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Hello Readers and Friends,
        As you may know, I have been in the United States for a month. Most of my time has been spent in a little chunk of suburbia penned in by a maze of massive highways on the East Coast Megalopolis. I have two more weeks until I'm back home in paradise. My time here has confirmed the two most important things I just said in the previous sentence: "back home" and "in paradise".
        When I first moved to Costa Rica people often asked me if I intended to stay there always. "Always - that's a long time." I would reply. "I'm here now, that's all I know." The idea of home takes a while to develop; getting your bearings, making friends, learning about the area, accepting the bad with the good and finding your own little niche. I'm coming on four years of Caribbean life and I now finally, freely call it home. Will I always live there? Always is a long time...
        I call Puerto Viejo paradise, though there are those who would argue it. That is where accepting the bad with the good comes in. My contention is that paradise is not perfect - nor is it supposed to be. On the subject of perfection, I always think of the Persian rug weavers who intentionally insert a mistake into every rug. They do this in homage to God, who is the only true perfection. In spite of the odorous garbage sometimes intermingling with the fresh floral fragrances in the air and the recurrent obligation to pay attention to keep your stuff safe, to me, the Caribe Sur is paradise.
        Two years ago, the last time I was in the United States, I was unsure if I would be able to go back to Costa Rica. Adjusting to a new world and finding a way to support myself was a challenge. As you may know, I've had to reinvent myself more than once. I am exceedingly pleased to tell you that this time there is no doubt as to my return and I know just what I am going to do. Creating the life you want to live can be a trial and error process. It was for me, although there were really no errors, just learning experiences. All along my dream had been to be able to live in "paradise" and do work that would benefit others. I sincerely believe that the new program I have designed in association with my guide service, "Change Your Life in Costa Rica," will fill that bill. I am anxious to share with others, what I have learned about following and realizing one's dreams.
        So here is where you come in. I am currently beginning a campaign to let people know this program is available. I have been told that four million people per year come to Costa Rica. Some of them may be interested in what I have to offer. If you know anyone who might, please send them a link to my home page. And if you have any leads for me, if you know of a forum or web site or business or anywhere else that I might post a notice, please let me know. My readers have always been there to support me: with consolation when my camera was stolen, encouragement when my car broke down, advice on the presentation of my book in paperback and insightful comments on my stories. I know you'll have lots of great ideas for me now, too. So in advance, muchisimas gracias!
        As for my writing, there's something brewing in my head from all the cultural clash I've been feeling since I've been in the "civilized world." When it comes to a boil and bursts out of my brain I'll begin writing about it, so you'll hear from me again soon.

As they say in my little home town, Jah Bless.
Su Amiga,



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Love what you're sharing

Thank you so much. Send me an email or better yet, come visit to the Hidden Jungle Beach House if you get down to Costa Rica!

love what you're sharing

Hi Lisa, I'm new in the forum but found your writings cool and true. Will follow your blogs.


You're cute. Thanks for the compliments. You can follow my adventures by looking at my website and my two blogs. They are listed below.

marry me

Just kidding, although you are a very attractive woman with a wonderful spirit of adventure......would love to get your take on Honduras if you have any experience there. Would also love to follow your adventures...how woud I best go about that. Keep me posted beautiful, Jim


I'm still very alive and well and writing on my web site, plus two blogs. All you have to do is check there!

had wondered what happened

Press on

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