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I posted a test subject on a site called The Real Nicaragua. It was most definitely a subject that I knew would draw a few out of the woodwork and raise blood pressures. And boy did it!

The title of the thread was:
"North Americans seeking 'Daddy/Daughter' relationships in Nicaragua"

And when I looked at the amount of response to that thread, even I was surprised
# Responses: 138
# Visits: 2.130

Compared to the rest of the threads, that was a HUGE number.

You can read through the posts and see that the response was volatile. Many posts were removed too, telling me to "F off," created by Just Plain John Wayne and a few others. They were overlooked as reasons to remove a participant, but I was removed from the site, when my "attacks" were tame in comparison. I knew that if I kept posting the facts about this subject I would be removed, so that was a no-brainer.
But I did this to demonstrate how sites are censored, which information is reacted to by those living in Nicaragua, and the cross population between various sites.

If you read the messages, you will see an interesting degree of hostility directed at me as a complete newcomer. Some of it may have been feelings of guilt by people like Just Plain John Wayne, who admit to practicing pedophilia and even boast about it. Others demonstrate a pathology that followed me from another site.

I want to thank the moderators for removing me from that site and demonstrating my point. I think the best way to demonstrate a lack of ethics is to draw people out, allowing them to demonstrate your point for you with their own words. And I think any well balanced person would agree that pedophilia is not something admirable. But it goes to show the mentality of some North Americans who move to developing countries and are called on their behavior. It also demonstrates who comments about Nicaragua in each site, and how they move from site to site to spread their agenda.

Gracias a todos!


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I travel a lot through

I travel a lot through Central and South America....I have seen less of what you are describing but certainly a lot more of 20 something women with 50/60/70 something /greying pot bellied white guys. (some with a lot of baggage wanting to start over perhaps a kind of a second chance that they would never get in their own countries )

A lot of gringos who move to Central America are attracted by the inexpensive life style and also they are automatically considered superior because they are white..The may be old as the hills and not have a pot to pee in or have some dough they will attract the young ones..(both men and women)...

Its sad..but the ecconomies of these struggling countries deends onthe"master"/servant relationship both exploitive and yet some what symbiotic relationship with the natives...
The amount of attention these geezers get they would not get even a head turning in their own countries...

The ego is a fragile thing and in Central America a white boy/man/geezer will get a lot of attention..and that can be very addicting irrespective if he is old/young/rich/poor/fat/crazy etc..

(In thailand for example the status of a girl in society among her peers can shoot throught the roof if she is with a white man...families hope that their daughters would end up with a

What they dont know is that the white man will always betray the natives....history has shown it has to in some crazy way to with loving your oppressor..some crazy stuff..

I wish english was my first language so I could express my self better,,,

where else can you hire all the help you need..give out orders..and do it all for pennies..What a high!

Peter, you are correct on all accounts

Yes, I have met the type who fancy themselves as mastering the "New Frontier" in Latin America. They consider themselves "adventurers" much like the souls who join reality t.v. shows like "Survivor." Usually, these are the types of souls who have led extremely sheltered lives and needed to break free of their chains of boredom. So they arrive in little Socialist countries ready to demonstrate how "powerful" they are, when they are so small in the scheme of things there. And often, they are dismayed when their holdings are expropriated, because they live in such denial that they never think it can happen to them.

As for the "hierarchies of courtesy" in these mediocre Latin forums where insecurity is the behavior of choice, you are correct. I do not have any respect for such things. I accept people as they represent themselves, and when I see a social weakness I state my opinion, which seems to upset their social norms. I've never been a follower of anything. I tend to venture through life on one singular principle...integrity. And often, this is something extremely foreign to foreigners living in Latin America. These people who insist they know Latin culture don't seem to understand the foundation of honor in many of us. They think they can move to places like Nicaragua and bring their lack of character and poor ethics along with their emotional baggage and everyone will curtsy to them. I don't. Nor does my husband, mother, or any of the other Latinos I've known in my lifetime. We tend to laugh at them, and that upsets their "big picture" of how others perceive them.

And I surmise this is why they always choose the princesses of poverty for their spouses. Because, no Latina with any self respect or education would stomach them. It is rare indeed that any of these people ever mingle with their financial equal in these countries. There is a reason for that. People with the same financial means and breeding don't take them seriously. They don't have to cow tow to their insecurities. They expect them to conduct themselves with the God given common sense of any world traveler.

As far as their "intimate relationships" they are no different in most cases than the intimate relationships of prostitutes and aging Johns. The prostitute tolerates the sexual act, most likely pretending she is screwing (name the cute young thing down the road she always wanted) with her eyes closed and collects the funds each day to have a life she cannot afford on her own. No young girl eyeballs men in their 60's and says, "Wow! I gotta have that one!" They look upon him with disgust, wondering if they can stomach the deed long enough to make it out of the relationship with a big enough bank account to have a decent life. They laugh about the sagging bottoms of these old geezers and the wrinkled genitilia with their friends, sometimes feeling disgust and sometimes amused. It is no different than in the U.S. where women do the same when stodgy old men feel aroused by a sweet young thing with eyes for his wallet. The silliness and denial of these men is probably the most amusing thing of all. That they believe the con game is pitiful. But I have to high five the actresses that marry them. Because they really convince these old coots that they care. ROFL Hollywood should be seeking these girls for characters in movies!

As for their analysis of you, a man in his 20's who became genuinely romantically involved with a woman close to his age and enjoyed a real relationship, I'm not entirely surprised by the vicious gossip they create either. After all, for some older people, the thought of losing that sexual appeal becomes desperation. You can see that in many posts in these forums, where middle aged men seem to be experiencing some form of male menopausal syndrome. Because as a 55 year old woman, I can tell you that any man over 40 with emotional maturity and self respect doesn't feel attracted to teen aged brides. He feels very little in common with them. He may seek a younger woman in her twenties, but when he reaches his late 40's he has nothing to identify himself with a 16 year old girl, except a desperate need to relive his youth. Very sad!

how do you know

How do you know the actual reasons for the strong response?

Perhaps as you suggest it is partly because of the contrast you raised of a difference between your standards and their behaviors with regards to intimate relationships.  

Or perhaps it is because you are a person who does not respect established hierarchies of courtesy as established by an in-group before you arrived, and they do not want to allow a person with those tendencies to have the last word?  

Or perhaps it is because most people are threatened by and resist others whose ability to have broken free from some societal norms makes others envious, as it tempts them to wonder about the pettiness of their own accomplishments in redefining themselves.  I think a lot of these people consider themselves to be on some kind of New Frontier of Existence quest.

I'm not sure whether it's possible to know whether it was just one thing or whether it was a combination of several.

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