Request for Feedback About the Website

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I just wanted to see if anyone has any feedback about a few items on the website.

First of all, regarding user profiles - currently, these are only accessible to registerd users who are logged-in to the site.  They are not visible to unregistered users or search engines.  Of course, anyone with an email address can register at any time on this website, so in a sense, what we have added to our profile (like to home page, name, etc) are still public.

I think in many cases, however, those who register would like to have their profile pages available to others - so that others can click to their home page / blog / etc.

One possible drawback would be that some users might not want to have their profile page added to search engines.  It might be possible to make the profiles publicly accessible, yet not accessible to search engines.  Or maybe it's no problem to have the profiles in the search engines.

On another related note, our software currently sets most outbound links in the site to "nofollow" to reduce the amount of spam we have to deal with.  We could change this so that users who have a history of contributions to the site get their links added without the "nofollow".

If you have any feedback on this, please let me know your suggestions.

If you have any other feedback about any technical aspect of the site, go ahead and add your comment here.

Thanks, Peter Christopher


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