HEY peter I was just reading your cutter ant post!!!

I just read that and one part hit me as funny where you wrote about trying to dug them up to find the queen. maybe so if they had not been there but a very very short time. I have a lot down the road which is around 7000 meters, and cutter ants in 4 lines going from end to end bring back all kinds of flower and leaves, I followed them back to the hole they were going down and declared WAR!!!! I thought hum I'll burn em out.. I filled a 5 gal gas can and poured it down the hole. yep I did... lol I poured a small line of gas far back away from it and threw the match.. boom!!! yeah baby take that.. next day I went back and the same lines were going about their everyday life, but going down another hole not far from the first one. hummm so I did this again. and again and again. I have yet to see that I have made a dent on these guys.

searching the net one day I came across this little video and after you watch it you'll understand why I was laughing at your idea to dig the queen out and of course at myself for wasting 20 or so gals of gas!!! lol check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozkBd2p2piU



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It depends, some countries have it at any local store and some countries don't. just ask for something to kill cutter ants and they will have something that will work.. If I could find grits like down south I could kill them all without any side a facts. grits are dry but after any pest eats them and it hits water in their system it swells up like 5 times it's size killing whatever ate it... just for fun last week I saw a huge line coming across my bridge and up into a tree, must have been a million of them. the bridge crosses a fast moving stream of water so for fun I set up a leaf blower in the middle of the bridge which blew them as them marched pasted it, into the water below, before I knew it I had a lot of small fish waiting for them to hit the water don't know how many I killed but I like it run all day. lol yes I am bored out of my mind... rofl.

PLEASE - Where Do You Buy Mirex

PLEASE - Where Do You Buy Mirex Thanks!

original post

Yes, as I mentioned in the original post about leaf cutter ants that is also what I did sometimes.  The post you are looking at presently is Mark's blog reply to my original post.  Mirex is quite effective; unfortunately it does not degrade over time.  Most modern pesticides have a half-life of a week to a month and therefore are not a long-term serious contaminant.  Mirex is there forever, I believe, like lead or DDT.

You seem to be doing things

You seem to be doing things the hard way. In Nic. we buy a small package of bait called Mirex and put it on the trails and by the nest. The ants take it inside and it kills the whole nest.


Absolutely incredible!


I don't know if that's the same kind of ant or not, but it is pretty mindblowing to see that.  I certainly felt like it was about that intimidating when I was working on it.  No matter how much of the area was destroyed by hand, the ants came back.  

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