Seeking Expats for Paid Interviews by Skype/Phone

 Hello all,


I am seeking expats in Costa Rica who are willing to be interviewed by Skype/phone (reasonable charges reimbursed) about their experience of expat life. I am also looking for inerviewees in Argentina if any expats there happen to be reading here.


Interviewees will receive $25 USD in payment for the interview, which will take around 25 - 40 minutes.


The interview will be used as the basis for an article to be placed on a website for current/prospective expats.


Interviewees would need to be one of the following:


1. Foreign professional

2. Student

3. Entrepreneur

4. Senior Citizens / retirees

5. Housewives / partners of the first 3


Please contact for more information. I am an Australian teacher who has lived as an expat for the past decade in Hong Kong, mainland China and Thailand. I currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I work as a freelance writer/editor/educational consultant. You can learn a little more about me through my husband's website at







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