Young, Well-Traveled, and rip

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Last year, two British kids biked through Central America, en route from the north pole to the south pole.  They made it the whole 180 degrees, but as you can read in the articles, they almost died several times.  You may enjoy reading an interview about that trip.

They had already climbed to the top of Everest at 19 years of age.

They were named Adventurers of the Year for 2008 by National Geographic.

One of them died this weekend, January 10, 2009, climbing in the French Alps (the other was also hiking on the same mountain, but on a different path).

Compared to some of the obstacles the young men overcame and did not overcome, it sounds like being in Central America was not the most difficult of all.

Last year they were biking through our countries of Central America, quite possibly riding right by on this road where we run every morning.


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