I don't know if I wrote about this before but I have been trying to put in a block company on my land here. I bought this property because it is zoned for commerical use.  well this property has been untouched for 70 years, by that I mean a home is on it and the gounds are neat and cut like a golf course for that long, but no commerical building has ever been on it.  well the lady across the street from me didn't like the idea that I was buidling something on this land, that along with the fact she doesn't like gringos.  

I was getting things rolling really good, then she had the mayor of the town that is over us, which she is having a affair with,  come and order me to stop.. well lawyers were called and back and forth in the end, the mayor's  term was up and a new one, which this one she wasn't having a affair with, yet....  takes over.  

now to back up a little she has a nice home but she went into her back yard which faces where I am building and she built four cabins to rent out a few years ago.

so now new people are in charge, and I go down and pay everyone a little grease money to get them to do their jobs. they still don't want to do it, but again my lawyer forces them too.. now I have my permits.. all is good..

last week I saw where she had a huge load of sand then a huge load of gravel dumped in her yard. then roof and metal 2 by 4's.. hummm could she be getting ready to build more cabins??

see all her finger pointing at my site lead to all the big wigs pulling out all the zoning maps trying to tell me my property was not zoned to build my company..  then they saw that all my land was zoned for it and her's was NOT.  so they told her the other day if she build another cabin she would be arrested.. plus the first cabins she built they could not find any permits at all that were suppose to be pull, and they said she didn't pull any because they would have been turned down. so right now they are adding up just how huge a fine she is going to have to pay, and maybe even tear down the cabins she built.

ahhhhh I'm trying very hard not to laugh..

no really I'm trying...  serious,,    ok I laughed a little  ok so I have been laughing for weeks..

I don't want to cause her any harm thou really I don't, I have gone out of my way to make sure that I do everything I can to not hurt her biz. or bother her,  I built a really pretty wall so that it would block her view of my buidling, I planted tons of bushes to block the wall as well, so she will have vines with white and red flowers to look at. I torn down the block machine and redid the motor set up so it wouldn't make as much noise. next I am boxing that motor in to make it  even more sound proof.  she only rents the cabins out on the weekends so we don't even run the machine then.  plus during the week we don't start till after 10 and shut it down at 4.

but again she doesn't care. I understood  all that didn't mean a thing to her,when just   the other day I was  running a power washer and she came over pissed off telling me it was giving her a headache..  lol..  score one for the gringo.....




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Where is this Block Company? What region are you in? What are your prices like

What ever happened to helping your neighbor?

So the lady doesn't like you. She swizzle stick-ed the proverbial political cesspool and now she's got the odoriferous end.

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. And you have a chance to go back for seconds.

Let her screw you. Let her have some revenge. Buy her soon to be condemned property next to that dusty, noisy block factory. Let her leave laughing and rolling in (deeply discounted) dough. Think of it as urban renewal.

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan,.."tear down that wall". Run off the tenants. Put your secretary in her house.


how sad

so, basically, she cut off her nose to spite her face.  Not what I would consider a typical Tica, at all.  what happened to the Pura Vida, I wonder?

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