Road Trip Through Costa Rica's Mountain Highlands

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I just got back from a great road trip, through Costa Rica's mountain highlands. I made a big circle around the country, starting in my home town, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

I drove across Panama, back up into Costa Rica and into the highest mountains in the country. I went horseback riding in the Diamante Valley and saw the second largest waterfall in Central America. I drove the "mountain of death" - Cerro de la Muerte. And I spent a glorious few days in the "Saints Zone" - La Zona de los Santos, where I toured a coffee plantation and learned all about what happens before the cup of coffee gets to your table.

On this trip I saw more magnificent vistas in two weeks than I have seen in the past few years! It was so beautiful! I could go on and on but there is no room here. If you want to know more, I wrote 14 travel journey entries along the way, complete with photos. You can take the trip virtually right here:


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Driving in Central America

Thank you for your kind words, Costa Rica MTB. I don't consider myself brave - just adventurous. If I want to do something I just figure it out and then do it. I'm glad you enjoy my stories and plan to read more. Look on my website: And send me an email to tell me what you think of my other adventures.

Great job Braving the Roads of Costa Rica

Wow brave of you to drive all these places. I have visited both Panama and Nicaragua on busses as well as will friends who knew the roads and how to get to the end destination and it is not an easy feat. With no addresses, street signs, and the obstacles of kids chasing a ball onto the highway, or heard of cows crossing the street it is a tough trek. Looking forward to reading all of your posts about Costa Rica

Muchimas Gracias, Angelina.

Muchimas Gracias, Angelina. Have you seen my website? I have lots more posts on Costa Rica and following your dreams. Are you following YOUR dreams?

Road Trip

Hello Lisa I Just love to read your post as most of the post are motivating me. I just love to go on trips and whenever i get time i just manage to do so..

Jungle Lodge worth checking out

Dear Lisa, I live in Costa Rica and always enjoy reading your posts. I have friends that operate a fantastic jungle lodge in S. Nicaragua (about 3.5 hours by boat from Sarapiqui. It was build about six years ago at a cost of more than 6 million dollars. Situated in the middle of the Rio Miaz national reserve, it combines a spectacular jungle experience with real comfort (spacious room, gourmet dining, infinity pool at rivers edge). Also includes kayaking, orchard trail, birding, nature walks and the most incredible fishing). Great place for family vacations, fishing groups or even conferences. I set up a blog at: If anyone is interested in finding out more, please contact Hamid at: 8859-5851 in Costa Rica or email me at

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