Successful Meeting of Intentional Conscious Community Planning Hands-On Workshop in Costa Rica

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I just received this news from Kelly:

First of all, I wish to sincerely thank all the truly “conscious” people who attended and enthusiastically participated in this weekend’s ICCCR Intentional Conscious Community Planning Hands-On Workshops at Finca Paraiso Verde and Finca Amanecer, both in Londres, just outside of Quepos.

Over the next few days, I am going to be posting highlights of the workshops and activities, as well as photos, workshop notes, and suggestions for future workshops on the blog:


The first suggestion from workshop participants was to create an online discussion forum for us all, until the official ICCCR website is up and running.  Therefore, today, I created a icccr_community_board group at Yahoo! Groups.

Here are the details on icccr_community_board:

Group home page:
Group email address:


In the future, I will post highlights, useful information, tips, tools, events, etc. on the ICCCR blog ( and eventually the website.


Again, thank you to all the participants in this weekend’s workshops: We bonded in the pool; over organic raw and veggie meals; via Osho Zen tarot readings; in the workshops (especially the Wish List exercise!); on the jungle medicinal plant trail; in the hammocks; and most importantly in the spirit of community.


I also want to express my eternal gratitude to both host farms/communities, Finca Paraiso Verde and Finca Amanecer, and all the volunteers: Amelia, Laura, Isabel, Tanya, Inga, Karla, and Chris.  And especially to Gary Schmieding and Julian from the Ministry of Agriculture for such valuable, informative presentations and workshops!


Everyone, follow your bliss,

Kelly N Patterson

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
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