Solar energy class in Costa Rica and online

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While I'm not a big fan personally of confusing "credits" with learning, I suppose it is possible that the two could happen together.  Anyhow, this might be your chance if you are in college in the US. -Peter


From Dr. Ken Walz, the course instructor:

The Madison Area Technical College (MATC) offers a new course: Renewable Energy for the Developing World Class.

The 3-credit, college transfer class combines 9 days of field study and hands on work in Costa Rica, with 8 weeks of additional online instruction.

The study abroad portion is being coordinated with Solar Energy International, and the online class is being created with funding from a U.S. DOE Title VI International Education grant. The class is being offered on a pilot basis starting in January, 2009. Students will travel to Costa Rica Jan 1-9, and the online course will be held Jan 12-March 14.

Registration for the class is currently underway, and a limited number of slots are still available. To register for the class, contact Diana Paynter at

For more information:



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