I met both of these people here in our little resort town in panama. They came here in april and spent two days looking over property. By that time they had already killed 5 people in bocas and I guess they were looking for more property to take over here. In those two days I spent around 10 hours with them at our local pub. I found him to be loud and needing to be the center of everything, which he was because most of us here are very open and friendly and when someone new comes around we all want to get to know about their lives. It's funny because you think this world is so huge and we are all so far away from our place of birth, but I have met three people here that lived in my home town, one of those lived no more then 20 miles from me.

Once we all saw the photo's of these two we all were shocked and to tell you the truth it has made me put a wall up between myself and new people. This makes the 5th person that I have talked with here that has turned out to be wanted for a crime. All have been expats. One man that bill killed along with the man's wife and 15 year old son, was also wanted in the u.s. and was hiding down here.

bill was also wanted in the u.s. on child support payment that he didn't pay and was order to serve 20 days in jail, he was also linked to stealing 45k from a gym he worked for and for selling a home that he didn't own in the state. He was also linked to a hate group and there is a video of him speaking to a group of young men trying to get them all fired up about his cause.

We all need to keep our guard up, most of us are huge targets for things like this. Most of you are older, retired people of means. Learn from what he did, and how he did it. All of the people he has been linked to were american expats. Here is the main reason for that,,, where is your family? I am betting most of you are saying back in the states. He killed Cher, she was a 56 year old lady living here alone, her husband was in the u.s. no other family members around her. He killed BO, Bo was around the same age, he had a bad leg and he lived here alone no family members here. He killed a man, wife and son, no other family around. He killed a ex lawyer, single living alone, no other family around.

How did he pick these people? He studied each person, he got to know them, became their friend in some cases. Others he picked by looking at homes for sale that was posted on craigs list. He would view that house, then find out who owned it, and in a small town that isn't hard, and then he would meet you in town and start the friendship with you. Bo was trying to sell his home and that is what he did. Bo thinking wow I met a great husband and wife and they have money and want to buy my home, they picked bo up that day after meeting at a cafe, drove him to his home, walked inside and looked around and then bill shot him in the back of the neck.

another point is most of these homes were remote. not many people around to hear anything or see anything. bocas for some who might not know, is a place with many islands and people use boats to get from the main town back to their homes.

If you plan on selling your home, you need to find out as much as you can about the people who are coming to look at it. 2nd you need to have friends come over and hang out while these people are looking at your home. 3rd. you need to make sure you put things of value out of sight. don't point out your floor safe you have as a selling point. What I have heard of many times, is people come to look at your home but what they are really going to do is pull a gun on you and tie you up and steal your things, or they might be checking out the things in your home and to what level of security you have, any camera's, bars, dogs, alarms? so they can come back later and take it all.

I want to share this scam with you that has been used all over the world... What they will do is pick a home that they want to break into. They then send a nice well dressed lady to your home, she will knock and speak with you, telling you that she works for a local bar or eating place and that their computer picked them as the winner of their night out of the town all FREE. dinner for two, two bottles of red wine, and a limo to take them there and back. again ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH... you lucky dogs... well they set the time which is around dark of course, a white van pulls up in your driveway and backs up to your side door, men get out with camera's and knock to let you know your limo is about to pull up out front. They film you all dressed up and happy about the night to come, and they all wave and film as you drive off in that wonderful limo.. Those four men and the van is still sitting in your driveway, which is being loaded with everything of value which you USE to own. They control your time, they know how long they need and where you are. these guys even found a extra set of car keys and drove off with that as well. If they are done and gone, they call the driver who drives off and leaves you having your coffee and of course your stuck with the whole food and drink bill as well.

Take a little time and go outside of your home, act like you just locked yourself out and think of how you would get in and how hard it was for you to do that. Any home can be broken into, but what we all need to do is try to make your house the hardest target on the block. Like the old joke about two men that are being chased by a bear and when they stop to rest the one man puts on his running shoes and the other man said you think that is going to help you out run that bear? the man said no, I just need to out run YOU. If your home is the hardest one to hit they will move on down the road and found one that isn't hard.

Be guarded with what you tell new friends about your life. you would be shocked at what people you just met will tell you, and I understand you worked hard and earned that rolex but is it worth being killed for it? I am at fault for doing some of the very things I am writing about. Meeting these killers shook me wide awake, so much in fact I didn't sleep much at all until they were in cuffs, not knowing for sure if they might try to come back our way. It also shook me awake as to things I must change about my lifestyle in dealing with new friends as well as old ones.

Learn the laws in the country your now living in. What can you do to protect your family. A police officer here told me that if someone is trying or has broken into my home and I shoot him, be sure to kill him and then throw him in my truck and dump him someplace. Now I know how that sounds, I was shocked that he said that, I mean to me I should have the right to shoot this person if he is doing this, he told me well you might not have any trouble from the law on that, but his family members will come back and try to kill you. I know of a case like that here. a man heard something, woke up grabbed his gun and found three men in his front room, one of these men had his 10 year old son around the neck, he shot the man dead center of his head and the other two took off out the door. The police came and took his gun but said he was in the right to do what he did. Word got back to him that the other two men and members of their family were coming to kill all of them. Without his gun he had no way to protect his family so they all packed up and went back to the u.s.

Local crime rate here is very little, of course this is a resort town, small in size and we do have a good size police force here. what crime there is, say from the locals are mainly very small. A bike or chicken might be taken from time to time. But with the expats if they are already running from some crime in the states, are more likey to commit bigger crimes. Many of them don't have the funds they need to live here, and they have nothing to lose, like wild bill, after shooting that first person do you think he cared how many more he shot?

all of us need a small can of mace on our key chain, be aware of what is going on around us when out and about, be careful when a friend of yours starts talking about a good deal you too can do together to make some money. If it's a good deal then why does he need you? I have learned a lot from my mother, but I can also tell you that for some reason women have this gene that most of us men don't have, they can meet someone and speak with them and get this feeling about that person. I have seen my mother do that many times, after meeting someone she will say there is something not right about that person I just have a feeling they are bad news and later on they prove her right. so you guys listen to your wifes when they say things like that.

And now to end this piece,,,, I have been reading about how much jail time wild bill would get 20 to 50 years in jail, well today on the front page it said all he could get for killing 5 people was.....................10 years total. and that could be reduced because he told the police everything he did. WOW... of course they are charging them with killing the american lawyer over in C.R. so once he is done here he gets a free ride over there to do what ever time they give him, and once done there, they will give him a free ride to the u.s. to do time there as well.



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Everywhere there is local crime and we often face such situation without knowing. If we got to know about such situation we should probably stay away.

sad truth

Yes, I never imagined before going overseas that so many people of every color, stratus, etc would try and rip me off.  The more time, the smarter I think I am, the more confident/overconfident, and I run into another criminal trying a new approach.  One of the ones that surprised me the most was when already well-seasoned I got sucked into the Chinese tea house scam.  I was walking around in Beijing just to the east of the forbidden city with the modern shopping centers, and two shy chinese girls asked me to help them practice English, then after a little while, they invited me to join them for almonds and tea, which I figured would be just fine, so we had almonds and tea.  Then the waiter came out with the check for around $150 for the almonds and tea.  I handed over about $10 which I thought was quite generous already for the twigs and moldy leaf concoction and small plate of plain almonds, turned around, walked right out of the "teahouse", down the escalator, and headed back to my safe place.  If you search for Chinese tea house, you'll learn as I did shortly thereafter that this was one of the oldest ones in the book.   Oldies are goodies huh!

Wonderful post!

It's a sad fact, but there ARE many ex pats that move to places like Central America so they can run their scams and dodge the law. Thanks for posting this to help others. We have met a few of the "wanted," specifically one on America's Most Wanted, when living in Mexico. She was caught. There were also two child molesters caught in the same place.

This is the key reason we rarely trust others with our location, bond with fellow Americans, and/or provide private information about our personal location. Another involves the scam artists who are citizens in these countries. It's fine to enjoy living in another country, but those who let their guard down in these countries always end up victimized.

A good general rule of thumb is to always hint you are barely getting by, like them. Many people will ask you how much your house cost, or what you pay in rent. Don't tell them. Say, "Enough," or something vague like that. They are trying to figure out how much income you have. Never loan people money, often they will not pay you back. Never tell how you earn income and if people inquire, a general rule of thumb is that it is wise to answer that you don't make that much. Better to be thought of as financially struggling than to let them know what they can take from you.

Another tip is to stay away from the gossip mongers and don't relay your life to them. Unfortunately, there are many chismosos in Central America due to the relaxed lifestyles here. People are bored with their time and may pass the time spreading the latest gossip about anyone. If you happen to be the topic of the day, any personal information you have relayed could end up in the wrong hands and endanger you.

One doesn't have to isolate and hide from the people. Just play it safe. Be friendly, keep your information private, let the people think you are not doing so hot financially, and you'll enjoy a safer and better life. And keep your guard up with every ex pat you meet, because you never know what they may be running from or if they are. Then, enjoy your surroundings!

Killer with a Smile.

24+ years an Ex Pat in Central America myself, met up with ex pat killers, pyschopaths, sociopaths, addicts, the "skaters" smugglers or non child supporters running from the law, many years ago the friendly "Gringo Handyman" in Antigua, Guatemala who fixed everyones appliances with a smile, drank a lot of beer and helped out with his wife (who had a good job there in Antigua) at local humanitarian aid projects, turned out to be an escappee from a US federal Prison in Idaho. Someone in Antigua saw his photo on FBI website and turned him in!!! He was among the "Wanted" I am among the "unwanted" in USA.
Life in the tropics between the skeeters (mosquitoes) and the skaters.
Anyway am a New Yorker, gotta roll with punches anywhere you ex pat, in AA in States sponsored guys from old NYC Bowery Residence Project some who did 15, 20 years hard time, Seen heard it all. Thank you my wonderful NYC for my degree from Street Smarts & Survival University.
Chaismatic sociopaths are compelling people, I almost got taken by one in 1992 in Guatemala, but I asked for a "second opinion" Cuidase. saludos.


I can image how that could shake you a little.  

Good tips!  

How many murderers are there running loose?  I guess it depends who counts as a murderer?

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