warm friendships there. We did, in spite of what happened to my husband there. And we still cherish those friendships, today. I'd love to hear your unbiased perceptions once you get there. The reason is that my best friend has a daughter who is lesbian and she has contemplated something similar to you. I'm not sure if she has chosen a country yet, but I know she has considered many. I would love to think that no matter where she goes, she is treated with the respect she deserves as a fine young lady. And I applaud you for having the tenacity and emotional stability to overlook the mediocre in life to see much better things!

The other Jennifer.

Now things make sense

And I know EXACTLY El Gordo is. Wow! Two identities to post one puny thought.

Poor Jennifer just wanted her question answered and this is what she gets. Like I said, call down to Managua and see if you can find a GLBT group. ASK THEM, not some peanut with multiple identities.

El Gordo

Luck has nothing to do with it, Business is Business, you kids seem not like to see someone succeed Well actually the coconut oil was the reason I started a hair product company with it. Doing well ....

We can move it to wherever you are

I have no clue on what and who you are. who says I made 3000 per, that you should have asked Herty RIP Whats with the old posts, What does it have to do with me. Something seems to be wrong with your train of thougft You want to meet , I have no problem, name it, Diiriamba, Casares, Managua, Why don't you stop hiding and send me your number so I can call you...You have whio is hiding Call me and keep this junk of the site

El Gordo

I am confused...are you addressing me or Peter? This is Jorge???? why don't your people call 8825-8505 or better yet let meet at my lawyers office in Diramba? Luis Montenegro From the Alcaldoia one block to the north , right had side.

Garbage trucks for Managua

Yes that is correct and an email I posted on another newsgroup. what is wrong with it, I paid 250.000 for them with money given to me from the party (liberal) so when its shipped in order to avoid being changes import tax, the cargo was put in the name of the state. The mayor billed the Acaldia 375,000 so 125,000 went somewhere within this newly appointed post. So what does that have anything to do with anything Peter????? so you got an email from another newsgroup and want to now post it here??? Okay so??? Please address things that are of some value instead of nonsense.

Busness man that you are

You think $ 3000.-- per truck is too much profit for doing all the work? Finding them, importing and clearing them in customs? Go back to your coco oil and -- personal attack deleted --  Chris Kawecki. Sorry Peter Christopher. Form your own opinion about Kawecky: Here a sample of your honesty. Remember this post? Pot calling the kettle black?? Submitted by cookshow on Mon, 2006/05/15 - 11:55. Taken from one of Peter's post: "Other problems in the property purchase. I learned after the property purchase of a half-dozen problems in the title, which I estimate amount to about $15,000 of hidden liabilities of the property. I fixed about $5,000 of these for about $3,000, but passed on the other $10,000 to the buyer without his knowledge." Well Chris Kawecki, what do you have to say about that? Jorge or not Jorge? Are you sure its Jorge? Are you sure its not? The party we want to give for you. We can move it to wherever you are

it's no big deal

You wrote: 

I am not sure i want to post this but back then when he [Herty] was mayor,
I sold the Acaldia 15 garbage trucks that i bought at an action for them.
ten were 22,000 each 
3 were 10,000 each (damaged) 
and 2 were free

All I remember is that they claimed here that the sale was for 15 trucks @25,000 each.[...]

Don't tell me I made that up :)

I don`t know you personally... you do not have an email of mine, but if you want to fool the members on this group that you do , GO AHEAD if its slanderous, I will knock on your door and serve you with papers to apear an the court in Carazo...tread lightly Jorge 88258505

y** *r* *n *d**t (disenvoweled by moderator)

I am in Nicaragua, I have an address and you can come and discuss ANYTHING you like unlike You I do not hide behind a computer screen, Give me your number, your address you or anyone can call or contact me in Managua 011 505 88258505

Hey that's cool.

By the way, Jorge or maybe not Jorge, do you mind if I post the emails we once exchanged three or four years ago?  I'm not sure I can even find them, but maybe I can.  I would never reveal confidential or private information without permission, unlike most of the callous gossiping "men" "in" "Nicaragua" who post on some of these sites.

Aren't you the bright one?

IP addresses mean nothing any more. Ever hear of 3G? --personal attack deleted-- Please come back to Nicaragua a few people want to talk to you. Came back and we have a party just for you. Jorge or maybe not Jorge


"El Gordo" and "Jorge" have the same IP address.  How many personalities does this guy have?  

Jorge maybe you can explain this for me

--personal attack deleted--  I'd be surprised if this post gets approved. If it does, your answers my not appear. Good luck to you Jorge

Don't be fooled Jennifer

Peter He is known all over all the news groups as a bad mouth for Nicaragua, He has a very strange lifestyle here and is still not in jail. Take his advise with a grain of salt or better yet NOT AT ALL... Ask him then if Nicaragua is so bad, then WHY is he here? MOVE AWAY PETER You got my number or maybe you can give me yours......and I will call you ---personal attack deleted, jorge placed on moderation---

Moving to the North of Nicaragua

Hi Jennifer
I am Nicaraguense and was raised in the U.S. and Europe , I have moved back to my country and do business here.
You two will not have any problems with your same sex relationshipo. I do note that Gay Men are singled out on this more than women. Actually its not even concidered. My girlfriend has a few friends are like this and she and I don't have any problems. The University students all kid and jest on this and no one does nothing about it. Its really not an issue here (for women)

The north is Lovely as all of Nicaragua is, stay away from Managua.
Please feel free to call me when you are down and I will give you more advise or feel free to write me anytime.

Welcome to Nicaragua !!!

Jorge 011 505 88258505

Nicaragua acceptance

Of all the places I have lived, I find Nicaragua to be the most tolerant of different lifestyles. Nicaraguans are supposed to be mostly Catholic but that seems to just be a label. It is also quite common for women to walk down the street holding hands, hugging and such. Single women also commonly live together. This should help you to look normal to everyone. If you don't try to change the lives of the locals you should be fine. If you try to convince someone's daughter that being lesbian is a good thing you will probably find the same kind of problems as would you have it you were a man having sex with someone's daughter.

Another question...

Have you contacted any GLBT groups in Managua and asked about the climate for lesbian women? Why not do a search online and find groups that can tell you of their experiences and where they occurred? I'd probably hook up with a few just to have a sense of direction and help around the country anyway! A resource, if you will.
It would be nice to have a few friends to make your moving experience as pleasant as it can be.

I know you say you aren't flamboyant about your lifestyle, but let me give you a little insight into what I experienced simply living with another woman in a Central American community. We were at first well received. We were room mates. They welcomed us, brought us gifts and then we were shunned. I never dated and she never dated...we both had our reasons why...mine was because my husband was being held by immigration. But I overheard the rumors.

For me, it didn't matter. I could care less if anyone thinks I'm straight, bi, lesbian or anything else. But I noticed we were rarely invited to gatherings, when I've always been invited before the assumption. I noticed they never showed up at our gatherings with invitations either. For me, this was lonely somewhat, because I'm a Latina and very social. But having grown up in Latin culture, I also knew the perceptions. IF you can handle that, then it might be okay. If not, then it may be a very isolating experience living away from a big city. These are things you want to consider. But, if you can win them over with the kind heart and open compassion it sounds as if you have, then it could be okay. I wouldn't say this for two men. It's much different for them in Central America and very dangerous. That's why there are so many asking for asylum from Central America and Mexico. But it is different for women, because of machismo ideas. What you may find is that the women can be the vicious ones, even kind women.

Good luck in whatever you decide and be safe most of all! Have you checked out Uruguay or Mendoza Argentina? You may like it better.

Read Kelly's story and consider it

A same sex couple in Central America is probably not the best decision. It's much safer to go to South America where attitudes aren't so provincial about gay and lesbian relationships. Places like Chili, Argentina, and many other more developed countries are much more open to same gender relationships than Central America. That's not to say everyone, but you are moving away from Managua, a city with more educated people, where they are much more open to the idea of gay and lesbian relationships than poverty stricken country folk, so to speak.

I admire you for your desire to help and mingle with Nicaraguans. And as much as I rant on the Sandinistas, as a socialist, I love Nicaraguans. They are beautifully, kind people with a good heart and a strong current of acceptance..

IMO, I think its the healthiest approach and safest is to try your location to be sure, then buy. Why not try it first and not commit to buying and then, once you have seen how you are treated, make that commitment. If for no other reason, than just to be safe and ensure you don't lose money?

It sounds like the wrong place

Hi Jennifer, 

I'm curious where you got the idea that Nicaragua would be a reasonable place to retire.  With what I know about Nicaragua and people who say things like that, I'd say you are unlikely to follow through on that possibility.  Your question seems to be so innocent.  Has the political climate changed?  The political climate is only the tip of the iceburg of the cultural conditions, and both have been becoming less hospitable.

I suspect it won't take long on your visit to Nicaragua for you to experience criminal activity first hand.  Most wisely leave at that point.  Some rationalize into thinking it was an isolated incident, but the reality is that existence in Nicaragua is brutal, there are some 10-20% of the population who are criminals who would break into your house at night or bribe a judge to legitimize a false document, and the majority of the remainder stand by because they don't want to be punished by those criminals.

As for your question about being two ladies, of course many people will laugh about it and joke about it, and you're likely to be known as las lesbianas, so if that's a problem for you, you might want to reconsider.  However, it won't expose you to more criminal activity.  Criminal activity is equal-opportunity in Nicaragua; everyone is game, whether it's the foreigners, neighbors, strangers, anybody who has what one of the criminals want. 


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