WOW what a year, BP oil spill now the plants in japan. I pray for us all. I was looking at some air flow maps and it looks like most of it is covering the whole u.s. this is a great site that shows you if you dare to look at it. Norwegian Institute for Air Research static and dynamic maps show radiation contamination across the Northern Hemisphere with estimates of potential releases, increasing daily. Access them through the following link: Now I don't know much about this maybe one of you know about it and can post something. but from what I see it looks like we are to far down to be in the line of it. Of course I am not saying we won't get this, we will but not just in our face day after day. how do you fight something you can't see, taste, or smell? over one million people died during, and years after russia lost one. and some are saying this is a 100 times worse. 100 million 600 million? in the next 10 years, who knows. I wrote my mother and told her not to drink any milk or by products of it, she replied that the major store she shops at was having a huge sale on milk, she bought one and said she had not opened it yet, and then she got my letter, then she told me they had a story on it on the news asking people to dump it. humm.

This is from Veterans Today Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition
(San Francisco) – Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

This from Arizona radiation regulatory agency Levels Of Radioactive Iodine In Phoenix Arizona Milk Samples At Levels Up To 1600% Above EPA Drinking Water Limit.
those contamination levels of radiation do not even include Caesium or other radioactive isotopes which were not even reported in the Arizona tests.

All across the u.s. they are showing high levels. now if it's already in the milk, then it's in the rain, which will water your ground and your gardens making everything poison. Now to what degree that will be and at what point will it hurt you I have no idea.

I wrote a blog a while back not sure if it's on here or some other one, about forget gold and oil, water will be the next big thing. all surface water will be contaminated. deep underground water sources should be ok because they say the ground will filter in out.

Two points here, first if you want to see how to make money, watch the people who have it.T Boone Picket I think that's spelled right, rich oil man has bought hundreds of acres of land in TX. not for oil, but for the water, which he is now pumping and selling, he states he thinks he'll make a billion off of it.

george bush. bought 100,000 acres of land in northern paraguay,I also found it appalling that American tax dollars are reportedly being used to pay for the large contingent (approximately 500) of American troops who have been preparing that Paraguayian ranch land since July 2005. now people can only guess why he did this, he's no rancher, many people say he is scare of cows!!! some say that he is ready to move there in case we try to charge him with war crimes. that is kind of hard for me to think about, first why would paraguay protect a person wanted for war crimes? maybe they will. but that doesn't add up. and if that's it then why 100k acres? I think T Boone beat em to the water in TX. so he found another source in Northern Paraguay.

so now what is safe to eat and what is not, or does it matter due to the fact your getting it from the air? I really don't know, I know some of this stuff gets weaker as time goes on and some of it never does.

I'm just a dad with two little ones who drink a half a gal. of milk everyday. Living in panama and not sure how many things that are shipped into here are checked for this stuff. I mean their going to ship their goods some place and I'm sure it won't have a huge sticker on the package saying hand grown in japan. cancer rates are going to fly out the roof and the sad part is we won't see it for 6 to 10 years.

A total of 547 births in Fallujah General Hospital showed that 15% of babies born in May had massive birth defects, compared to the world average of 2-3%, according to the study, and the rates rose sharply in the first half of 2010. Why is this? they say it's because of all the D.U. weapons we fired over there. potentially from the residues of munitions used by American armed forces on the city in 2004.
D.U. BULLETS,,, Depleted uranium, there is nothing depleted about it, it is still hot nuclear waste. and we left 75 tons of it in Iraq

I ask what have the evil amongst us done to our world, and why the good people of this earth stand by and allow them to do it? Don't you understand that your money can't protect you from this?

thank you all for letting me vent this out here. god bless us all.



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REad this discussion with

REad this discussion with interest. and agree with most of what's said, but do think we have to look at ourselves as well. When I was still living in Arizona I noticed the propaganda start up about how safe nuclear power is. Well, it always is, isn't it until the next totally unforeseen disaster. Why do we need more and more energy? Two things are most obvious to me. 1. Overpopulation, way way too many people already. 2. Greed and stupidity. I totally agree about the corporations, they will finish by destroying the planet, but we allow them to. I lived in Phoenix Arizona for 20 years. I never used a clothes dryer. In summer the laundry dried so fast that by the time I had hung out the last piece the first one was already dry. There are over a million people in the valley and virtually nobody hung out their laundry summer or winter. In fact all the HOAs in the valley banned it. What sort of insanity is this? Imagine the energy savings on a hot day without all those driers going as well as all the air conditioners. I made many attempts to get discussions going on this subject, to no avail, because Americans care about looking good above all else and in their minds hanging your laundry out to dry does not look good. False values, just one small example, but it shows what happens when common sense is sacrificed for looking good at all costs. Selfish corporations are able to take over because they appear to give us what we think we want, at least at first, more and more stuff. And of course, most people are 'only doing it for their families' so that can't be bad. Nobody ever seems to ask, should I be even having a family right now? All the animals are dying because we are taking all their habitat. We are spreading across the planet like some insane virus that is multiplying beyond the capacity of its host to support it. When that happens with a disease the organism dies and so does the virus. that is what we are doing, except our host, the planet won't die, but we might well wipe ourselves out as a species.


depends on who you hang out with, the truth is no matter what part of the world your sitting in. if you want to stick your head in the sand and repeat all is well, then go for it. It's like being on deck of the titanic, you can sit in with the band for the last four songs and pretend all is well, or try at least to do something to change your out come, just being up beat isn't going to get it done. When your a father of two little ones you tend to try to find out all you can and try to make the right choices for them, being happy go lucky and let come what may isn't cutting it in my book.

some time?

what I have found is he bought it in nov 2006. why I'm not sure, for the water under it, or maybe your right a place to run and hide..

the drift of death

Your report along with others I have read recently paints a frightening picture. Those of us who have moved south to escape the insanity of industrialization and greed are shown there isn't an escape. I agree with your assessment on the value of water. The property I own in the U.S., Mexico and Belize all sit atop large deep aquifers. For my family that's good (at least for now), but I am worried about the future for all our children in a world where international corporations pursue profits unchecked and humanity pays the price. Thank you for the air research maps. Good luck in caring for your family.

personal feelings and being a peace maker

It is so discouraging to read something like the above. I am pretty sure that everyone over the age of thirty or those who are readers will have a good handle on the issues of plutonium, uranium, strontium 90, tectonics, avarice, pride, ego and even having a good idea of where to look for Mr. Gault. When I expatriate to somewhere like Panama, I am hoping to find peace loving people who aren't grinding their personal axes or storing up wood chips at the expense of others with somewhat other ideas and views of reality. While I don't disagree with what you wrote, I am sorrowed at the obvious antagonistic spirit that I hope to avoid. There is no reason for using lower case in typing a proper name other than base self indulgence. This might be seen as a get well card and best wishes for a peaceful life within and among others.

It's not over.

I read your post and there are a few things you should know. Bush has owned that land in South America for quite some time. Speculating on what he knew and when he knew it probably should be limited to 9/11. Personally, I'd be happy if he made a run for it to South America. He'd find himself on a pretty cushy compound, but I wouldn't recommend he wander off, too many people from Europe and the middle east would like a word with him.. If he goes into hiding, I'd be very happy. Living out the rest of his days in total paranoia couldn't happen to a worse guy. The radiation will be a factor in the US for at least another generation perhaps more. South America is about to become very wealthy as supplier to the world in agricultural products. In a way that's too bad because that means the corporations will own it inside five years and the people will get nothing or screwed even worse. Look for human rights, something that's just beginning to catch on and be demanded, to degrade as corporate government takes hold. Remember what Germany really was, a social democratic society run by business and bankers. It was the industrial complex merged with the military. It means only one thing to the people. Go along with it or become a disposable enemy of the state. The question of if South American countries can resist corporate take over is moot. They can't. Even if all politicians and officials were of good will, they can be usurped by the powers of destabilization and terror. Those are the tools of the corporatists and colonialism is their goal. Thanks to the nuclear misery in Japan, South America has become the prime target for corporate greed. Bring as many people of good will to South America as you can influence. Tell them to bring their knowledge and be willing to work. Opportunities are astounding. And for a while, Americans are most welcome. If you live in SA, you already know that the average American can create an amazingly good life on comparatively little. We can create good paying jobs and increase skill levels. We can make education a real and well paid priority. We can do a lot of things if we start doing them before any true corporate take over. South Americans need good individuals, not corporate slavery. And North Americans can experience a higher and more rewarding standard of living if they are willing to share that standard with South Americans. It's not about retirement compounds, it's about bringing what you know and giving of yourself freely.. What's better than that?.

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