Usama Bin Laden is Dead!

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US Citizens everywhere take care, remember you are not responsible for US government policy, remember there ARE many radicals and hizbollah in parts of Central America. Whether you like it or not, I like it, a symbol of hate who never represented Muslims nor Islam is gone......


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After reading your post I gave it much thought. You are 100% correct and I as well as my friends and co-workers agree with you - you do not know who I am.

To cory

haiz, anyway u should be happy to live in a country that do exploit rather than the country that be expoilted. i dont know who u are, but i know that u have never been in a poor country, never suffer the unfair at all. All u know, all u try to criticize ur country about humantarian treatment,... u have never thought what advantages u have when u were born with a green card nationality US. ALL that u dont know, do you ?. i wish i live in a country trying to make peoples life get better. so that why i love US, do not mention about moral principle of what they - goverment officials right or wrong !

Bin Laden

I have mixed emotions about this. Yes the scum bag is dead. I do not care if he shielded himself with a wife when he was shot, was not armed when he was shot, or was taking a dump on the pot when he was shot, but I really cannot bring myself to rejoice in the streets over a death of another human. They did the same thing during 9-1-1 and remember how we felt?

Remembering that all this started many years ago when we created him to do our dirty work, given the fact that it is illegal for the USA to interfere in the workings of another nation. He remained in good standing with the USA (he is the son of Papa Bush's best friend in Saudi Arabia) up until 9-1-1 when he turned on Baby Bush in what HE considers a war on the infidels. I have friends who are Muslim and this nut job does not represent nether their culture nor religion.

Was it all worth it? Staring wars over WMD's - opps that's not it, Chaney miss spoke. Oh ya, getting rid of a dictator - oh, no that s not it again. Now I remember, the war on terrorism. We needed to stop the unruly animals that we created in the 1970's.

We now have wars in three countries, spent over a trillion dollars, countless US military dead and wounded as well as civilians, all for one man.

Baby Bush is on record as stating he wanted to be known as a "war president" like his daddy, Papa Bush. Personally I think he will be remembered in many different ways.

Side note of sarcasm - Do you know that President Clinton was the first president surrounded by bush?

All this for one person, was it worth it? We now have even a poorer reputation in the world than in any time in our nation's history. We cannot afford to continue the 3 wars but we have to. All for the ego of our government.

In reality, it's not over with the death of Bin Laden - this is just the second step to ignite the crazy camel jockeys into more attacks on the world.

Maybe it is time for us (citizens the United States of America) to stand up and stop the madness. In my lifetime one thing I have learned is the we Americans and our country are not the best, we are not the land of gold and honey anymore, we are just a country of consumers and users of what we can exploit from other countries. And if we cannot exploit them we will kill them (reference to the contra wars in the 1980)

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