Train Derails near San Jose, Costa Rica; Wall Street of Central America?

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This almost appears appropriate for the "Just for Laughs" category, but when it comes to life and death, probably it should be put somewhere else.  This seems about on par with the accountability on Wall Street.  Nice parallel: 75 years apart for both the two train derailments in the same place; and the two Wall-Street-inspired depressions.


But we hope that when all is said and done that this time around the problems are not so serious either here or there.  Read the original article or just an excerpt:

"The long awaited commuter train between Heredia and San Jose met with a nearly disastrous inauguration when one of the cars derailed with President Oscar Arias, members of his cabinet and various journalists aboard. ... This same section of railroad has negative past after an accident back in 1926, deemed the “Virilla Tragedy”, cost the lives of 249 people. The President of the Costa Rican rail system (Incofer) explained that a wheel got stuck in a double rail at a railroad junction. .... Apparently the track was tested more than 20 times before the fortuitous accident occurred on this promotional journey. However, this goes to show that Incofer has a long way to go before the route can be opened to the public, and a lot more test runs to execute."


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