Well here in the valle a few years ago you couldn't step outside without stepping on a gringo. the tour buses were rolling in here every hour with a fresh batch of cash heavy gringo's that couldn't wait to hit the market and buy those wonderful hand crafts made by indian's, yes that's right, well half right. they are hand crafts but for many of them the only part the indian's played in hand crafting them is when they pulled the made in china sticker off the bottom of it.

then  the gringo's looked, smelled and then bought homes here. things were good for all here.

then the crack started, no not the smoking kind, the crack in the dollar.

over the next two years the gringos stopped coming, the buses were on other routes, hotels were empty and the indians cut back on their monthly order

today I met two couples that were here looking around, I said hello and backed away. they then came over and started asking me questions about the place and the common stuff that everyone wants to know.

I asked are you looking to buy a home and move here? move here yes buy no.

both parties can only afford to rent and thats what we are seeing now.

when I said hello and backed away, I do this because a lot of the times, people are out to scam folks, so I try not to be over friendly at first and let them come to me if they wish to talk or ask questions, puts them more are ease.

If you have cash now is the time to buy your piece of the dream.

I was reading where a man had condo's in the city, two years ago they were 3k per meter today he said 1,300.00 is the asking price and still can't give them away.

I am seeing very nice deals on beach front that before were really to high before, now they are in reach to a lot of people.  Of course you still have area's that have not and will not go down, like the valle, due to the limited amount of land and the weather here as well as the rich past of this place. this link is well worth the time to watch. intro is boring but once the lady starts to speak and what she tells you will really make you go humm.. please listen to the list of jobs this lady held and her background,   which is in the intro, because it adds a lot of weight to what she has to say.

I know this is off topic but it does tie in with what is going on here as well as other places in s.a.



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not for me, I'm not buying into his health care at all.  I am checking into some down here. as you know most things are far cheaper here then in the u.s.  when we had our first child it was free, all of it. I was shocked not to get a bill.  when was the last time you got your teeth cleaned for 20.00? not in the states.

I don't plan on going back to the u.s. my life here is a whole lot better overall.

My dad and I were sitting in my new building and looking at everything, dad said how much is your labor cost per concrete slab, I said 100.00,  compared to maybe 600.00 in the u.s.

Plus there is a lot of other things that really add up, like no a/c or heating cost. no home insurance. low taxes. ect.

Now there are a lot of things I don't like but the good far outweights the bad.

wake up and get a cup of coffee, sit out front and look at the lush yard, then all around at the mountains, and listen to the birds singing, while my little one trys to reach a fresh orange hanging from the trees, priceless.

Great video for provoking thought

"Back In" March 2007 when she gave that talk, we all still felt rich - oil hadn't yet gone completely crazy thereby electrocuting the U.S. economy.   In retrospect, it seems "timely" - but on the other hand, she could have given the same talk in 1995 or 2000 or 2005 and it would have been equally true.  So, my first question - "Is her thesis an accurate predictor of doomsday" - I don't think so.

My second thought is to wonder what figures she used for "income" - did she use taxable income?  Or did she use annual change in net wealth?  She's a lawyer, and a statistician could probably produce figures using various definitions of income that would have led to less drastic, or even different, conclusions.

My third thought is that indeed lawyers, plaintiffs, teachers have as a class become more systematically dangerous.  My parents are (still) lifelong teachers/Democrats/union members.  They have been getting what they "wanted" politically in terms of the larger and larger amount of money going into education and health care.  Over the past twenty years I've found myself growing farther and farther from them politically.  I do not believe in their "education as savior" religion.

To bring this back to Central America / living abroad - indeed, the freedom to have less dependence on the bloated education and health care and housing/transportation systems is a part of the allure of these places.  Do you think Obama is going to make you buy his health insurance next year by the way?

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