Internet Vulgarians who live in Central America

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There seems to be a class of people who have bottomed out in decency and etiquette, or much of anything else that demonstrates a quality person of high moral fiber. They live in some of these Central American forums on the internet, gossiping about other people's lives, experiencing some form of bizarre pleasure by living through osmosis, examining the lives of their "victims." They are people who do not even know the "victims" or the impact they could have on their lives, through spreading unfounded claims against these people. They exist as internet "bullies" in groups of others who share the same core weaknesses, most likely because of some void in their lives, or adolescent boredom.

I thought I'd mention this because I was thinking of Peter Christopher's child today, and my own children who are already adults, and wondering one day if his daughter will realize that these disgusting people are in the vast minority. I wonder if she will read some of the sheer nonsense that has been posted about him and realize that decent people do not rumor monger, and that most decent people wouldn't be caught dead contributing to attempts to destroy a young man's reputation. I pictured my own children reading some of the nasty comments that have been made about him, and I wondered what harm that would bring to a young child's psyche.

As a mother, this bothered me. I found some cruel things that had been done to young children through other adult cyberbullies on the internet and was reminded of how sick some people are. I thought this video was appropriate to demonstrate how vulgar this behavior is:

While I feel Peter has demonstrated remarkable strength and self confidence in dealing with these disgusting people (who seem to care less about his child) one never knows what effects this type of shrewish gossip could have on a young child who may happen upon it later on the internet as she matures. It never ceases to amaze me that none of these people who so willingly contributed to the hate mongering, never even gave one adult thought to what effect this could have on this child later on. And these are people who claim to have a sense of "decency." And that adult women found so much enjoyment in this amazes me. I pray that these same women never bear children, because as a mother I have to say they lack the compassion and wholesomeness to raise children, and certainly the ability to make mature decisions. And maybe, in some cases, they are childless because deep inside they realize they lack the qualities it takes to be a decent mother. How utterly tragic that is! But how kind for any potential offspring they could have produced.

I posted this because I wanted these people to feel a sense of shame. I wanted them to see how low a person can go. I wanted them to see that when they send little private messages about people to complete strangers who don't even know the person in question, that some of us see the truth and realize what type of scumbags there are in this world. Scumbags that don't even consider that their disgusting little perverse and weak needs to hurt one person may have potential to hurt another...innocent children. And if by chance Peter's daughter ever reads this garbage, I wanted her to know that there are many people who would call these people weak and explain to her that they are wrong and should have a sense of shame.

And I hope others will read this and add their positive comments for Peter's daughter to read one day too. I hope all the people who told me he was innocent, and who emailed me telling me about the disgusting people who perpetuated this will let his daughter know that there are more good people in the world than bad. I invite you to tell his daughter, in case she reads this one day, that good people do exist in the world. That we are disgusted by the people who have been so desperate for whatever reasons to continue these unfounded lies about his character. Because, the people who did this have a sickness and a complete lack of character and forethought.



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FYL's facade

FYL is nothing but a mouthpiece for a socialist platform handed to him by others. Peter, I know we disagree politically, but I'm a lifelong socialist (quite extreme in many areas of thought) and even I don't buy FYL's pseudo-socialist rhetoric. Anyone who is honest about their political views isn't 100% party rhetoric, they waiver in some areas. FYL's dialogue doesn't waiver from the platform Ortega is trying to sell, however his behavior does. And that says it all. He studied under nothing! He is parroting what others want him to say to hold onto what he has. In all honesty, I don't think the man has any idea at all about what he speaks of, and I'm convinced he is programmed to say key things. Because the rest of his conversation hedges on supremely stupid, when he isn't spewing the Ortega doctrine.

His capitalistic ventures: Cool Top and his privately censored web site, not to mention his Linux Gazette venture demonstrate more capitalism than the socialist rhetoric he spews. His lack of humanitarian understanding is similar to those of people like Bernie Madoff. The way he exploits young girls, his need to censor anyone who disagrees with him, the way he handled the takeover of the Linux Gazette, his advertising and marketing for Cool Top - all of it is contrary to the b.s. he spews for the Sandinistas, if you study it to any degree. When I first saw his posts, I was somewhat impressed that someone had some rather progressive ideas that I agreed with. I didn't expect that, but as it went on and I saw how extreme his ideas were (hairbrained even), I realized he was spewing someone else's agenda. It was too much, over the top, and it became obvious to me that he was about as polarized from what he put out there as he was unconcerned about humanity in general.

This was my first question about him...why would he create something like Cool Top, which is nothing more than a pseudo-ecological approach to hospitality management, created in modern, Asian-style dome huts? I asked why a man with his supposed ideals would conduct himself like a marriage facilitator for under-aged girls to meet decrepit old men by posting his vulgar "friendship photos" with little girls, online. And finally, his "humanitarian" views of refugees and asylum issues as "boring to him" convinced me he is a phony. And that's when I realized he was not who he represents himself as. He represents nothing but Phil Hughes and the Sandinistas he pays protection money to. And that is why his site is 100% coordinated, and why it is also highly censored. That's why he chose Nicareal for his sidekick. The guy never dares to disagree with FYL or his ideas, and that is planned. And it is also why Nicareal and el Borracho tend to drive off anyone with progressive thought. They need the simpletons who buy their b.s. or the radicals who oppose it politely. What they don't want is a person who actually THINKS and formulates their own conclusions. And for that, they are allowed to post what ever they want there, and they are defended when they inadvertently post some of the most weak minded examples of what most human beings find vulgar.

AFAIK they have diverse educational backgrounds

I think the people at NL have diverse educational backgrounds and levels of knowledge.  Like most expats, of course, they have never fit in properly anywhere, and are anxious to be more appreciated, which, as long as they are providing cash flow, is a sense to which the locals generally allow them to have.  As for this John, who, my hunch is, really is named John, I don't know.  I think he's somewhat disturbed as you suggest for engaging in the anti-social behavior that is at once just copy-cat of what he hears from others who similarly don't know what they are talking about, and also just typical aggression.  Frankly, for all his factual errors and rhetorical meanness, I still think he's not as bad as those like Phil Hughes, Sherif El-Dibani, and Jon Berger who know for a fact that what they present are lies and yet initiated then added to their character attack in an attempt to increase their profits at the expense of others.  John is probably too timid to continue posting here for fear of what Kelly will think of him. On the other hand, even if he does, even if continues posting in the same broken-record way, it still does not offend civil society as much as those who "contribute" to nicaliving, even on unrelated topics, by which they contribute to the false legitimacy of the libelous, inaccurate, censoring "publication" as a source of "information".

Did I hear you say you think "Pete" is Fyl?  That thought never entered my mind, but you never know.  Fyl definitely studied enough background of communist tactics and journalism and has a lot of experience with attempting to create a sense of commonly-accepted knowledge using groupthink initiated and controlled by just a few people who as he knows have to always appear to be 100% independent even though they are the exact opposite, 100% coordinated.

Trying to rationalize the anger a thought occurred

From the tone and level of the writing, I'm assuming many of the people at Nica Living are working stiffs, no? People who appear to lack any formal education?

And from what I've read of you, there was some mention of at least graduate studies if not more? Could it be that there is a bit of educational envy, because these people haven't inspired themselves to seek something more in their youth, academically?

I think John P. Stafford tried to downplay your education in one of the posts, or at least the institution, and it has been my experience that those who never had the opportunity to attend any formal education in the U.S., seem to personalize this and make those types of statements. Many of them assume that if you've obtained some level of advanced credentials you may be a threat. Is some of that playing into John's responses?

He doesn't come across as one exposed to any type of logic, or social acumen. And that may explain everything! If he pursued a career instead of an education at that turning point in his life, he may have a bit of envy over your wordsmithing abilities. Clearly, his lack of understanding things like context and syntax could be from a certain naivety, or lack of exposure. Even the linear way he argues seems to demonstrate a man who has never been exposed to debate on any meaningful level.

If in his career, he had been a farmer, or a mechanic, or some type of tradesman this might explain things. He seems to have a knack for working on cars, so I wonder....

And it would explain some of the odd animosity he has for both of us.

Anyone who has watched a political campaign could see through

these efforts to smear your character. John P. Stafford uses timeworn tactics that every amateur politician has used for at least decades, if not lifetimes. He takes an innocent statement you make, pulls out what he thinks is the most depradatory language (completely out of context) and runs with it like a political smear campaign. It's just ONE example of how low people will sink when they have no facts to back their case. But it has the transparency of Saran Wrap to anyone with two brain cells. He's not the first one on the internet to hang himself with this type of fabrication, nor will he be the last. It's classic!

That he is dead set on smearing you makes me wonder if his name is indeed real, or if it is another form of the "Pete" he used on Nica Living, instead of posting as Phil Hughes. No one sane could have this much animosity against a complete stranger. So a logical mind concludes this person has something very personal with you, and the only person who seems to have those issues would appear to be Phil Hughes, from what I've read.

He claims he met you once, and adds that you wouldn't recall him. If he hated you as much as he demonstrates, a logical person would assume you would have remembered him clearly, had he indeed met you at all. I know I recall any people I've met who couldn't stand me. He's full of b.s.!

As I said, many people referred me to numerous posts by you, against you, and with everything to do with you, when they were saying I was you. And I insisted I had no interest in someone named Peter Christopher. But I finally decided what the hell, and I think this was their most laughable mistake. They were so sure I'd be completely turned off by you, when I saw through the jargon and realized I liked you because you demonstrated the characteristics of a man with conviction and honesty. And I didn't see that in their posts.

What I did see was enough spineless, group-think mentality folks who seemed to have some deep rooted issues, all of whom were defending a man who demonstrated the WORST character I'd seen in some time...FYL. And I kept saying to myself, if FYL were in the U.S., he'd be housed in some penal institution for child molestation, most likely in a protective custody environment, because bragging about playiing touchy-feely with little girls isn't considered admirable anywhere outside of SJDS. Apparently, there, people overlook such disgusting behavior and focus on a young man dating a woman near his age instead.

Or maybe they fear FYL for some reason. Could it be that he feels protected from everyone because he pays off the Sandinistas? Does this buy the right to destroy another person's life too? It would make sense that a child molester would feel this is acceptable, but his supporters seem to accept this too? So I concluded that these were some VERY SICK PEOPLE! What type of mob mentality focuses on a young man over an old geezer trying to exploit numerous young girls? Maybe the type that uses his influence and pays to keep their businesses operating, the same way? Maybe the type who are in places like Nicaragua to exploit the people there? Because it is not human nature to high five an aging child molester and then call a young man who dates a young woman something evil. It doesn't stand with any logic.

And that this moron is so insistent about smearing you makes me wonder even more. He seems to need people to believe you are a horrible person. Why? How does this enhance his life? Why not do the same to Phil Hughes? I think it is obvious what is going on!

It is a delight to have met you, because it isn't often I meet a person who has the moral fiber to laugh at those who demonstrate how disturbed they are. Having been a person stalked by cyberbullies, I recognized what was happening with you right away. It's so obvious to anyone who has ever been treated this way. And that is why John P. Stafford is working overtime to continue with this facade.

after five years of stalking me, these people still won't learn

Hi LaFoca, 

After five years of stalking me, these people who as you say are united in their envy are still as confused about basic facts as they ever were.

For instance, they claim that I was a failure in Nicaragua (presumably they mean by assuming that I lost money in my business transactions there).  In fact, the reality is that on the whole - and in the period in which I wrote and posted critical commentary on the Nicaraguan cultural/business conundrum, I did not lose money there - unlike most foreigners including other Latins who lost some of what they had, or everything they had, or more than what they had.  In my original project, which was a 300+ acre farm that was in rough shape when I bought it (see pictures of the farm in the "Photo Tours" from I made substantial improvements that contributed to the productivity of the farm and allowed the land to be sold at a profit on a gross basis.  Even though I made some mistakes in the land purchase, even though I invested substantially in improvements, even though I was violently assaulted by locals during the time the property was listed for sale (and obviously that severely reduces what can be earned because everyone in Nicaragua knew the property had been the location of a brutal assault) - still, I did *not* lose money on a net dollar basis even after subtracting all my expenses including my living expenses.

For instance, they claim that my business model was flawed.  John repeats a business model that was not mine.  My original plan for the entire project is still posted online, and a careful investigation of the website would allow a person to download my actual proposed business model to verify it differed from John's proposal to the point of being completely unrelated, in fact incompatible.   As it turns out, the actual businesses I had were somewhat different from the plan, primarily because I learned that foreigners were unable to adjust to the reality of Nicaragua and decided to focus on working with locals as a trial.  I ran the following businesses on a small scale, profitably on a gross basis: construction, revitalization of agricultural land, grazing management, and coffee sold unprocessed (bulk - uva), hand-processed and sun-dried (bulk - pergamino), and also as a custom-roasted Abundance Farm label to customers locally and in the USA.  I also produced and sold hundreds/thousands of quintales of basic grains ranging from corn to beans, sorghum, yucca, soil-management seedstock for mucuna pruriens, fields of tomatoes, peppers, summer and winter squash, all of these latter operations, however, were at a loss no matter how it is calculated -- unless it is calculated in terms of providing jobs dozens for unemployed people of all ages and genders when they asked for it, employment where they were held accountable for the quality of their work, paid appropriately in proportion to their productivity, and given the opportunity to interact with people of another country working together on actual productive work.

The failure of these armchair experts to learn the facts about my time in Nicaragua shows that despite their obsessive stalking they failed to gather even the information available from the comfort of their own air conditioned, generator-powered offices inside the gates of their compounds.  Neither have they found the documents online, nor even taken the initiative to dial my U.S. number listed on my website to ask for more details.  Yet they confidently jump to conclusions based on misinformation from a smear campaign and post their "conclusions" and rude insults publicly.  How could people who failed even to find publicly available facts still published on the internet in their own language be expected to leave their SUVs for long enough to talk to local people who only betray the truth indirectly, in an obscure dialect, of a foreign language, about the reality of more complex issues?

Maybe we should give credit where credit is due to John for being willing to engage with what appears to be a real first name in an uncensored forum?  But overall our expectations of them are too high.  Apparently we are too naive.


Cheap shots and reading in context

From John P. Stafford's post, I would like to bring up a trick used by people like him. Removing the context of a person's statement by posting random words, in an effort to make them appear as if they mean one thing, when they mean an entirely different thing.

Explains context, for those who aren't familiar with the term....John Stafford?????????

It says:

"For example, read the following sentence: "Don't think of words as separate, discrete items, or entities." What is the meaning of the word entities? The definition is right there - separate, discrete items. But what is the meaning of discrete? The meaning of that word is right there too--separate.

When in doubt about the meaning of an unfamiliar word, look around in the sentence; check to see if there is a definition or synonym clue to help you unlock meaning.

Another kind of context clue (in addition to definitions and synonyms embedded in sentences) is a word or words of opposite meaning (antonym) set somewhere near a word that is unfamiliar. If you find a word or words of opposite meaning and you recognize it or them, you are "home free." You can unlock the meaning of the unfamiliar word.

For example, read the following sentence: "I was not exactly enamored of the travel plans my agent made for me; my lack of enthusiasm was triggered by the eight-hour layover required between flights." What is the meaning of the word enamored? You can use the context of the sentence to reason in this way: Enamored of means just the opposite of lacking in enthusiasm for."

Internet vulgarians use this practice regularly to make a point. It goes along with my point about having a complete lack of character. Context clues - words and phrases in a sentence which help reason out the meaning - are regularly changed or removed with these disgusting people. Either they are too stupid to realize people see through their efforts, or they actually are so dull that they refuse to realize that most people find their behavior vulgar, when exposed.

John P. Stafford, which one is it for you? Is your academic history void of the basic teachings of semantics, context, and other language indicators that demonstrate meaning? If so, then will you please take a basic English class, so you learn how to read to ascertain what is being written? If you really are this naive, then here is a site for you:

It teaches:

* Writing
* Research
* Grammar and Mechanics
* Style Guides
* ESL (English as a Second Language)

for people who haven't mastered the basics.

Read your links and you are STILL lying

He says nowhere in those links that Nicaraguans are "liars and thieves!" Again, you are imposing your own words upon him. What he says is the truth...and I'll add to that with MANY Central American countries as will my Central American husband and anyone else who is comfortable enough within the culture to be honest. Now quote me, okay?????


NOTICE I DID NOT SAY THEY WERE "LIARS AND THIEVES!" But I did say they have corrupt business practices. And that was EXACTLY what Peter said, but again, YOU tried to change it:

"Nicaragua is a big scam. The supposedly pleasant culture is only pleasant as long as you are paying them. The work ethic is a stealing ethic. And if they have their way, the politicians will make it an even bigger scam, taking more of your property, whether you are a US citizen or just a non-party-line Nicaraguan."

Only a man who was at one with the culture would have the balls enough to be honest about its downfalls! You xenophobic types feign love of Latin American people, but you hold your pocketbooks tight, your words back, and whisper it to one another. My Central American husband would say the same thing as Peter, about Nicaragua, Costa Rica, his own country...all of them! Why? Because he sees the truth! I also saw that Peter wasn't living in SJSD, like you idiots who claim to just Loooooove our Latin culture and then move into North American enclaves to be "safe." He lived in Nandaime, which is HARDLY a tourist drawing card location, you moron.

Here is something MUCH more telling about how Peter felt about Nicaragua that you left out. Why, if you were trying to be honest?

"I conclude that the reality in Nicaragua is too complex, too baffling, too seductive, too infuriating to have been captured. Nicaragua is a black hole, an addiction: the deeper you delve trying to understand it, the less you are able to. It either eats you up completely, or spits you out in another dimension with a different apparent mass (bank balance)."

THOSE are the words of a man very much in love with the country, it's people, and who has dug in deep to know both. He is voicing frustration with corrupt government agencies and a love-hate relationship that many countrymen in Nicaragua express. I haven't seen that from YOU! He's discussing the reason for poverty there and complaining as any bonafide citizen would. He also says:

"According to cultural relativity, we as Americans are not to criticize another culture’s “values.” For instance, I might claim to have identified a Nicaraguan cultural characteristic: that if you attempt to teach a Nicaraguan person something, even something minor, he or she will resent you from that point forward. According to cultural relativism, I as an American am not allowed to mention this cultural characteristic in a critical way."

God is he EVER RIGHT there! As a Latina, I'll be the first to admit that we have some rather small minded people who won't receive instruction from a person outside the culture, who spend their days resenting anyone that has anything more than we do. And only a person who loved the culture and understood it would realize that. Even we say: "We hate each other so much it is no wonder why the Anglos hate us." We have Salvadorans who hate Mexicans and won't listen to them and Costa Ricans who treat Nicaraguans like garbage. We have Argentines who claim they aren't Latino at all, to fit in with Anglos who refuse to accept them. Peter has demonstrated a deep understanding of this in that paragraph! Only a man who became part of our incredible culture would be able to voice that. You Anglos are too afraid to be that honest! Which is much like what Latinos say about Anglos. They claim they are liberal, but they can't say the truth, express how they REALLY feel about us, because they might be confronted and that would terrify most of them, so they keep their mouths shut and whisper to one another!

And here Peter says:

"What is Nicaragua? IT IS COUNTRY based on lying and thievery. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO MAKE MODERATE OR SUBSTANTIAL INCOMES IN NICARAGUAT do it by lying and stealing. NORMAL BUSINESS DOES NOT PAY IN NICARAGUA, because the employees and customers and government all lie and steal in cooperation with one another. And the lying and stealing are not solely outright theft but also sophisticated mafia games. A land investor, for instance, steals by buying property cheap that was confiscated by politicians, then resells it, making the land title seem more legitimate. A farmer, for instance, steals by buying agricultural equipment and animals that he suspects are stolen. Interestingly, if you do the math, you realize that if everyone steals equally and everyone works efficiently, then everyone still does fine. But the problem is that many lose desire to work when the fruits of our labor are taken from us by others who trick us. And so we work less on production, because what’s the use. And so we are more open to stealing and cheating, because it actually works. And it works especially well here because the others around us will gladly help, as long as they get their share."

My husband from Central America said the exact same thing, as do our Nicaraguan friends. What is your point? That everyone who says this is calling Nicaraguans "liars and thieves?" You have claimed he feels all Nicaraguans are liars and thieves, when you destroy the actual context of what Peter has said. In the actual context of the statement, he is talking again about why Nicaragua is the poorest country, disgusted that the culture is based on corruption and lying and thieving. He is not calling every Nicaraguan a liar or thief. He is making a social comment, you idiot. AND HE IS CORRECT! THE SAME COULD BE SAID FOR MANY LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES! AND IT COULD BE SAID AS WELL ABOUT THE U.S. Bernie Madoff certainly demonstrates that, as does the recent Toyota deaths!

Either you are too stupid to assimilate what you read and the context, or you are exactly what I suspect. A sh@t stirring loser with so much xenophobia that you walk around like Mary Sunshine and lie about your existence and acceptance within Nicaragua. I'll leave the crow for you, having read what his statement in full was, dear.

And again, my question to you is why would you be concerned about a man in his twenties having a relationship with a 16 year old girl...Yasmina...when your 60 something year old pal is boinking 15 year olds? Peter was a bright young man who made enemies because they envied him. That is obvious from every post I've read. He was smart, outspoken, comfortable, did not live in a North American enclave, and you could take lessons from that type of ex-pat as you sit comfortable and afraid in your sheltered SJSD existence. This is why I NEVER wanted to live around Americans in Latin America. They are too afraid of the people because of their own racist values.

Having read Peter's story, it's obvious he came to Nicaragua and kicked butt and made some very small people like you very envious. And that was why he was attacked in the most gutless manner with machetes. And for that? I think he's a winner, brave as hell, and that he is still maintaining a relationship with his daughter and supporting her, helped the mother a great deal before leaving and asked her to come with him, I think he's got one HELL of a lot of class!

You need to stop fabricating lies. You SHOULD be worrying about Phil Hughes and his disgusting pedophile practices! After all, even in Nicaragua, 15 year old girls are not LEGAL~~!

And for a man who supposedly hates Nicaraguans, I find this statement very telling:

"Many liberally-educated Americans are pleased when they hear that the two richest Americans, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, both intend to leave the majority of their wealth for charitable causes. But I am not. I think it might be more charitable if they did not send humanitarian relief money."

Only a man so engrained in Nicaragua, who cared so deeply about the culture and country would suggest something like that. I noticed you didn't! But then, you are only there as another pig in the pot, to exploit the people of Nicaragua. My dream is that Daniel Ortega DOES expropriate the ex-pat investments there, so they have a sense of reality and learn what REALLY happens in countries like Nicaragua. I bet then, you will be singing Peter's tune!

Cowgirl I already told you

Cowgirl I already told you that you are a "Johnny-come-lately who has not read years of Peter's rants both here and on his "Abundance Farm"site and many other sites.
There is a archive section here but it would not be worth my time to prove how uninformed you are.
I am not gonna do your job for you.
At least one of his old websites is gone too.
And his Yahoo group too!

"Peter Christopher" Nicaragua
to get some hints of your ignorance but as I said a lot of his older spews are gone.
On another thread you asked me to prove that Peter said Nicas are liars and thieves!
Here is an old one I dug up for you in 1 minute of wasted time:
Submitted by peterchristopher on Wed, 2006/05/03 - 16:04.
...""what i do say is that nicaragua is a scam and that nicaraguans are across-the-board dishonest thieves.""...

Submitted by peterchristopher on Sat, 2006/04/22 - 08:51.
My opinion.
Nicaragua is a big scam. The supposedly pleasant culture is only pleasant as long as you are paying them. The work ethic is a stealing ethic.

...What is Nicaragua? It is a country based on lying and thievery. The only people who make moderate or substantial incomes in Nicaragua do it by lying and stealing.

He has deleted a lot of his ramblings on some of the other sites too but you can ask him how many times he used the derogatory word "darkie" to intentionally denigrate blacks.

FACT - Peter did NOT ""came to Nicaragua and kicked butt,"" but in fact he came here and lost his ass due to his naivety and incompetence.
He left as a loser! And he left a young woman and his child behind.
Guess how old Yasmina was when Peter knocked her up???
Ask Peter - You won't believe me.

Since that is your idea of "gutsy" "intelligence," "gifted" person you tell all about yourself too.

Stop making up b.s. and post his comments...or drop it!

The fact that the people on the TRN and Living Nica forums don't like this guy scores BIG points with me. However, I've been sent at least 10 emails to the contrary, by people who insisted I take his nemesis advice and read about the "injustice that had been done to Peter," so that I could realize how horrid the people on Nica Living were, not to see how awful Peter was. So I did! And I read each and every message, against my own determination not to. Know what?

I decided I might LIKE this Peter guy. So I emailed him and told him I thought he'd been treated pretty badly. And I told him how I'd come to read about him and he read about me. And guess what, loser...I realized that this guy had some balls! Big huge ones, and I like people like that! I realized he was the younger, male version of me in many ways. He was a gutsy young man gifted with intelligence, a man who came to Nicaragua and kicked butt, and that set off the mediocre people there. And I've been described as arrogant too by mediocre common folks, so I understand why he challenges you to the point that you post so much about him here. The fact that you recognize we are two smart, arrogant, gifted people isn't a surprise to me.
People like you, who stand in the shadows of life and live through some voyeuristic approach, scrutinizing the lives of people like us aren't exactly a NEW thing, dear!

I think Peter is quite fascinating, and quite a gentleman...two qualities I do not see in you. I think that he has turned off the type of people who are too meek and timid to live is a good thing. And I think the fact that you are trying to justify your opinions with pure b.s. tells me a great DEAL about YOU! Got evidence Peter said these things? Bring it on! I'm a big girl who can admit when i'm wrong. You don't though,do you! This is why you are trying to gather your privates and trying to justify your manhood now. Why not do what other effeminate men do and simply go join your friends at Nica Living. Because the most TELLING thing about you, is that you concentrate on Peter, and refuse to talk about Phil Hughes and his photos online with underaged girls...and Peter was about what...50 years younger than old Phil, when he met his daughter's mother?

Old man, you've lost this battle. Now go nurse your wounds with some Flor de Cana and pretend you still have some of your mental faculties, okay? I can forgive elderly men who suffer from dementia. I cannot forgive mealymouthed old farts with too much time and not enough going for them. And I hate to talk to old men the way I have you...but you really have some vulgar principles!

Cowgirl Peter has a long

Cowgirl Peter has a long history on the internet and you obviously you are a "Johnny come lately"! who knows nothing of that history.

His "Abundance Farm" joke led to other folks posting their experiences with Peter and his "farm" that you have obviously missed and in fact after such a long time they may be dead and buried.

When I moved to Nicaragua permanently several yeas ago I devoured all I could to learn about Nicaragua and that included following Peter's exploits.
I met the guy a couple of times about?? 4-5 years ago in a public setting (you are right - an old man's memory is not the best) but my learning process is listening rather than talking so I bet he got no impression of me or my opinion of him.
This guy is amazing though - He can not get enough of himself and is quite a bore. But there is usually something to be learned from everybody so I still follow his forum and the posts by him and others. If you ever meet folks that have known him for years most will describe him as an arrogant know-it-all but for me he does have some information to share that is opinionated but still partly accurate if you can read between the lines.

In fact the folks (Liberal??) on the big (somewhat commercial) Nica living site can not stand him and the same goes for the folks (conservative??) on the big TRN site where you were banned. The world is all out of step according to Peter.

I posted in another thread about his business model for Abundance Farm and it is obvious why he failed although he always blames someone else for his mistakes.
In fact, he set a world class record misusing the word *abundance*!
He fails to recognize that most of his mistakes and problems were caused by his naivety.
Peter's has a genuine educational gift for the world and that gift is "how not to do it"!

The bottom line is that you and Peter are so similar that you make good soul mates and partners.
You both try to pull off a "pity the victimized child" act when in fact the child's problems are ALL caused by Peter!

Enjoy your courtship with your new love bird and don't let the facts confuse you.

You are lying to make your point AGAIN

I read Peter's comments and saw nothing of what you said. Do you need new spectacles old man? It sounds like your prescription needs t be updated. But you are all worked up over this where we are laughing at your "passion." (And they claim Latinos are passionate about our seem to outdo us! ROFL)

Or are you insisting all of this because you realize you look like such a demasculated idiot, now? That might explain why you are so intent on making your fallacious statements look like they are more than assumptions and speculation, BY SHOUTING WITH CAPS!

I worry about your health, amigo. At your age, to work yourself up like's not good. Surely, your life cannot be this sad, even as a lonely old man, no? I do have a question though...are you Phil Hughes in drag? Because no normal person would care this much about Peter's business! And you seem about as low class as him.

Here's a suggestion....since you think you are so accurate, post links to where Peter has said any of this. You can't! Because these are your words based on gossip.

Cowgirl you need to get in

Cowgirl you need to get in touch with reality!

I said NOTHING original about Peter and his daughter but instead I repeated the **Statements that Peter has posted about himself and his daughter** in the past!
These were Peter's words - NOT MINE!

If the **facts that Peter has posted** are as bad as you are claiming and if they will,hurt the daughter as much as you claim then the daughter has a REAL GENUINE problem and the problem is not me or anything I have posted!!

My God, what a beautiful little girl!

Peter, your daughter hasn't deserved ANY of this. And shame on anyone that would continue this garbage knowing they could possibly hurt a precious child like that! They should have some sense of shame.

Children don't deserve to endure idle internet gossip. They don't deserve to have their life put all over the internet. Children should ALWAYS be protected, no matter how much we dislike the adult in question.

And this is how you know which people are decent and which are not, by how they protect children, no matter what! And Gloria is precious! What a beautiful innocent little girl! One thing about the truth that I've learned, time is the truth's best friend and always exposes those who lie!

My wonderful daughter Gloria

Thank you for your suggestion to think of Gloria.  I love her, I am proud of her and inspired by her, and I wouldn't wish her away no matter what anybody else thinks or says about it.  Those who degrade themselves by judging what they do not understand or know about lose the opportunity to be similarly inspired by this wonderful child who loves to listen, learn, run, play, and help collect things that are on the ground.

This blog is not for anyone but Peter's daughter

And if you want to post to this blog, it should be with the decency to demonstrate that you want a young child who has been victimized and re-victimized by vicious and boorish gossip, to have a positive self image. This is a future note to her to understand how cruel and untrue statements on the internet can be and to let her know that most people never believed the comments made by a few weak people.

(John P. Stafford, OR OTHERS, this is not about you! If you have an issue with me, and you want to air your dislike of me (in either an adult or juvenile way...whichever suits you, then send me a personal message).

Internet Vulgarians

LaFoca posts: ""There seems to be a class of people who have bottomed out in decency and etiquette"" I wonder who that might be - - - - [Personal attack deleted by moderator Peter Christopher.  JohnS, you've already made your vulgar point in an anonymous, discourteous way previously. I suggest you create your own blog, or follow up on my previous suggestion here because we have terms of service on this site that prohibit personal attacks.]

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