When good things come out of a bad experience.......

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Thank you.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and concerns. I believe I must have used up all my bad luck on the first few days. Things can only go smoothly from now on!

I am looking forward to finding out about the rest of my trio, too. I have blown all my money on my car repair but I do not want to turn back and go home. We´ll see what happens next.

Oh my you are a brave soul

Your car troubles in Panama were interesting; but I kept having a sense of concern for your well being. I'm glad that God has placed good people around you to protect you. And I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

And I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience on the beginning of such a wonderful adventure. I hope that means the rest of your trip will go smoothly and wonderfully and you will have nothing but good now.

Thank You

Thanks, I agree with you and I will also say that I always meet more good people, with integrity, in Central American, than the other kind. You might be interested in my recent experiences on my current road trip to Panama: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/06/16/costa-rica-road-trip/
I have met with more calamity, but also with good people who are helping me along the way.

A positive soul and pleasant to read

I'm with Peter on this one, Lisa. Your stories are enjoyable to read. I love hearing about your adventures and seeing a woman taking control of her life and living it to the fullest.

I agree that theivery is not isolated to one financial class of people. In the U.S. we tend to generalize about people in other countries and overlook our own examples of the same behaviors. I doubt there is more theivery in poorer countries, and I thnk our denial makes us only see SOME theivery. Certainly, examples of Enron and DeLay provide HUGE and very public examples of our own theivery in the U.S.. Why do people steal? It has little to do with income, but a lot to do wth moray and ethos. Simply, some lack them and this is in all economic classes and all countries.

It simply is NOT true,

It simply is NOT true, althought its better than Nicaragua , They are living in a bubble that will explode soon.

Thinking in Generalities

Thinking in generalities is the problem here.
You seem to be saying that theft must be caused by:
1. poor people who don't have jobs so they have to steal to eat.
2. people who have jobs but are so materialistic that they steal to get more.

I say that in some cases either may be true but in most cases this is true:
The person who steals has not been taught (does not know, does not believe) that it is wrong to take something that does not belong to you.
That can be found in any class of people. The poorest person can still live with integrity.

Robbery occurs in every part of the world. It may be culturally more accepted in poor countries.

I say rather than judge one country or another, let's look for the good we can find and put our thoughts and energy into that.
Let's throw out all the silly generalizations. Some may be true for some people, some may not, but so what?
If you think there are too many robberies in Costa Rica then you can live somewhere else, where you feel more secure.

Words are powerful things - thinking, believing, and saying the statement' They will steal you blind." just sets you up for it to happen to you.

Better to think positive thoughts and speak well about wherever you choose to be.


I'm glad you like my stories, Peter. And yes, it seems like life is a process of learning to let go and as soon as we succeed in one area we are challenged in another. Then to have intention but let go and keep the balance is an even bigger challenge. Such is life, til one day we must even let go of that!

great reminder

I'm happy when I read your stories with happy endings.  Letting go is hard to do.  Somehow at times it seems that having the intention for something to happen is important, but other times letting go of the goal is the only way to peace.

Theft, conflicting stories

People here in Costa Rica tell me that the economy is so good and they all have good jobs. Yet the they also say that they will steal you blind. If they are doing so well economically, why is theft so high. Is the need for material things so important that they need to steal to get them.

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