Tragic History of Alexis Arguello

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New photos of autopsy

These photos make it clear that the "suicide" was clearly a murder.

ROTFL :)))))

Wow, you sure were right about the " WTF was I thinking? : comment about doing business in Nicaragua.  Carpetbagging and Nicaragua just DO NOT mix but people still try it and they still come back home empty-handed.  Honestly Peter I'm sure you're a very intelligent man with a top=notch education, relatively astute business acumen, the desire and ability to work hard and a good ideas in your head about making money in a foreign country that seemed like easy pickings such as Nicaragua, but then you ran across the biggest problem in Nicaragua:  the people!  The most hard-headed, thick-skulled, rudest and brutish Hispanic group in all of the Americas save for perhaps the Puerto Ricans.  From all the other reports I read on this webiste that you wrote, and please correct me if I am wrong, you wanted to go to Nicaragua and I believe you tried to establish a farming cooperative but you were stonewalled by the crooks on one side who impeded your progress ( the Sandinistas ) and the wovles in sheep's clothing who smiled at you but would have devoured you for trying to muscle in on their land ( the PLC ).  Well, what did you expect, really?  That you, A FOREIGNER, albeit a blond-haired, blue-eyed, prototypical human example of superior White genetic stock was going to enter a foreign country and all the little brown savages were automatically going to genuflect and give your their lands, their daughters and their testicles on a silver platter?  Honestly, as s human being, not a WHITE human being but as a person who eats, craps, urniates and sleeps what makes you such a special example of humanity?  Remember, you a are a person and you have the same physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential as any other human being on this planet, it's just that you have over 1500 years of education, advanced science, mathematics and sheer ruthlessness on your side and nothing else.  In fact, it can be surmised that a White person's physical capabilities do not exceed those of a Black person's, as evident in how Black dudes kick the shit out of all the White boys in any competitive sport out there today.  Once the color barrier came down in baseball in the 50's the Black man ( and Black woman ) began asserting his physical dominance, and now he is asserting his mental prowess in traditionally mental sports dominated by White people such as tennis and golf.  Hell, even the token Hispanics and Asians allowed in any sport have shown how good they are, how long did you think it would be before the rest of the world was going to throw off the yoke of White supremacy?  The East Indians and Chinese are showing their advanced capabilities in all technical and scientific fields every day, and what were traditionally poor, economically unprofitable and unsafe nations are waking up to their potential every day.  It's only the White folks who can't stand to admit that they're losing their world who go and seek havens where the people still hold on to the outdated beliefs of White superiority, and guess where most of them go:   good old Latin America, and to their half-bred bastard sons and daughters who will welcome Papa Gringo with open arms and will keep him safe from the untamed Negro and savage Mexican indio who is taking over his great civilization every day.  HITLER said this would happen, read your history books, this is why he is revered as a Messianic figure to his Neo-Nazi and pan-Aryan followers today, because he knew way back when, 60 years ago that the white man would eventually lose his grip on the world, his war against the Jews, the Gypsies, the Poles, and all the people he deemed as sub-human in Europe was a war to preserve his Teutonic brethren and ensure they had a future, a future that is looking dimmer and bleaker every day.  Have you been to Germany lately, Peter?  Well, I guarantee you're going to see a lot of bhurkas, scharwis, fezes, khufis and God knows what else cos all you see in Europe now are Africans and sandniggers.  Most of the remaining Schuszstaffel settled in the most rremote parts of Latin America when they fled Germany cos they knew they couldn't go anywhere else cos for sure the niggers in Africa wouldn't want to hear about superior White folks after everything the White race did to the Blacks when they were importing them by the millions every year to work on the coffee, sugar and cotton farms and plantations in North and Latin America.  Those yellow bastards in Asia were getting ready to get rid of Frenchie in Vietnam and the dagos in Macau  so what recourse did the reviled, hated and despised krauts have but to go to Latin America and attempt to establish the Fourth Reich?  Hitler said this would happen, and the Liberal-minded, well-meaning, peace sign waving hippies in the good ol' USA just stepped aside and let Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, Medgar Evers, Jesse Jackass, Cesar Chavez and all the other counter-culture pinko Commies ruin the world, Uncle Joe Stain style!   The point is Peter, if you are White you should be proud to be White and think like you own the world, but have some strength in your convictions and show your balls of steel cos the Liberal Democrat thing doesn't work, it didn't work while Carter was allowing the Sandinistas to overthrow Somoza and it wouldn't have worked if he or Fritz Mondale would have ruled the '80's with their Democratic Senate and House of Representatives.  You crticize Nicaraguans for not engaging in rational, thought-provoking, two-sided intellectual discourse but you fail to realize that the only thing that matters in this world is:  FORCE.  If Reagan would have invaded Nicaragua, dropped a few bombs and wiped out a few thousand Sandinistas Danny Boy wouldn't be talking shit today, believe me.  Get your Liberal head out of your rear end and wake up!  What will you do when Mahmoud finally drops a nuke on New England?  Sheesh!!!  Goddamn Liberals... 

yes, no, and don't know

I do think you're onto something about the global difficulties inevitable when taking friendliness at face value.  It does seem to contradict somewhat with your statement that investments "would have been fruitful in any other country" - while in fact, Nicaragua is probably among the bottom third of places to invest, but not necessarily the very worst.  Indeed, the place to do business is the U.S.A.  

Have you ever noticed that the biggest western apologists in/of Nicaragua are the ones who say that "it doesn't matter if they make or lose money" - who either go their with missionary budgets, NGO budgets, or their own fortunes (maybe from their parents) which they piece by piece hand over to the controlling factions in Managua, Carazo, Matagalpa, Rivas, etc, etc.  People who go to Nicaragua with a hope of doing business end up wondering "WTF was I thinking!?"

It's sad the way that Nicaraguans often associate with the downtrodden criminals instead of moving on with their lives and developing civility.  Although Ortegas etc deserve some blame (see for this cult of victimization and embracement of criminals, I ultimately think that the people get the government they deserve.

I can't comment on Mexicans, as I don't know very many. Also can't comment on Hitler, as my education was too liberal to allow that question to be asked.  But please enlighten us.  Whiteys want to know.

Thank You For Clarifying Things

I honestly had no idea that you only posted as Peter Christopher, and I thought you used Pedro and Peter interchangably since I don't need to explain to you the obvious since you speak both English and Spanish.  And to answer your query I like you haven't had to work as much as others, but I have had to go to college, get a degree, do all the good things expected of a Nicaraguan man who for whatever reason was born of a lineage where things like that are expected.  Unfortunately for me I am primarily a thinking man, and don't have the advanced degrees in " hard " subjects or finance that others in my family have.  I have a B.A. in World History with an emphasis on the Roman Empire and since I don't like working with kids or anyone under 18 for that matter I have had to focus on more hands-on ways to make money, much like yourself, but I put my writing, English and technical skills to good use and I currently work for a law office in my area.  So I don't do " dirty " work, I never have and most likely I never will, being that I others usually defer to me for my intellectual abilities and historical knowledge and worldview.  I don't take anything away from your work, Peter, and I honestly thought  " Pedro " was in point of fact, you.  I just find it really amazing that you chose to go Nicaragua and try to make an " honest " living, because as you found out the people there are crooks, not so much the poorer people but you met both Sandinisias and PLC bandidos and therefore your cordobas and dollars were wasted on exploits that I'm sure would have been fruitful in any other country but I know my own people and the ones in charge at any given time ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED and don't have any integrity whatsoever.  They are rude, crude, crass, conniving, macho, frivolous, uncouth and generally ill-mannered people who have no class whatsoever and cannot hold a rational argument, and once you offend them for any minor infraction that they deem is offensive, any little thing they are ready to blow your head off cos almost every Nicaraguan carries a gun with him or can get one easily.  The country is unsafe, dirty, degenerate and despicable in only a waty that the Third Wolrd can be.  Honestly, you who have pretty much made Central America your home, having lived in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and knows where else, having traveled through the rest of Central America, meeting all the people there... do you think they are " the friendliest people in all of Central America " and generally " warm, friendly, and hospitable to outsiders ", like the guidebooks say?  It's like those idiots writing the guidebooks are talking about little brown-skinned monkeys that are pacified and all you have to do is pet them the right way and they'll want to be your best friend, it's the age-old concept of our good friend William Walker's life's ideal of divince providence, the vestiges of " Manifest Destiny " still at work in the Americas.  How would you compare Nicaraguans to Mexicans?  You have noticed that while Mexicans are and can be openly hostile to Americans, especially White Americans, that Nicaraguans will smile and open their homes to you, but haven't you ever been to bar where the locals go, and hear the old-timers and all the borrachos talk about how the gringos just come in and do what they want, how they curse you under their breath and DO NOT want to have you there in Nicaragua?  Isn't that why you packed up and left Nicaragua, and went to English-speaking Costa Rica, where there are mostly White folks of European extraction, ready to open their hearts and country to their European brethren from up North who finally were smart enough to wisen up and plant their flag in Costa Rica instead of all the other Central American countries were the brown-skinned, cannabilistic savage indios live?  That's just how it is in Nicaragua, you can make sense of living there all you want, the fact that there is this website for English-speaking people to try and go there is a testament to how difficult it is.  Maybe in the near future there will websites for people who want to make sense of living in Botswana, or Burundi, or Rwanda, where all the nice Black people live who obviously like White folks, apart from the fact that they remember what the French did to them for over 200 years and would lo eat a White man for breakfast and pass around a White woman as a plaything so that all the bruthas in the tribe can finally have what the bruthas in the States are denied.  All I am saying is for every well-intentioned, well-meaning, happy and idealistic White person in the world who wants to change it there are 10 brown, black, yellow, or red-skinned pissed off subhumans who are happily waiting for the day when the White race finally makes it's exit, either through self-extermination through the massive abortion rates in all the Western countries or through racial suicide through the miscegenation that the White race is allowing to occur when every full-blooded White person marries and breeds with somebody who is not of Alpine, Nordic, of Meditterenean White extraction.  It's just how Adolf Hitler predicted it would be, wasn't he so ahead of his time?  Nothing can save Whitey now...

What do you mean, Zelaya?

I don't follow.  Who are you speaking to, and what do you mean in your question about working?  BTW the other comment here by "Pedro" is not by me - that's another anonymous poster like yourself.  I always post as peterchristopher.  I did follow the link to the other site below.  One of the commenters i know from personal experience to be a dishonest person willing to turn in his own wife for a dollar; the other I have never met and don't know whether he even exists.  On that site they hate this site and I've been told they even delete any references to this site when they are posted.  So what about the question you are asking apparently hypothetically, have you Zelaya had to work?  I for my part have worked quite a lot and continue to do so.  Maybe not as hard as some people, but probably in the top twenty percentile.

Just Another Mestizo Hijo de la Guardia Vieja

Hmmm... so you have actually had to WORK in your life for everything?  Well, that explains the do-gooder Liberal tendencies.  Sorry I can't see things your way, but there are a few of us in the world who have never lacked any gallo pinto, carne asada, churrasco, vigoron, vaho or good ol' benjamin Franklins.  I can't help that my folks actually had a toilet to piss in, and a very nice one at that.  That's the great thing about America, Nicaragua, and the rest of the world... those who always fall know exactly just how to get back up, which is the case going on since the country is about to come unglued with the Schwarzenfuhrer's insistance on shoving his universal SOCiALIST healthcare down on throats... PALIN AND ROMNEY IN '12!!!!

From friends

Folks that knew Alexis comment at

oh thanks

I paid for my education with dollars, cordobas, blood, sweat, and tears, as have most of us.  I guess I might have paid extra in a few categories and maybe I got some of my money's worth?  When are you going down?  Right nows the canicula, what better time!? 

Rosarito and Herty, and Carlos, and Alexis, Who's Next?

One thing about you Peter, for a gringo you know Central America pretty damn well.  I think Danny and Rosarito are up to some pretty serious housecleaning and if keeps on going this way Eden is going to have to call up his fat, out-of-shape paramilitary bros who have been doing nothing but drinking gauro and smoking cigaros since the revolution ended.  You probably heerd the whispers the last time you were there, didn't you?  I'm going back soon, just to see how bad it's gotten and for some real Nicaraguan food, you just can't get the kind Grandma used to make here in the States so I'm going to see my other abuelitas and talk to the hermanos and see what the hell is really going on cos there is a lot of disinformation, or rather lack of information, coming out of Nicaragua these days.

Murillo shot across the bow?

It does seem that about once a year she sends a shot across the bow of someone big.  Oh, sorry, did that hit the bow?  I was surprised how little attention was paid to the timing of Herty's inconvenient fate.  Many people don't want to publicly pants the Empress, because she has long arms.

Suicide? Not with Danny Boy Running the Show

    Sorry Peter, I don't think Alexis Arguello's " suicide " was that self-inflicted at all.  People who saw him the night before said he was in good spirits and the speculation is that he was going to break away from the Sandinistas soon cos he was tired of being Danny's lackey.  He always had a long history of abusing drugs and alcohol and his mistress is seen as somehow complicit in his death.  You never know with the Sandinistas, but some of us here in the States think he was somehow, somehow murdered in way similar to the death of Daniel Ortega's once good friend Carlos B... I forgot his last name, the journalist murdered last year.  Things are getting hotter in Managua every day it seems these days.

Tragic History of Alexis Arguello

Thanks for the articles, Peter. I was in Nicaragua just before the mayoral elections and then I followed the results in the news. I read about Arguello in Tico Times and got the impression that he was just a dumb yes man for Ortega. The Time Magazine article sheds a bit more light on who he was. How sad! How very sad.

I believe in reincarnation and in Karma. I think maybe Arguello will get to come back and be given a better opportunity to do some good in the world.


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