Website Programmer Recommendation: Jeff Tinsler of Arenal

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I recently hired a programmer from near Lake Arenal for some help with a website programming project.  Having past experience with Indian programmers and some in the US, I can state based on experience that he does good work.  His name is Jeff Tinsler.  He helped me with this site, and he also helped with another site I've been working on,

Here are a few of the sites I know he has also built.

Contact Jeff at this email address:

Jeffrey Tinsler
Aptdo 16
Nuevo Arenal, Tilaran, Costa Rica

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Didn't see it yet!

google must have sucked it into the ether.

Try re-sending to jet at and we'll see if that makes it?

You've got mail


I just sent you an e-mail regarding web site development.

Just want to make sure you recieve it whether it's in your Inbox or Spam folder due to content links and an Adobe PDF attachement.

-Bill Clanton

Thanks Peter!

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll only add that I am willing to take on existing sites and most any web project large or small. Please don't hesitate to contact me for rates or quotes on your project. I have excellent, for Central America, connectivity at 512Kbps and can work on sites all over the web. One day perhaps I'll post a site that will display all of my credentials and offerings but for now just email me and we can discuss your requirements and whether I can help you. I earned a BSEE degree from Western Michigan University longer ago than I care to mention and have a wide variety of skills to offer. Cut my engineering teeth building flight simulators, moved on to avionics software, embedded systems, and gaming software over my sordid career.

I am a linux guy and have sucessfully avoided having to work on non-UNIX web servers although I can't avoid helping some locals with their winderz problems. If you're contemplating leaving the proprietary domain and entering the open-source world I am available for consultation to help you convert. It's not really all that painful and you'll be virus free and fully licensed to use your own computer.

Enjoyed several of the articles and comments posted here on the central-america-forum and may contribute some of our hard-earned wisdom having survived in the 3rd world for about 7-years now.

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