no one wants to see it!!! lol

If you have seen some of my post, the last one titled you just can't make this stuff up, talked about what a day I had trying to get my lic. well I did go back with another friend and I did pass the test this time, then it was off across the street to take the diving part of it. I applied for a commerical truck lic. just in case my guys are out sick and I have to step in and drive one of my trucks. well in order to get the class D lic. I had to take the driving test in a truck. I said o ok that sounds right, I'll call and have one of my guys bring my dump truck over, o you don't have to do that, we have a truck over there you can rent. o cool... well I walked over with a handful of young people there to get their first lic. you could see the fear in their eyes, which I am sure was in mine some 32 years ago.

once I got over there I spoke to the man and said where is the dump truck I am suppose to rent and drive? the man pointed to a truck sitting by a small two door car. I said that's the truck? yes sir, that's what you have to drive to get your commerical class D lic.. I looked at my friend and started to laugh. let me explain. the truck was smaller then the two door car. It reminded me of the clowns that drive out and do their act. Now I am a big man. I stand 6' and weigh around 220lb solid as a brick too!! ok ok shut up I'm writing this... well I was part right 200 of that is solid, the other 20 I blame on my wife's great cooking. anyway we stand there and watch the first kid get into the small two door car and the man tells him what to do, pull forward between these cones. then back out go down here and make a u turn, then parallel park, then pull back up here and back in between the same cones you first pulled forward into.. that's it.

well 20 mins later we all are still standing there watching this poor kid try and try and try again to parallel park. now I'm not a big fan of it myself, but in the city it's a must. But what made it funny and heartbreaking was the fact that the cones that he had to parallel park between were so far apart you could have parked two and a half cars in that spot. well the guy finally told him ok lets move on and we watched as he backed the car between the cones ever so careful and slowly.

he gets out and then it's the next person's turn, I said sir please for the love of everything dear in this world may I go next? If I can't do this course in under a min and a half you can fail me... ok your up... great I go over and get into my clown truck, thinking I better put my seat belt on he might check and fail me for that, well I looked but there were no seat belts in the truck.. lol... so there I am looking down at a stick shift with no knob, had to find reverse first. ah yes found it.. ready sir? time me, off I go pull in forward, back out flip the u, parallel park, and then back between the cones. ok sir? time? 35 sec. I think it could be a track record, but I'm not claiming it!!

Ok back across the street and still have to wait for everyone else to do their test, which is fine at least I am waiting in the a/c office for those hours. they all come in and I am feeling sorry for the kid that was first. I thought maybe I could hook up with him and let him drive my car around back there when they are closed, I am sure he doesn't have a car and all he would need is some seat time. well they called him up first because he went first and HE PASSED... I don't think they fail anyone!! maybe that explains some of the drivers on the roads down here.

well I got my lic.. and the title of this is no one wants to see it.. yep for years I have been driving without a lic. and paying cops and having to turn off when they set up road blocks. and then when I have it and are 100 percent legal no one wants to see it!! They had a road block set up the other day, I thought yeah baby I got everything, I pulled the lic out and when it was my turn the cop just waved me on, ahhhh come on look at it, you know what I had to do to get this thing? you ever drove a clown truck buddy? lol.

anyway a few things here, first we all had to do a u turn as part of the test..hummm... driving a clown truck without seat belts, humm and handing me a commerical class D heavy truck lic. becasue I could drive a clown truck.. plus the fact that the driving test was nothing, and no one no matter how bad they do. fails it..

I learned the reason for this latter, it's because the government of panama hires a outside firm to do all the testing and lic. and if you fail they don't get paid... hummm now let me clear something up, I failed the written test because I coudln't read it, and the lady who worked there gave me the answers, the problem was she gave me to many wrong ones, and the computer system will only allow you to take the test one time per day. The driving part clearly that kid should have failed it, but he passed, they got paid and he is out there someplace driving around... that reminds me I got to go and check when my ins. is due....



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Visiting Nicaragua

I would recommend the highlands of Guatemala or the Central Valley of Costa Rica for her visit, Nicaragua is hot and humid year round except for the mountainous north around Esteli and Matagalpa, if the lights go out, her meds may be ruined, in 2005 a friend of mine became very ill in Managua, due to parasitic infection, the public hospitals are terrible, if your friend has med insurance good for privatre hospitals in Nica, ok

posted here why?

why would you post this on my blog about getting a drivers lic? start a new blog. reply to the subject, this would have fit under costa rica CRIME.

As well as incredible natural

As well as incredible natural beauty, it rightly earned the phrase, "the Switzerland of Latin America." Costa Rica is still a terrific place to retire, or to start new life in if you are not yet retired, particularly if you choose your location and activities carefully.

start a new blog

Hi Diana, I would first say don't reply to my blog and ask a question that has nothing to do with what I posted, no one will see your question. post your question as a new post then everyone will be able to see it and maybe help you. maybe she could get a small ice cooler and keep that in the freezer, then if it does go out for any length of time she could put it in there. how does she keep it cool when she travels? and if she can't handle the heat that well, why would she risk going to a hot place? I would hate to see her go someplace and then she gets sick, many places her ins. will not cover her, and the care isn't up to par. I would be worried about that.

need inf. to travel to Nic

A friend of mine would like to visit Nicaragua, but she has MS and her medication need to be refrigerated. Also she can't handle the heat. does anybody has any suggestion? Since electricity is a problem en Nicaragua because of the blackout. Maye somebody has a similar problem and found a way to get around this. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you Diana

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