Searching For Managua Activity Partner

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Well, off to my own fulfilling life I go…

I’m only interested in attracting sincere folk. Though I absolutely adore music I’m not a musician therefore not for any type of – direct or passive - song and dance.

Maybe I’m catering to the wrong crowd. I definitely am not seeking to relate myself to possessive or pretentious people.

It’s never in the Nicaraguan culture to be passive. Whoever falls for that fuss deserves to for being condescending (and that is a very Nicaraguan thought, I guarantee you). What I have acquired is the western ability to be direct, as you say. But some may take that as another Nicaraguan song and dance so those same individuals may not actually be all that high and mighty enough after all to assume Nicaraguan culture is passive.



My thought is - It's always hard to combine directness with passiveness.  If you initiate (like you did) then those who you meet tend to be responsive (and therefore not write back) and reinforce your role as the initiator; just like someone who is always passive tends to have interactions with people who are initiators.

I generally felt that it was in the Nicaraguan character / personal strategy in relations, to be passive initially, so you seem like a cultural combination - western assertive then Nicaraguan passive - fascinating!

I don't know if that makes any sense though or has any truth to it ;)




i thought you meant gerardo bolanos from NL was here too. he’s a friend of mine on other social sites i’ve joined

could you believe no one’s contacted me?

strange – like valley of the damned/day of the dead/the day after tomorrow…(yikes!)

must be something in the air

i hope i don’t catch it. i’m enjoying feeling very much well and alive



To the first question, I mean Gerardo the user from this website.  I'm not sure of his last name.  Here is his profile:


Do you mean Gerardo Bolanos?

I’m actually looking for interested parties to contact me.

Thanks though.


Have you written Gerardo?

Maybe it would be worth a try.  He and his wife, according to their blog entry here, have now been in Managua one week, and I think they do not know too many people yet... You should be able to write to him by going to his user profile then clicking "Contact"... it should send an email to him, if I've set it up correctly !


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