Dreaming of Paradise? I'm looking to Share my Costa Rica Lifestyle!

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“If you don’t see what you want, ask for it!” We’ve all heard that expression. Well I’ve taken it to heart and I’m doing just that. I want love - romantic love - and I am asking for it. Friends, family, strangers... I ask anybody and everybody. It’s posted all over Facebook. I know exactly, specifically what I want and I’ve made a web page with my request: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/dreaming-of-paradise-in-costa-r.... Already I’ve received a positive response:

“You are looking for something very noble and important for every human being.”
“What a great way to explain in detail, yet simply saying ‘Hello, this is me!’”
“Few people have the ability to express their fears and prejudices wholeheartedly - bravo!”
“You’ve conveyed just what I want, but I am not as brave as you to ask for it, good luck!”

That last comment is typical of the comments I have received in response to my move to Costa Rica five years ago. I did something others dream of - I dropped everything and made a new life for myself in a tropical paradise. Since that time my writing has been inspiring others to follow their hearts, as well.
I believe we all can and should have what we want. And it’s OK to ask. The days of admiration for self sacrifice and martyrdom (which often results in unhappy, grumpy people) are coming to an end. When we have what we want / do what we want, it makes us happy and gives life meaning. Happy fulfilled people have more to give to others, which makes the world a better place.

My life is a proud living example. Through belief in myself and positive thinking I have created most everything I have ever wanted. Only one thing is missing but as I ask for it I know it is on the way. Yes, many people want the very same thing as I do but are afraid to put themselves out there, on the line, for all to see their vulnerabilities. Not me. I am asking for what I want and when I get it I will use that experience to show the world they can have it, too.



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