Why Does the U.S. Embassador Support an Unconstitutional Position? It's a Secret

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I believe the embracement by the U.S. executive branch of Zelaya is a mistake.  Clinton's going along with Obama on this one (albeit noncommitally) was no better.  This is her Colin Powell.  She should have resigned.

There are some people who recognize this absurdity.  For instance, take a look at Jim DeMint's recent report on his analysis of Honduras.

According to this report, DeMint asked the U.S. ambassador why he supported Zelaya.  Ambassador Hugo Llorens's answer?  Demint should read a (nonpublic) document by Howard Koh.  If DeMint is telling the truth about this conversation, ambassador Llorens should resign.  His responsibility is to represent the people of the United States, not a cabal of millionaire communist apologists with secret transnational plans.

So, who wrote this report about Honduras that Llorens found so compelling?  Another member of Obama's executive, Harold Koh.  According to one recent blog analysis, Koh is very involved in Honduras policy.   If you have any doubt about Mr. Koh's ability to think clearly, read his story about freedom and why he loves it. Unfortunately, although he is right about the importance of freedom, his story exposes his Achilles Heel.  Koh is still obsessed about a coup that happened decades ago in Asia, and because of his obsession, he's unable to focus on a different situation that touched his still unresolved psychohistorical complex.  Combined with Mr. Koh's apparent hatred for constitutional society (apparently he still believes in the ideal of the good dictator), as analyzed here by Ed Whelan, Mr. Koh has shown that he lacks the character to be involved in politics.  He should resign.  And while he is at it, he should resign from Yale Law School as well and go to Honduras and try to start a small business to help lift up the country the way America became great, by sweat and productive investment.

I hope Llorens, Obama, and Koh all go together and leave their U.S. citizenship at the border when they leave.

If they are too convinced of their own importance to take that advice, they should at least publish their secret manifesto, as recommended by DeMint.

It's time for a leak.


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the people stood and were slammed

It is a shame when a 3rd world country that is 3 from the bottom of the economy stand for freedom and is slammed by the USA.

My understanding is simple the Supreme Court of Honduras and the Congress of Honduras ordered the military to removie the stealing, murder sitting on the president chair. So they di, now most fold will not think that is a Military Coup.... very sad, we are starving children there

I am trying to open a red door kitchen to feed the kids,


If DeMint is telling the truth ...

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