The U.S. is right to end MCC Funding. Now Carter, Stay Home

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As I've written before here, questioning Jimmy Carter's lack of ability to handle foreign relations, Mr. Jimmy has no more credibility with judging good guys from bad guys.  It's time for Jimmy to stay home and talk about whether the peanuts are maturing, or go bird-watching.

In 2006, Jimmy gave the secret handshake to Daniel Ortega.  Who advised him to do this?  I hope he's been fired, but I'm afraid even if he was fired, he's probably working for Obama now.  But in any case, even after the faux 2006 election, Jimmy was jubilant about his heart-to-heart with Danny.  "Returning to Nicaragua was almost like going home." he wrote in his 2006 Nicaragua Trip report.  Danny, of course, snubbed him like he had already done when Jimmy was in the big leagues.

Then of course we witnessed the 2008 elections.  Jimmy wanted to watch again, but Danny refused to allow Jimmy to visit and watch the 2008 munis.  Jimmy had these harsh words for Danny: - but did Jimmy smell the coffee enough to recognize that he had "lost his touch" - or had never had the touch at all?

Ultimately, the only thing left was to end the MCC funding.  There have to be basic expectations in relationships, and although Jimmy can't admit it, can't stay home in Georgia,  the facts are on the table.  Ortega can make himself and the Nicaraguans out as victims, but when has Mr. Ortega himself stepped up to the plate and done an hour of honest work with a hammer (as even Jimmy Carter repeatedly has)?  How much of his hundreds of millions or billions embezzled, has Ortega donated through the Ortega Foundation?  Even Jimmy Carter has donated millions through his foundation.

The U.S. was right to return Ortega's rebuff of Carter with an end to aid.  How many letters had the Nicaraguan people sent to the U.S. or Japan or Germany in appreciation for the many gifts received over the past decades?  Precious few, if any, I venture to say.  What we asked was simply that Nicaraguans live up to the most minor standard of civility, allowing our leftist, incompetent, apologistic Carter to visit home.  Was it really so much to ask?

It was for Danny - only because there was a good chance that even the incompetent Carter would have recognized and been unable to condone what has happened in Nicaragua.

Jimmy, I'll conclude with an excerpt from your 2006 trip report, every sentence of which contains factual and analytical errors, which you can learn more about by reading other pages of this website, the Central America Forum.  You said:

...Nicaragua has enjoyed substantial economic progress, has the lowest crime rate in Central America, and its people are firmly dedicated to democracy. Even four months before the election, the news media and private citizens are obsessed with the campaign, and leaders from all segments of society seem to appreciate The Carter Center as a friendly, dependable, unbiased and stabilizing factor in the heated political environment.

Nicaragua does not have the lowest crime rate in Central America, its people are not firmly dedicated to democracy, and leaders from all segments of society did not seem to or truly appreciate the Carter Center.  Who wrote that, "Toni Solo"?


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What a complete incompetent

 Bravo!!!  What a complete incompetent. Just

wait till the press/media gets on O'bama's
case. Hopefully, America can then get on track

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