What is the REAL truth about buying property in Nicaragua and Costa Rica?

With all that is happening in the US what is the Real story about buying property in Nicaragua. There seems to be so many developments. Are these developers offering major discounts???

Who is buying??? or is there an imbalance of supply and demand?

I am looking for some unbiased information. Not interested in what the Realtors are saying. Most of them seem like young guys who got into selling Real Estate in the last few years and I feel uncomfortable with merely relying upon the information they provide. Information is sadly lacking.

What is the REAL story about buying Real Estate in these parts.


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Realtor Nicaragua

Have a Nicaraguan/American friend, dual citizen resident there in Beach home in small community near Montelimar, is using a reputable local realtor who he has dealt with before, if you plan to travel to Nicaragua, you may pay him for transport, guide service and room at the beach house, not 5 star but comfortable with security living there. You are not verified on this site so e mail me informatica29@yahoo.com with your name, first and last, city, town, state or province telephone no if you wish us to call you usa only. saludos

Reply about services in Nicaragua

Porter, Josh (unverified) will send you all the inside information, by e mail if you send me yours plus your city, town, state or province, also send me your telephone number and best time to call if you are in USA or Canada, I am able to call and talk to you by Magic Jack then the person in Nicaragua has a US phone no for messages I will give you, sorry cannot deal with anonymous entities online. saludos elsalwizard, SAn Salvador, El Salvador e mail informatica29@yahoo.com

send his info please

I would want to hire him for a week, pay 500, if he is interested, may rent the home also

Land in Nicaragua

A friend of mine who owns home located some 15 km, iut of Managua is selling his home there as well as his Beach house via a local Nicaraguan realtor, the beach home is near to to a large resort and can be developed for tourism, the friend of mine is a Nicaraguan American dual citizen, 100% bi lingual, I stayed at his home and can vouch for his honesty, anyone is able to hire him to drive and interpret and stay at his beach house instead of a hotel, there is a guardian and his family on premises., if you wish his name, e mail and USA message phone, do not hesitate to send me a private message.


Prices are ridiculous since you are a foreigner buying through a Realtor paying about twice what a local would and often using crooked English speaking native lawyers, rent, even a small place and send a native speaker out to check long term rental or purchase prices, keep a low profile and make contacts while temporarily renting, learn Spanish and be humble, big shots get shot down fast here.

Supporting someone from the board.....

Many posts on this forum are Anonymous, it is best for you to contact someone who uses their 'nickname' at least then ask for a Skype Video chat to start, every liar will tell you how honest they are anyway. Well if you seem satisfied with 'him or her' after a few Skype video chats, make a trip, at least 3 weeks, to the Central American country or countries you are interested in and check out places to rent, shopping, ask locals first then ex pats about safety in the area, day and night, amazingly, during the day in some of the gringo 'watering holes' are retirees and newcomers both who may give you some leads, there are 98% no 'honest lawyers' in CA, if you do not speak any Spanish, start learning PRONTO click on .www.123teachme.com/ to start free lessons online and list of Spanish schools in each Latin Am. country, join local American or Canadian Society if one in your target country, also join up to www.Internations.org/ to make professional local and expat contacts in 300 countries, our Internations group in San Salvador has a fiesta and meet up every month, take your time, advice is cheap, get a second and third opinion if wishing to rent (best) or buy, down here f2f not 'online' unless you have been to the place and already have contacts, if it is a Realtor, he or she wants a commission, avoid also so called 'relocation' agencies in CA they overcharge on rents and pocket the difference, Spanish and patience are two foundations to build on, I saved a few people in El Salvador a lot of money in 1 day just by hooking them up with honest contact, also two other options for non Spanish speakers, www.localyte.com/ for a local guide/drirver owner 170 countries arrange to meet 2 or 3 guides in your taget country some are excellent and bi lingual with good vehicle, others old vehicles, poor English but remember honesty send out 'vibes' use your instincts and join the Hospex portal www.couchsurfing.org/ 4,000,000 members worldwide about 40,000 in all Central America, mostly young bi or multi lingual locals who know honest people in their city or town, they can meet up with you or host you 2 or 3 days if possible, for budget lodging worldwide www.hostels.com/ if you have to stay in a 5 Star Hotel then find Realtor!!!! The paginas amarillas are ok once you are on the ground here for many services, few Latinos will answer e mails and just avoid the Real Estate Con sites, for real good info straight read archives of Letters to Editor online at the Costa Rican weekly www.ticotimes.net/ and the daily online news service www.amcostarica.com/ Remember Internet classified and forums are loaded with scammers, if you require more info send me a pm, I give advices I do not do detail work on line for free, no free lunches, no free Margarita on the Beach, either. My Central America information mostly for travel and tourism on fb is http://www.facebook.com/groups/discovercentralamerica/ Buena suerte y bien viaje. For those serious about relocating I can give you a short call on Magic Jack if you live in US, contact me first with your full name, city or town State or Privince, estimated Montly budget for single or couple, don't waste my or anyone elses time with a lot of questions online, visit and be proactive.it is your dime!

Land in Nicaragua

I was wondering if you've got a referral for me to a real estate agent in Nicaragua. I'm toying with the idea of picking up a small plot of land there and would like someone trustworthy to help me out. Thanks so much in advance.

Con Artist

I can vouch for you. Unfortunately, my father made the acquaintances of this scum bag before he passed away. He left some belongs with him to hold for safe keeping. When my father passed away, the POS refused to return these belongings to my mother. I could really care less now given the total value of the items, but at the time it was horrible to go through because of my father's death. It was the less thing my mother needed. I hope this bastard gets his in the end. Stay away from this low life.

Nic Good or Bad

Dear MJ I have been here for several years and bought land around San Juan del Sur. I have an excellent lawyer educated in the states and actually had to leave the country when the Sandinistas took over. However he has been back for several years and has handled my buys and several others with large developements and does an excellent job. There are issues here and I have had my share but it is no worse than the rest of the central american countries. Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, in my opinion have many other problems. Costa Rico is too expensive. I have several friends that are coming here or going to other places that have property there. If you are anyone else that reads this is interested I have several properties that are free and clear that I would trade for US property and or work with them if they wanted to develop the property and don't have the means to buy and develop it. I am 65 and not interested in working at that level any more. My interest is only in financing the development. email address is toucanrich@hotmail.com

Hello: Which develop

Hello: Which development in the san juan del sur area do you feel is the best bang for ones buck. Are prices down? I was there in mid 2008 and it seemed that everyone was holding firm.. It seems these developments are asking too much for their land..especially in many cases when the in frastructure is minimal but then they go on to give this grand future vision. Even paying 20,000 for some of these properties seems real high..There is so much land in Nicaragua. So much future supply...how do these developers justify these prices? I realize that San juan has many eminities but still the prices seem ridiculous... I would like to hear your take on the above. Thanks

Son las Paginas Amarillas.

Son las Paginas Amarillas. Troughout Latin America websites to advertise, buy and sell are of course far more abundant than the handful of ex pat oriented sites in English.

re: Maybe someone should start a site to advertise stuff like th

Perhaps a great balance would be a SECTION here to advertise - A) - to me "advertising" is Sharing Information & B) I'd MUCH rather support someone from within the board than go through the yellow pages/pago amarillo!!

Advertisement vs. Information

Maybe someone should start a site to advertise stuff like this - if this site turns into a place to sale crap then I am gone

Rent or purchase in Nicaragua

Available now,is rental of anew

Submitted by elsalwizard on July 25, 2011 - 6:33pm.

Available now,is rental of a mountain house some 18 km. out of Managua, 1000 meters altitude, living room, 3 bedrooms, yard, guard house, guard service shall be included in the rental which is 1000 USD a month, partially furnished, also for sale or long term rental a Beach house, near to Montelimar, can be developed into a hostal, as there are few rooms in teh area, beautiful beaches, low crime, safe, for budget travelers, 1 US acre of land and family is resident at gate for security, for photos and contact information directly to owner, no realtor, in Nicaragua, fluent in English, spent 42 years in USA, you of course shall be able to stay in one or both properties, the owner has transportation. for pI shall get a tiny commission, avoid hassles and misunderstandings, owner was born in Nicaragua and has clear title. saludos.

Care taking

Generally ex pats and upscale Nicaraguans have their own caretakers, some for years, the 'pay' is room and board and approx. the eqivilant of $100 Month, youn would be better off, in my opinion, to look in /Costa Rica or Panama, I met a British couple recently in CR who were house sitting for 2 months in Liberia, for an affluent Costa Rican traveling., start networking on the Internet and other ex pat sites.

long term caretaking

I'm curious if you know of any contacts in your area regarding long term permanent caretaking positions. My husband and I, in our 40's-50's have done long term jobs in the past in Mexico, but would like to try further south and only are interested in the long term 3-5 years +. We can do it all, have the highest standards, are not yet fluent in Spanish but get along quite well with the basics, we've even lived off the grid in Mexico, with excellent skills with pumps, electrical systems, water systems, the whole shabang. Besides this we are honest and live impeccably clean! A big advantage to anyone who has investment there they cannot watch over. If you know of ways to direct us to possible clients, please respond. Thankyou very much for your time and attention. Melissa

Yes I am able to help, able

Yes I am able to help, able to place you in contact with owner, either rent or purchase mountain home near Managua or beach home near Montelimar, owner is dual Us and Nicaraguan citizen fluent in English, he will give you a very good deal, you may stay at both properties if you wish....e mail elsalvadorinfo at gmail dot com. saludos

Why not rent

Maybe you could find somewhere reasonable to rent for a year or 2. Make sure you like the area and country, neighbors before you plunk down your cash. Also in the time of a couple years you might find a screaming bargain. But be careful as people will tell you what you want to hear. Until its too late. Ethics probably different than you're used to, locals and forgieners alike. I like it but its not easy.

Hiding on Google earth

Hiding on Google earth http://www.panoramio.com/photo/1088606 PANORAMO published photos my site on Google earth http://www.panoramio.com/user/226113 I cannot understand how a moderator can allow someone with NO CONTACT infor to slander someone on this site? Is that ok for you and not what I wrote about him and the moderator edited it out? Sounds a bit on sided. a reply from the moderator would be nice or this will be my last post here


...and anyone can write garbage like this about another person and signs Anonymous! I have lived in Managua since 2003 full time. I live in front of a BANK not behind a gas sation and you my sour puss friend are a coward for not letting anyone know who you are because you will be sued for slander. My pics are on Google earth my address AND NUMBERS ARE ON ALL MY EMAILS AND i FOR THE EXCEPTION OF YOU HAVE CLIENT REFERENCES,,, Fell free to contact anytime you'd like of come by and visit me in my office in Lindavista. On the main avnue infront of Banco ProCredit. I just posted this reply and will not waist anymore time on this wahoo in southern Georgia sitting in front of his laptop having a beer in his daddies overalls Regards and nice hearing from you Glenn Seavers....still bitter about [.. deleted by moderator --.]....take your nonesence somewhere else. . Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Co. LTD Managua, Nicaragua C.A. Tel: 011 505 8825-8505 (C) 8773-3766 (MS)  Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein

Finally a wise person

I have been looking in Nic and everyone tells me not to buy, but I love it there. Can you offer me some help.

Thank you.


Hey can you contact me at chris.trunell@gmail.com I'd like to learn more from someone who has been through it. Planning a trip down there in late feb. Mucho Gracias Chris

Anonomous Document Land Stolen CR

Have never heard of land stolen in Costa Rica by government. Possibly after death, would have ones will in Spanish and in order. Please post a link or document events. **Costa Rica (to a large extent)** Otherwise its all BS. Would believe land and money for real estate has been stolen by individuals countless times. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!

Hi All, Land has been taken

Hi All,

Land has been taken by governments in Mexico, Costa Rica (To a huge extent!) and many central and south american countries in the past. - Nicaragua to of course as well.

We also get a lot of very stupid people coming to nicaragua who buy property of a family they meet, dont speak spanish, dont bother getting a lawyer, and just seem to trust someone they've known for a week enough to hand over money for some land - i personally think this is crazy and i wouldn't do it in the states like that, but they seem to think it is ok here???? and then they write about it in blogs and give bad press - people who have had normal or positive experiences as you would expect by doing things properly rarely bother to write about it! ha ha

there are a lot of checks which need to be carried out which if done properly, ensure the safetly of land ownership here - like a form stating that the property is free of any liens, a survey to make sure the land borders match what is held in the central registry so there is no confusion with who owns what, and a carta de no objections - this is most important and states that the property is able to to be sold and no one i the governemt ahs any objections or rights to it - it is ilegal to sell property now with out this but it still gets done like this if a transaction is not done correctly.

I will always use a real estate agent with an internationally recognized name when buying property in any country because this affords me some protection and if anything goes wrong, and can go after them in the States where the are registered - i also dont work with people like someone here mentioned who are young and just here to surf.... pick someone who has qualifications..they are there, its just that you may have to go into their offices to meet them as they are more likely to be there working rather than on the beach.
I would potentially consider buying a property from an owner in my own country where i know the property legal system very well, and it is my first language, and if i know the seller or at least have a very good lawyer. - you would never catch me doing that in any other country though/

I have bought many properties in Nicaragua, and am proud to call it my home here. I hope many of you can feel the same one day!

Good Advice

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and know what you are doing. Would like to see more of your experences in Nicaragua

Response to Anonymous

Jorge Giraldez

Google Jorge Giraldez http://www.nicaragua.com/forums/business-negocios/111-nicaragua-2.html who has been around for years making false claims, intimidating those who do not agree with him, his "office" in Managua is behind a gas station and he puts on a good front. He resides in Miami USA and has scammed relief workes, sold supplies intended for disaster relief. He strikes out in anger, like any con artit, if accused of any wrongdoing and of course the exprt scammer winds up making the victim or victims feel guilty. Avoid him. If looking to relocate travel to Nicaragua, make contacts with those who have resided some time in Nicaragua, and if planning to relocate at least rent for a while. [--- links deleted, please feel free to sign up to the website and create a new page with resources you find helpful about Nicaragua and we can include all of them, but it was too long a list for this context-- ] ANYONE IS ABLE TO PUT ANYTHING THEY WANT ABOUT THEMSELVES ON THE INTERNET, IF ANYONE HAS TO CONSTANTLY DEFEND THEMSELVES AND TELL YOU HOW "HONEST" THEY ARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM. JORGE GIRALDEZ BERNARD IS BAD NEWS, DO BUSINESS WITH HIM AT YOUR OWN RISK, LET ME KNOW VIA THIS THREAD. Saludos.

I will answer if I can, where are you

I am an Alabama real estate apprasier . [advertisement deleted] call if you like. I have traveled Costa Rica and Nicaragua 35 years, had a bar in Costa Rica , paid my dues, I am currently working on geting a property back hopefully for a man that lost it to the government back when Nicaragua took the land of americans and others. 98% has been returned . He bought 7800 acres . So , I have done a good bit of work on lands and have looked at many palces in costa rice. What I am saying is I am not selling you anything, I will be happy to tell you what I know and give you my honest advice. but we need ot streamline your guestion a bit or call me . josh funrunners@hotmail.com is best email,

Owning property

This member is correct,,, Please do not listen to those who attack and make comments without means..I do not understand why people that post here remain anonymous, post your names, post your telephones. your email addresses...what are you fearing??? JorgeGiraldez@yahoo,com 011 505 88258505

Gardening in tropics Costa Rica, Rain Issues

3 years planting here and have been very Lucky. With most fruit trees, (be sure to get the ones right for your area). Also corn, elote, ayote, cambute, yucca, and cucumbers. Tomatoes, peppers etc. not so well. It is not as easy as my friends say put a stick in the ground and it will grow ( yes sometimes maybe). Although if you stand still too long a vine might wrap around your leg. However have had problems growing vegetables, too much sun. Built a shade screen, green saran covering. Now the rainy season is drowning some plants that were in desert conditions a few weeks ago. Probably need to construct some type of roof and water management system. Any Ideas for a low cost system, also any tropical gardening websites. difficult to find good information

I wikipedia'd it

I bought on the pacific coast near Playa Gigante. Is it not possible that you have failure bias? I have not been in Nicaragua long. I don't pretend to know everything but I do know I am extremely happy with my purchase of land and building of a home. Nicaragua is not for everybody and many people struggle with the amount of freedom here. There is no one to baby sit your mistakes or protect you once they are made. You simply must take proper precautions and do what you feel is right. This was right for me. I wouldn't tell anyone it is right for them but I wouldn't discourage them from coming down and finding out.

Jezzz Pete

[ - personal attack deleted - ]


When and where did you buy land?  Have you heard of survivorship bias?


I have bought land and am having a home built. I have met many people (gringos) in the area who have lived in Nicaragua happily for over 6 years none of there land has been taken. Values have dropped in the last 3 years mirroring the global market. There was one incident of a gentleman not doing his homework before paying for his property. The land was contested and he is now in the long drawn out process of clearing the title. Nicaragua is a safe enough place to invest. Be intelligent do your homework and enjoy life abroad.

This is what our Nicaraguan friends have said

That they have many family members who were once supporters of the Sandinistas. That they voted Daniel Ortega in. That each one of them hates Daniel Ortega and his agrarian reformists policies now, because they each have family members who had their property taken for agrarian reform. One tells of his father's property being divided in half and taken. Another tells of his uncle's farm completely being taken. They don't dare voice that too loud because there are collaborators that will tell the local Sandinista cadre. That there are collaborators like Phil Hughes all over Nicaragua, who report to the Sandinistas and get special privileges for that. And that the collaborators are held under the Sandinista thumb for return favors for this (hence his lunatic socialist rantings sometimes on his web site).

Now, I am not an expert on Nicaraguan real estate, so I'll make that clear....but I would never purchase property in a place where the citizens have lost their own property, knowing as a resident my holdings would be more suspect. And knowing that many Americans have hiked the prices to ridiculous levels for what you get in some areas there? HELL NO!

And by the way, I support the idea of agrarian reform, when its done to nationalize businesses exploiting the citizens of a country; and even still, I wouldn't want to place my marbles in that basket, just in case. And how sad that Nicaragua followed Cuba's model in taking its own citizen's land for agrarian reform, instead of taking the land of foreigners exploiting the country. Shame on them for that!

And by the way, I happen to like Peter. I think he's ten times more honest than the yuks on the other web sites, and I'm sure that is why he was run off. In short, the information you get there is self promotional, and they don't like the truth interrupting their business ventures. And no! I'm not a real estate professional. I'm a women who listens to what others say, evaluates it, and does what is best for her own interests. And since I am friends with these folks, I know they had no motivation to tell me about their families losing land to Ortega...especially, when they are socialists who believe in the doctrine, not rabid right wingers.

There are MUCH better places to purchase real estate...places where civilization will compliment your investment. Inside Central America and south of it! Uruguay is looking VERY good right now and has much more to offer tourists than Nicaragua, including most of the things Americans have grown to expect.

grow up george

Hey George,  

You got a bit inaccurate in your sales talk, and I called you on it.  So why do you take it personally and try to pick a fight?  It'd be better if you tried instead to turn over a new leaf and let go of the blustering intimidation tactic.  Unlike other Nicaragua websites where you've been banned for having a conflicting economic interest with the site owners, you're welcome to post here.  If you don't want to be grateful for that, that's your choice, but why not share some helpful information instead of pickup lines.  For instance, talk about some of the frauds you have seen take place -- in real estate, in the use of government funds, appraisals, etc.  Talk about the specific details of how you strategize to minimize the various "taxes" and pitfalls that the "Robin Hoods" have established on the yellow brick road.


Property vary from area to area

There are still great deals to be had in Carazo where I am. There is a problem with a letter of no objection from the Sandinista party has reciently implimeneted but all in all , its still a great deal and a wonderful place to live. You might not want to live near this Peter guy, no one likes him much ....but in all fairness spmeone has shown him how to make Coconut oil. (If you don't want to go thru all that hassel, stop by a Pharmacy and pick up a bottle 8 oz for 1.10 U$

Risky No, You are risky !

No one pre pays for property Peter, you have a closing at the lawyers when all is done, That is how its done, but since you cannot do it , well you bad mouth it. I buy property for people I build there houses for and no one else. I do represent my own property because if you take a ride on the beach front of Tupilapa, (Thats south of Huehuete) you will see signs that say private property and my number on it.

In case you don't have it , its 011 505 88258505 for the last 5 years it has been the same. The signs on the property say Private property, my number, if you want to go see for yourself and stop spreading negativity as usual...

Most of them seem like young

Most of them seem like young guys who got into selling Real Estate in the last few years and I feel uncomfortable with merely relying upon the information they provide. Information is sadly lacking.

References work well too

My last client just closed on a beachfront, he used American Title and he is my client. I will ask if he is up for me to put his email on this as a reference. That way you can email him...
He is French Canadian with a young family

Today I put up the sign Propiedad Privada.....

You never Change

you are a idiot....still Peter.
wanna call me names, lets get together and have a talk face to face

Some recommendations for real estate near Nicaragua

Why not consider Las Vegas, California, Miami, or Hawaii?  The prices are way, way down, and best of all, after you buy it, you own it!  If you really want to buy something from a developer at a discount, I just got an email today from Kevin Fleming who is doing developments down there and is openly advertising development-style properties at a discount.  But if you're buying in Nicaragua, you're paying for tuition, not land, IMHO.  Have fun.


I was watching him for some time-he is a hohstapler


you buy it? If you did not it is probably that this Gringo was a way smarter then you and definitly more honest then you

Hello: Which development in

Hello: Which development in the san juan del sur area do you feel is the best bang for ones buck. Are prices down? I was there in mid 2008 and it seemed that everyone was holding firm.. It seems these developments are asking too much for their land..especially in many cases when the in frastructure is minimal but then they go on to give this grand future vision. Even paying 20,000 for some of these properties seems real high..There is so much land in Nicaragua. So much future supply...how do these developers justify these prices? I realize that San juan has many eminities but still the prices seem ridiculous... I would like to hear your take on the above. Thanks


who is tlking

from the day the deal starts it can happen

I do not mean to makeit sound easy, but it can be done

You're naive or dishonest

Every week, properties are stolen by illegal, quasi-legal, and legal tactics in Nicaragua. You're just spouting propaganda that is going to get more people in trouble, George. Nicaragua is not the worst place in the world for living or investing, but it's risky.

While I have no doubt you are not a realtor, I also have no doubt that you represent primarily your own interests in your statements and transactions, not those of the rare buyers who want to front you some tuition money in the school of life.

Nope note here

No one will take your property unless you buy a military base from a Gringo.....
Do your homework before buying , like in all parts of the world...

011 505 88258505

experience in selling properties in Central America

Hello Courious one,

I can explain anything you need to know about buying property here in Nicaragua.
I am not a realtor but a Contractor, I have bought the land I construct on.
Now...What do you need to know.

011 505 88258505

Its pretty safe here

no one is taking anything from Anyone......especially foreigers...welcome
Please feel free to contact me or call anytime

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