ahh the FAT GRINGO

Yep thats me, the fat gringo. of course bald I am not. hair down past the mid point of my back.

let me share with you what I have learned here about food. food from the states and food here.

when I lived in the u.s. about three years ago, I was huge, size 42 pants. I could tear a buffet up. The little chinese woman would come out and yell, you go now!! you been here four hours!!!

I could eat four times a day and then snack. and eat a lot of food each time. wendy's and mickey d's, taco bell you name it.

when I moved here the fast food places were in the city, so I ate whatever my wife cooked. rice, beans, fish, chicken, meat ect.

now over this three year time frame, I never tried to lose any weight at all, but I found that I was eating far less food and far fewer meals. now I eat once a day and I am full.

now when I go into the city for whatever, I started stopping at wendy's to have a little taste of home. all wendys and fast food chains must use the same meat and food as the rest in the u.s. and they ship it in here to all be the same.

now I would get there around 12 and eat at wendy's, then around 3 I would start to feel hungry again, and eat at mac d. then I would again eat at around 7pm at a sea food place I like.

the next day when I get home, I feel sick, and my body needs water. I feel weak and drained and don't do much at all.  so I feel their is a link in the u.s food, something they are putting in it, that makes you want to eat again and again. going from eating one meal and feeling full all day, to eating three to feel that way.

I am now in 34 pants, same size I was in high school.

here chicken is around 1.00 per pound, eggs are cheap, fresh fruits and veg, very cheap and grown right in this area, a huge bag of oranges 1.00. we have trucks that come up here and sell fresh sea food, like shrimp, 5.00 per lb, and these guys are huge! one is the size of my hand. back home we paid 10.00 a lb for small ones.



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What I eat and what I use too

micky d's  wendy's taco bell, cokes, twinkes,  GOD I might still kill a small child for a twinke...  anyway. what I found out is all that fast food no matter how much I ate, I was aways wanting more of it.  down here I eat rice, beans, chicken, steaks, fish. french fries, and find that I am full, I am not eating 4 times a day here, somedays I eat one meal and don't want anything more.

when I go into the city, I start thinking about american food, so I might hit the wendy's in town, then a few hours later, I'm hitting micky d's, then later I will eat at a food place in panama and then I am full.

the whole next day I feel ill, they are putting something in that food, something to make you want to eat again soon afterwards.

so I didn't try to cut down on the food, I just felt full and didn't want to eat, then it didn't take near as much to be full.

Welcome to the forum, Chris

Welcome to the forum, Chris and Mr. Kearney.  I hope Mark comes back.  His writing is a pleasure to read, he has a lot of good information for anyone moving down, and more specifically I'm interested to hear more about his experiences in Costa Rica and Panama to continue understanding his relative evaluation of the two countries.  

By the way, Chris, sorry the original "welcome" email from the site hadn't been updated.  I had to make some changes due to webspam, and because of that new users can't post blog or forum entries until I've manually reviewed the entries.  (It's nother personal.  We had an incident a few weeks ago where there were a bunch of posts to porn sites that immediately went on the front page so I decided to manually review new users.)  I've updated the welcome email now, and I hope it will be more clear to the future new users.  This site is still just 6 months young, so bear with me while we iron out the ongoing mysteries of website management.  Anything else that isn't working well, please just email me at contact@central-america-forum.com, and I'll work on it.  I certainly appreciate any feedback you might have.

I'd be interested to know

I'd be interested to know more about what you ate - does your wife cook with lots of vegetables? Are you eating a lot less processed starch? I'd guess there's less sugar, as American food is so sweet - even wholewheat bread is very sweet, like eating cake, compared to what I'm used to in Australia.


Unrelated comment: How can I post to a forum here? I just registered, and I get "You are not allowed to post new content in forum." I can't see any way to create a blog post either. Help appreciated!

AAHH the thin gringo

It seems you have changed your lifestyle for the better ! Congradulations !

I´m sure the food is good in some parts of Europe, but the prices I´m sure will not excite you.

Regarding the above comment, first of all you must know the differnces between each central american country, there are big differences, Costa Rica is lucky to be the one with the most choices in food, climate, areas, price range, etc

I can honestly state that Costa Rica cannot be compared to any other country in America (north, central and south) because of the wide range of positive factors that make it different than the other places such as the people, the climates, the prices, the opportunity, the green mountains and environement, the nature, etc etc

Now I´m sure ther will always be some people who don´t fit anywhere and prefer to live in Biafra, Nigeria or Afganistan.  


first of all it is good for you and for your life expectancy that you have changed your lifestyle.

now i do understand why you consider the poor food choices in supermarkets and in restaurants in central america sufficient in our discussions.

seriously: i recommend that you visit france or italy, then you know what food choice and food quality is. once you get used to this, you will never want to live without-why should you?

there are cheap developing countries where you can  find better choices than in central america: chile, argentina, bazil, thailand, malaysia, philippines





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