Rush Limbaugh Going to Costa Rica For Health Care?

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I heard about this bizarre comment Rush Limbaugh made that he would get his medical care in Costa Rica if the Dems managed to "do" what they claim to have "done".   This seems like an odd choice.  Costa Rica already has socialized medicine.  Did he just pick the country at random?  From my experience with health care in Costa Rica, it's not bad, and it's often free, especially for poor people - but you have to do it their way.  If you want to do something outside the lines, like have a child that does not receive vaccinations, that is against the law, so unless you get forged documents, the state will inject your children over your objection, even if it means having to come with police and take them away from you to do it.


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Not open minded at all about racist morons like Limbaugh...

I'm assuming you were directing this to the vet, not me.

But my response to this is that I don't play "fair and square" with people who demonstrate no morality what-so-ever, like Limbaugh. I don't fight losing battles either. People like Limbaugh, who make their living prostituting themselves with rhetorical pseudo-patriotic banter aimed at stirring up hate rhetoric don't impress me. The old idea of aiming hate rhetoric at the lowest classes of lame brains and trying to whip up emotion to sell commercials is not impressive to me.

When I see a blowhard like Limbaugh, who continually makes an idiot out of himself with his own actions and statements, I have no desire to try to be politically correct or unbiased. And I'm so far from a Republican that it would blow your mind, which is why I'm fairly sure this wasn't directed at me.


You just sound like a Limbaugh sycophant. I doubt you get any opposite sides of the story. This is what people say who want to be thought of as a "reasonable" republican.

I get FOX, CNN and all the other U.S. news here in EL Salvador

We have several U.S. channels here, like just about any other country these days. And here is the interview for anyone that questions this:

He said, "If this passes and I need Health Care, I'll go to Costa Rica." It wasn't coaxed out of him. He could have said "Why would I go anywhere, I'm an American." He didn't. He addedd he wouldn't go to Cuba, but he would go to Costa Rica, which is a riot since they both have socialized health care. Try to change the context of that all you want, but it still stands on its own. And the hilarious thing is this blowhard is now backing out of this statement, and saying, "he never said that he was going to move there but that, Once all this gets implemented, I am going there for my health care."

Because of the Public Health Care system, which many uninsured Americans who can't afford to visit a doctor would love to have as an option, the private clinics in Costa Rica are far cheaper than U.S. health care under the current system. So when Rush Limbaugh moves to Costa Rica, he’ll discover what hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who have already moved overseas already know. High-quality, universal health care is readily available at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. and has been for years.

But, he already knows that after admitting to the world that he is addicted to pain medication. And no, I didn't make that's the article and it wasn't "illegally leaked," he admitted to it openly:

There was another article some time back, where he also admitted to going to Costa Rica to get his drugs and had admitted to being in the company of an underaged woman (which I believe was his maid, but I'm not sure), and apologized for it, but I can't find it now.

I don't have to make up this stuff about his man with a complete lack of character and morals. He does this to himself! His own statements tend to demonstrate what a nitwit he is. The Health Care Bill passed, much to the approval of many American citizens like me who voted for Obama because he had enough vision to realize Americans were paying for health care anyway, for those who didn't have coverage after the corporations stopped covering American workers. We were paying for emergency visits instead of routine treatments. We were paying for expensive procedures when a person's health completely failed after a lack of health care. So while its nice that Limbaugh can pay for his own health care, while we pay for his huge tax write offs and other corporate welfare expenses, I'm not so sure he's the last word on American health care.

While fighting my husband's immigration case (which required many court visits) I spent some time without health insurance because I had to support myself through my own marketing and content writing business to be able to be available for his case. And I wasn't making money hand over fist with my own business in a down economy and paying huge legal expenses for my husband's case, so sometimes the disorder that I have would get to a dangerous stage before I would take my food money and go to the doctor instead. You see, I wasn't qualifying for any corporate welfare as a small business, so it was a rather tough episode in my life, and it literally came down to eating or seeing a doctor a few times, especially with the Republicans detaining my husband illegally, instead of allowing him to apply for asylum and live with me while doing so. Unlike Ramos and Compean, whose wives had the complete support of Republican legislators in California, when they weren't even constituents, I didn't even merit a return letter from my legislator, Rohrabacher, because he was too busy helping people outside of his district who made good press coverage.

And after I did get work and was terminated at one company because of my boss learning about our immigration case, and his intense racial dislike of Latin immigrants, I was once again forced to be in court to sue him, after he broke company policy.. During this time, I was going to depositions every month, so again, I had to support myself grabbing any type of writing gigs I could get and being self employed and struggling, I could not afford insurance. There were several times when I had to choose whether to go to the doctor or eat at times, while the Republican Senators and their families never had to think twice about these things as they wanted to deny the rest of us the same options.

So please spare me your pity stories about having health care that wasn't convenient for you, because some of us would have loved THAT much! And when you complicate the fact that the Republicans were also working their evil deeds in other areas of our lives, to make things even MORE tough for us, it is a bit much to hear U.S. citizens complain that they don't like their health care policy and want to ensure that others don't have the same choices as they do. At least in El Salvador, I have health care coverage now. It took moving to a third world country to get it and that is sad!

Rush- The Truth about the Health Care (Costa Rica) story

You are probably not able to actually listen to Rush's show down there unless you do it via internet. So here is the truth about how the topic of going to Costa Rica for medical care came up. This was during the time of the debates on Obama-Care and the Democrats plan to take over that area of the US economy.

The passage of that legislation has many people in the US looking for other options outside of the US. Some callers to the show brought up the topic of US doctors who are setting up practices outside the US to provide certain procedures. These would be PRIVATE CLINICS and not use the Costa Rican socialized medical services. It is much as many Canadians (and others) have come to the US for medical care in the past rather than deal with the socialized medical systems in their own country.

So, Rush was not talking about using the socialized medical system in Costa Rica. The topic on his show was about American Doctors setting up practices in Costa Rica and other countries to get away from the Obama Care socialized system in the US in the future. With the passage of the Democrats health care proposal and other legislation, there are many in the US who are looking at other options.

When Rush had his recent heart attack in Hawaii and for his other medical needs, he pays his own bills out of pocket. He does not rely on using health insurance. In other words, he is self-reliant, just as many of the people on this forum seem to be and he does not want to rely on some system. As for his drug problems that were illegally leaked and rumor-mongered by officials in FL, that was prescription drugs (pain pills). I would be curious to know how the previous writer (LaFocca) knows where Rush supposedly got his drugs? Is this from personal knowledge or just rumor and misinformation?

I am happy to have found your site as I have property in Central America and will be living full time down there soon. One reason is that I am "covered" for several military related injuries by the VA but have found that government medical coverage is worthless promise. I have always had to pay for my operations out of my own pocket and plan to do so again. My plans had not really been to do this in Latin America but with unemployment here over 18 percent, and after wasting so much time dealing with the VA....

Maybe if you are able to get Rush's show online down there, you could get the true story direct instead of just uneducated rumors. In more recent shows the focus on this has changed from Costa Rica to other countries. Again this is driven more by expected changes in the US medical system than anything else. And yes, I don’t just listen to Rush, I like to get all sides of the issues.

Limbaugh has a long history of getting his drugs outside the U.S

This isn't at all surprising to me. In his drug addiction, Limbaugh was obtaining many of his illegal drugs outside the borders of the U.S. and I believe Costa Rica was one of the places. But given that he is boycotting what he terms as "socialized medicine" it is odd that he would choose a system of health care defining everything he claims to fight against. But then this IS Rush Limbaugh we are talking about here...a man who has demonstrated a complete lack of scruples in every area of his life. So not entirely surprising!

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