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Get involved with Facebook for your community, you will quickly learn quick ways o save money with dinner specials, meeting like minded people with fun get together events (trivia and poker nights),and meeting up with people who are looking for rides to and from Managua (or wherever) you can make plans to shop the bigger stores (bulk shopping to save money) or just the needing to cut the cost of getting to and from the airport by splitting fuel costs. Facebook helped me get involved in the community quickly.

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replied on August 28, 2013 02:46:
Who being arrested and where, because of "total Govt. tracking" are they just plain Ex Pats who have moved their assets overseas or are they wanted for any felony in the US, from fraud, drug trafficking to non payment of child support long term and so forth, there is plenty of information available on many Internet sites besides Facebook, just be specific, I use Facebook, although I am retired and live on a pension I do give out information regarding relocating to Central America, pro or con, to anyone who asks, usually from open Internet sources, many do not even know how to utilize Search Engines.
replied on August 08, 2013 17:43:
Many, including us, will not participate in Facebook due to the total govt. tracking. If you are getting accurate and important news from sources other than mainstream media, you will see that It matters not if you have done nothing wrong. People are being arrested, their assets taken, although innocent, with no recourse and there is very little rule of law left in the U.S. Sad to say.....so I suppose we have to obtain the information you mention another way

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