sustainable agriculture seed exchange

i would like to suggest starting a seed exchange within Nicaragua. we can use of this forum to consolidate information on seeds (genetic diversity) and thereby increase the sustainability of local agriculture. i figure, why order seed from some place out of the country, when chances are, the seed can be found somewhere within?

to begin, i am interested in fruit and nut trees and have Jaboticaba and Caimito, or starfruit, seeds to share/trade. i am looking for the Black Sapote, sometimes called Chocolate Pudding Fruit, or Zapote Negro in Spanish (latin: Diospyros digyna). has anybody seen this in Nicaraguan markets, or maybe has a tree in their backyard and would be willing to share some seed? what other (perhaps exotic/uncommon) seeds do others have on hand or know where to locate? i live near Jinotega and know where to locate Pomegranate.

Vamos empezar un banco de semilla para la gente en Nicaragua. Conservamos las semillas criollas y sembramos semillas exoticas para que extienda la base genetica. Tengo semilla de Jaboticaba y Caimito para compartir. busco Zapote Negro (Diospyros digyna). alguien tiene el arbol en su patio, o ha visto en el mercado? puedo viajar para recolectar la semilla. gracias.


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Seeds available at Ferreteria Lugo in Managua

Seeds available as of Friday, November 7th, 2008 include:
beets, basil, broccoli, yellow bell pepper, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, several types of zucchini, pumpkin, marrow, several watermelon varieties, melon, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, radish, menta, parsley, salvia and about 10 varieties of flowers.

The salesman said that they were really low and expecting more seeds soon. Ferreteria Lugo is located in Managua, near the MetroCentro, next to the Pharaoh's casino.


Hi Stephen, I have tried to set this up now so that you can edit your own posts. So you can fix up what was imperfect now... try it and see if it works ;)

We are very close to Perez Zeledon, in fact we are planning to be there tomorrow!



thanks very much! i remember the first time i had one - chilled - wow! i have been on a relentless search since! ;-) i will continue my search here, but i do do CR for border hops, so i'll see you in a couple months! i usually go as far south as Perez Zeledon, so i'm sure i'll pass by your farm.

also, above, in original post, 'caimito' is STAR APPLE, not starfruit, or carambola (CR) melocoton (Nic.)


Fantastic Idea

Hi nicaraw, What a great idea! I also like the idea you emailed me privately about this being over all Central America, not just in Nicaragua. I have added a new category to "Create Content" so that you can list (separately) each cool seed/plant that you might have avaiable, or might be looking for. Also I added a menu item at the very top of the web-page "Seeds and Plant Directory" that allows you to go to a listing of all the seeds/plants submitted. If we find we have a lot of things added to the directory, I will try to find some way to catalog them well in that directory. I hope this works out.

By the way, I have a few seeds of chocolate zapote here, I just ate the fruit yesterday. I will put them in soil bags for you. It's not exactly local, but if you ever make it down to Costa Rica you are welcome to them. I do know that they exist in Nicaragua, though, as I had a friend on Ometepe who showed me a small tree and claimed it was Chocolate Zapote (a few years ago).


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