Tips on Immigration to the USA: If you have a tourist visa, then don't apply for anything else from outside the country

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I just read the following on one of the other Nicaragua sites:

Even though my wife has a 10 year U.S. Tourist visa, I went to the U.S. Embassy and applied for the I-130 Petition for alien relative at the U.S. Embassy in Managua. [...] The 10 year tourist visa that my wife had was stamped VOID yesterday at the embassy since it is illegal to have in possesion two different types of visas. I asked why this was done now and not towards the end of the process of the immigrant visa. Now my wife is temporarly without a visa until the immigrant visa is issued. [...]

My gosh, unless I'm mistaken, I'm afraid this was a terrible plan.  Interestingly, nobody spoke up to tell the poor man the truth.

For anyone else whose partner has a tourist visa and intends to immigrate to the USA, just go there to the USA and apply for an adjustment of status from the USA.  What a shame that the people at the embassy didn't tell him this simple information.  Or maybe they did and he just didn't want to hear it.  Now he's in for a process that is more expensive, more traumatic and less likely to result in a visa.

It makes me wonder whether anyone could be so careless, or whether it was an unconscious desire on his part to not want to be with her there.


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Same Difference

The people on Nicaliving are the same dullards that post on the "real" Nicaragua, with a few exceptions. Its not surprising that the others were high-fiving this moron for making a public admission about his nitwittery. Anyone who read the posts on either of those sites would expect this type of "forward thinking." It tends to go with their working stiff analysis of life.

I can't remember

I don't remember exactly which page but I think it was at the "real" nicaragua, and I didn't recognize the person's pseudonym, so I don't know too much; the other fellows all said thanks for the great information and what a good job and let us know the other details of what you experience further along in the process. 

Seems odd...

1, Wife has 10 year tourist visa.
2, Man decides this doesn't work.
3, So the logical thing to do is apply for ANOTHER visa?

This man's post reminds me of that proverbial head slap when he says, "Wow! I could have had a V8!"

Don't tell me...this guy posts on one of those "helpful" Nicaragua sites, where the people give such stellar advice, feigning they know so much, right? ROFL

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