Hello everyone, I hope that all is going well in your part of the world.. well maybe it isn't due to the fact that you have found and spend time reading this web site.. what's that mean? it means your looking into a change of life. for whatever reason.. maybe the u.s. crime is getting out of hand, or the government. maybe your bored and need a last ditch ring around to make you feel alive. maybe your tired of your damn kids, yes you love them, but you handed them the best years of your life and now it's time for you damn it.

well today I woke at around 12 pm. had a little something to eat, laid in the hammock and watched and smelled it rain for a hour, watched birds zipping here and there and yes watched the grass grow.. ahhhhh stressful life today. thursday I'll play poker with the boy's smoke to much and for sure drink far more.. then fri. it's off to the beach to soak in some rays, and to check out my wifes fine ass.. ahhh yes.. what a life.

life here is what you make it. slow or fast paced.

I don't want to get into a fight on here, well maybe I do, but I can't stand someone standing on the soap box telling you all about this wonderful life,, and how your life will change, if only you would spend 2,330.00 on my week in bla bla... that's right 6 nights and 4 days, well one day your own your own.. to change your freaking life. that's right pay me so I can live mine... I'll take you around the country and show you some set up bull shiiiiii and have lunch.. fun time for all.. just come on down. I need your money.. change your life.. feel good about yourself. for once. you loser... let me show you things you have only dreamed of... like SAND.. OCEAN WATER.. BUSHES.. and yes for this limited time I'll even throw in two guys that will rob your ass of everything you have left.... lol. sorry..

yes I am sorry.. I am sorry that you feel the need to pay someone to show you a country. the need to pay 3k for something you can do on your own... or maybe you can't... if not don't delay change your whole life today, by sending 14.99 plus postage and handling to change your sorry life....

hehehehh I think I just started a fight... well ok... won't be my first on here, nor the last unless peter gets tired of my crap and bars me from posting anything new...

speaking of new I ran into a video today that IS A MUST SHARE.. people ask me all the time.. 802MARK, your so damn smart and gooddddd looking will you take my wife out tonight for drinks and dinner/?/ o sorry wrong blog... anyway people ask me all the time 802MARK how is panama????? can I live there on 1,200.87 per month? I was told I can get a visa in 60 to 90 days is that true?

lol.... check out this video THIS IS HOW IT IS HERE.. ready.. don't be shy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXWZ3uAEKsw watch that. that sums it all up and trust me as soon as I can find a email for the president I'm going to send it to his ass,,, of course I might be moving out of panama to some other country aftet I do,, but hey I know a hot chick that might give me a discount and change my life....... yeah baby!!!

all the above was meant with much love, only in fun please do not get pissed off and write me a long letter telling me what a asshole I am. I already know.. so what about that discount????



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yup, the video is funny. I'm sad and I know that I agree with what you posted, but still I'd like to think that Panama is a beautiful country worth seeing.


What you say ("get out now while you can") may be true, or not.  Apparently you believe that gangsters will increasingly dominate American governement, business, and social relations.  Take a look at people like Bachmann (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304259304576375491103635726.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop) and others, and you can see that there are millions of Americans who are acknowledging and understanding the issues.  While the US social and business climate in some ways has deteriorated on a relative basis, on the other hand just as your video (in Spanish, not English) shows, there are also major problems with social and business issues elsewhere in the world.

peter u tha man

thanks peter,,, I knew when you were born your whole family said HOLY SHIT.... but your mother was right, you got a huge heart, and she NEVER gave up on you. thank god she was drinking at the time,. what the rest of us would have lost'' if she hadn't/// well I played poker tongiht, got really drunk and lost. . I don't know what happen but I lost... yep and I am so happy... because I spent the night with friends. we had a ball. I TRIED to talk to two women at the bar but they never said hello to me. I think they were lovers, which is cool, hell I am a lisben I know I spelled that wrong,, any lisben's out there feel free to email mail me some nude photos of your self and then corrert my bad spelling. well I am so happy people get a kick out of my post, they are only for fun or not depends on how tight your underware is.. what happen to the woman that fought with me for 3 months about her husband,,, she was fun,, wrong but fun.... that should get her.. lol.... anyway you people need to post some stuff so we all can learn something. ask a question, post a statement, post your nude photo's to my email only ,, peter;s wife gets pissed off fast,... ricobreeze@aol.com post to me first,, women only,, all men to peter, If your ugly I'll post anyway ````````` thanks to peter for giving all of us a chance to post to learn and to help others... to me as a american, I can only say get out now while you can... it's coming....... love everyone and god bless you and your family, and just in case god is busy buy a 9mm handgun and learn how to shoot it.


Hi Mark, that's a hilarious video.  If anything, I'd start paying you to write more, not kick you off... but then you'd have to kill yourself for making money educating others instead of paying their tuition payments in the school of hard knocks.

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