Swine Flu in Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua? Relax.

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I'm glad that many level-headed people in the infosphere have been saying it's time to chill out a bit on the overblown Swine Flu Fever.  Some already-sick people might die, but it's no black death and not even as bad as the 1918 flu (why is it I don't remember the 1918 flu!?). 

La gringa of Honduras did a nice write-up there: http://lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com/2009/04/honduras-first-case-of-swine-flu-in-san.html.

In Costa Rica, one blogger at http://blog.therealcostarica.com/2009/04/29/swine-flu-arrives-in-costa-rica/ wrote about the flu and one wise commenter suggested "google the 1976 flu scare" - yep.  Read the recent LA Times artice about that 1976 scare.

Costa Rica's main paper http://www.nacion.com/ now has something else at the top of the page.

Relax, breathe, get some exercise, eat healthy food, spend some time with your family, read a good book.


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