Where Can You Buy Coconut Oil In Central America?

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Where to find "homemade cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil to buy in bulk" - that is a question I noticed in a recent comment in the thread on making your own coconut oil.   Well, I'm not sure if that will be easy.  First of all, cold pressed coconut oil is very rare in the first place.  The most common form of coconut oil is refined with heat and/or chemicals.  The next most common is virgin (unheated and unbleached) coconut oil that is separated from coconut milk by fermentation or centrifuge.  Cold-pressed coconut oil is even less common.  Instead of making coconut milk, pressed oils bypass that step - usually first by drying the coconut meat then pressing.  I've actually never even tasted coconut oil processed in this way.  Why do you insist on this form?  Here is another brief article on the different kinds of virginish coconut oil. Sorry, I don't have any suggestion for buying it.

I do know that you can buy small quantities (less than 1 gallon) of fermentation-separated, expensive virgin coconut oil on the road from San Isidro to Dominical just 1km downhill from Platanillo.  I also know that you can buy semi-virgin (low-heat-processed) coconut oil from one gentleman in Boquete, Panama (email him at Robert.ratliff@gmail.com) who sells it for an unbelievably very low price (obviously not making any money) and will even ship within Panama.  Anyone else know of other places to buy coconut oil in Central America?


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Looking For VCO Buyer

Hello Central Amerika Forum Member! Maybe there is some of you who are looking for VCO.
I have an offer of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) to your company. Per liter, we offer U.S. $ 12.

Fat Compositions:
- Lauric Acid 51,22 %
- Miristic Acid 16,39 %
- Caprilic 10,42 %
- Palmitic Acid 6,41 %
- Oleic Acid 4,20 %
- Stearic Acid 1,91 %
- Caproic Acid 1,02 %
- Linoleic Acid 0,66%

Thank you. I am waiting a good news from you all. Source VCO from Celebes, Indonesia.

M Edhwin
Dasuke Totalindo
VCO Provider - Indonesia
Email: denny0809@gmail.com
TEL: +6281316212291

Aromas para el Alma in Escazú

Aromas para el Alma in Escazú sells by bulk if you call in advanced: 2289 3229.

where exactly are you?

A few times we bought some on the road from San Isidro to Dominical (right side just before Finca Ipe), but they didn't have it in bulk.  That's why we started to make our own VCO.  

do you know where to find virgin coconut oil


have you found a good source of virgin cococnut oil within costa rica? I am looking to get it in bulk but am having trouble finding some that is not heat treated





corn island

i remember my mother getting what seemed like the most pure coconut oil from a coconut grove on little corn island (Nicaraguan Carribean Island). I do not know the exact method for extraction but I will never forget the aroma and the coconut palms and very rustic atmosphere. I was only six years old then but I've been told they are still selling fresh coconut oil and products there. Its worth checking out. Little corn island is beautiful.


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