So the other day Megavision's TeleNoticias 21 asks an odd question about Tony Saca...

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They asked:

"Do you think now that Tony Saca is affiliated with the Gana party, that he could possibly run for re-election?"

And I said WHAAAAT? Because, Tony Saca already ran under the ARENA party and his term ended. So if he changes his political party he can run under a new party label? How does that work?

Here's what I'm seeing...the ARENA party wore out their welcome with Tony Saca and his efforts to debilitate El Salvador, remove the principles of free speech, and promote ARENA candidate Rodrigo Avila (known as a death squad leader and one of the prominent gun distributors and police chief). So Saca and his pals took their marbles home and El Salvador began seeing signs of GANA appearing all over the country.

Drive around anywhere in El Salvador today, and you'll see the cinder block walls hosting a new sign...the royal blue letters, GANA. This new party, created when supposed "disenfranchised" members of the ARENA party broke off and formed their own party has attached Tony Saca to it. Claiming in December of 2009, Saca was expelled from ARENA for his suspected involvement in the defection of the GANA deputies.

So now, true to every focus of opportunism, El Salvador asks this new question. Will Tony Saca run again? For you see, legally under ARENA, Tony Saca could no longer run for office or be re-elected to the Presidential Palace. He served his term, was out, game ended and time to move on. But if he creates a new party...JOILA! He can run again?

Now, is it me, or is GANA Tony Saca's personal career plan to run for an office he had already held? And if the "new party," GANA is comprised of "old party" members from ARENA, is he really running under a new party at all?

Things that make you go hmmmm. And then I read this and found things VERY interesting! Saca's money has been used to finance GANA? Wow!



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Certainly is unpopular but...

I'm GOD here...LOL Just kidding!

According to my husband, as an American living in El Salvador I can do no wrong. Of course that his utter bullshit, but I since I'm going to be living here and becoming a member of El Salvador, I think questioning their government is something reasonable.

Besides, I've already been photographed by Saca's people, holding a picket sign and a middle finger up at him, when he visited Los Angeles. I'm quite sure they know who I am and how I feel about him. I was fairly obvious as the only chele at that demonstration. So much so, that Saca's limo stopped right in front of me and his personal security took a few snapshots and asked me a few questions. LOL

And since my government knows where I am, I'm not exactly sweating him. This isn't Nicaragua. The people here are more vocal. I fit right in. No socialist stormtroopers marching up and placing me in DGME here. It's why I like it here.

watch out!

I am thinking you should make sure to stay anonymous, as isn't it unpopular among politicians to have anybody going "hmmm" in public 

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