What Do Cattle Eat in Costa Rica?

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I used to say to people shopping for meat in Central America, "Beef is healthier than chickens or pigs.  Cattle is always grown by eating grass.  Chickens are factory-farmed with imported feed and chemicals.  Pigs are scrounging the gutters."  But a few days ago I was talking to one guy whose father grows Cattle near San Isirdo, Costa Rica.  He said the cattle are primarily kept in a small corral and fed a mix that includes a large percentage of chicken poop (gallinasa) that is cheaper than standard feed.  I haven't felt inspired to buy any meat since then.


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What Do Cattle Eat in CR

I am one and my neighbors are all farmers. 


hahah yes I'll have the number 3 combo double sheep burger...  you want to up size??


I think sheep are pretty clean as far as what they do eat.  of course if you stop and think about it, cows being fed chick shit really isn't all that bad.

we do eat chicken.  and of course a chicken will shit and then eat that as well.

 look at your garden, we spread chicken, horse and cow shit on the ground to help the plants grow, then we eat what comes out of that as well.

big fish from the sea have been found to have high levels of mercury in them. a report I saw a while back showed a guy that opened a small fish up and showed all the plastic the little guy had eaten.

we as a whole are trashing this whole planet.

one report stated that most of the big fish were gone and now they are after the smaller fish that the big ones use to eat. we are stripping everything.


a study of farm ground was done and it showed that most all the vitamins and minerals were gone from the ground. That study was done in the 1930's.  that is why we don't get near the minerals and vitamins our bodies need from eating all the right foods.

now I'm not talking about your back yard garden, mainly on year round farm ground.


thats one reason I feel that our grand folks lived so long and were in better shape and didn't get as sick as much. what they grew they ate and it had a lot of v&m in it.


you pust in good things you get good things. you eat junk you are junk.  I have lost maybe 30 pounds or more since moving here a few years ago, no fast food places close to where I live, no late night run for taco's and cup cakes.   god how I miss that!!! lol

I was interested only in

I was interested only in Costa Rica travel until now. I had no idea that cows can eat chicken poop. It's so weird. I think I'm gonna stop eating this type of meat from now on. If I think about it, pigs eat all sort of nasty things so that isn't good either. Dunno what to think anymore. Do sheep still eat just grass?

relax, Anonymous!@

I don't think we claimed 100.000% of the cows anything.  We're just sharing our ideas and experiences, not trying to claim that there aren't exceptions, or even that our experience is representative.  Speaking of which, out of curiosity, what is your experience talking with actual farmers in Central America?

What do cattle eat in costa rica

Saying that all cows eat this or that or all pigs or chickens are raised one way is just silly.  And saying that grass fed beef is tough is just as silly.  It's like saying all people in Costa Rica are _________  fill in the blanks.  No such thing.  Each farmer has his own way of raising meat or using chickens for eggs.  Also, eggs are not kept under refrigeration but milk definitely is.  If you saw milk on the counter in a small store it could have been because the farmer had just delivered it.  Some farmers do use dried chicken manure as a cattle supplement and some farmers have egg factories and some farmers let their pigs forage.  But many do not.  If you are concerned about the source of your meat, find a local farmer and talk to him.  Your local butcher can help with this too.  If food handling was so bad in Costa Rica wouldn't you see folks puking on every corner?  Come on, people, let's show some common sense.

steak and chicken in the same meat

The meat in panama is really bad. tough as a old shoe.  The cows eat grass and that is what makes them so tough. Cows that get grass plus other feed are all lot better.

I read where u.s. cow farmers where on strike against macdonalds because they are buying their meat from other countries to cut their cost. The u.s famer can't keep up with them because of all the rules they have to go by. meat bought in third world places don't have to play by the same rules.

I have seen milk sitting on the shelf by the bread, room temp. I have seen eggs the same way. Back home I had a country store, we sold eggs, and the health guy would come by and check my cooler boxes, it had to be so cold or he would write me up and make me throw the eggs and milk out. down here I don't see it in coolers.

another problem is blow flies. I have not seen that to be a problem here, but in belize every cow I saw had huge blow fly knots all over them, some with open wounds. Now those cows are not suppose to be eaten, but I bet you they are.

I have seen them handle raw chicken, cut it up, and then cut up the french fries without cleaning the knife or table.  Take money, give change, turn around and hand you two cokes from the box.

I guess when you grow up like that, your body builds up against that making you sick. I for one get sick from it.  It's like the water in colombia. It is clear and clean, no smell, but there are little bugs in it you can't see. my wife grew up there, so it doesn't bother her one bit, but it kills me.

A doctor friend of mine told me that every person has parasites around a pound to three pounds per person. You might never know it but you have them.  If you do a bit of traveling like most of us you will have a lot more.

I know for a fact I have them, I was always regular before my first trip to colombia, since then and were talking 5 to 6 years ago, I have not had a solid one ever. It's like something is eating it up and breaking it down. I don't have any pain or anything. But I can hit the bathroom when I get up and I am in and out in under one min!!

so in closing, if its your first time or 20th time going out of the country be careful what you pop in your mouth.

haha yuck!

haha yuck!

beef in cr

good information, peter

tofu seems to be the healthiest and fish from the open sea

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