I had posted in one of my blogs to get out while you can from the U.S. and some people feel that, that is a little harsh maybe even tin hat time for me to say that. First off I love the U.S. don't get me wrong. But one has to start to look at facts and try to foresee what COULD happen and where your going to be when and if it does. No one can say that the u.s. is not in trouble. We are in many wars that are killing off our young people at a cost to us in the trillions of dollars. They are going to reraise the debt ceiling again and more bail outs are coming. all this is being done but yet the will of the people are saying NO NO NO... china has dumped their holdings with the u.s. and are not willing to hand us anymore money.

Your money is not backed by anything, no gold or silver, it is backed only by the faith that people have in it to be honored. When that faith is gone so is your dollar. already our AAA rating is being downgraded. 45 million american's are on food stamps. home prices are sliding down yet again. Jobs have been shipped overseas, the big hiring last month was at McDonalds. A job that use to go to high school kids is now being replaced with college kids with degrees.

It's just not my thinking that you might be better off outside the u.s. or at least outside of the large cities in the u.s. CONGRESSMAN Roscoe Bartlett just put out a video about urban danger where he states 'those who can should move their families out of the city" his fear is in a solar flare that will take out the power grid. NASA has been watching this for a long time and they feel this could very well happen and soon. Right now the sun is throwing a lot of solar flares our way. Don't think this couldn't happen and it's a theory, It has already happen in the past. It was just at a time that many places were not hooked up to the grid like they are today. heres the video link if you want to see it, http://theintelhub.com/2011/05/28/congressman-warns-%E2%80%9Cthose-who-c...

it goes on to state that economist Marc Faber, and trend forecaster Gerald Celente are recommending you prepare and head for rural areas. The US Pentagon and Military are very much aware of these possibilities and they’re preparing for exactly the scenarios described in this documentary.

Now I'm not yelling the sky is falling the sky is falling. but anyone can see that tuff times are coming, where do you see yourself when it hits? if your boat flips and your in the water, is it time then to start looking for a life jacket? all I am saying is it's time to prepare for the worse. Many of you that live in fla, have been through bad weather, what happens at home depot if you wait to go stock up? no plywood for your windows maybe? batteries and water and supplies are gone?

I moved my family to panama. Now I understand when tuff times hit the u.s. it will also hit the world and no place is a safe haven. not even in panama. but I look at the problems that I won't have to deal with here, compared to the states.
1. it never gets cold here, so we wont freeze without power or fuel
2. it never gets to hot here, so we won't burn up without power or fuel
3. we can grow all year round here
4. ratio of people to guns here is very low compared to the u.s.
on that one I must say I have seen street guns the police take off people here and many are worn out, old and rusted junk. I can walk into any hood in the u.s. and buy the best newest weapons out there.
5. panama has many poor people, that are use to living without many things. If you compare the avg teenager here to one in the u.s. it's night and day. the teenager here has a small cot in one room that he shares with other people. he might have a 20.00 cell phone without time to make a call. One only needs to walk into a u.s teenagers room and start counting the toy's. Kids here wouldn't feel the hit of having all that taking away. can't long for things you never had.
6. I have a fresh deep underground source of water.
7. we have oceans on both sides which will be a source of food for many.
8. we never have hurricanes or tornados
9. food is local grown and plenty of it.
10. its a cleaner country, without the factories that pump out smoke and chemicals.
11. we have far less gangs and people hooked on drugs here as well.

there are 11 things just off the top of my head that I don't have to worry about. what if I lived in new york, would all these apply?

I live each day, happy, I go out and live life to the fullest, I don't sit here and worry about all this but I am PREPARED, in case it does. are you? do you have food stocked up? water, guns? what is your plan if something like this hit. I have 100 cases of pint bottle of cheap liquor. I can trade one for a chicken or pounds of rice or beans.

is where your living a safe place, if not do you have a place in mind that you can get too away from the cities? getting to it is a big issue as well, if everyone hits the road trying to get out, then the highway will be worthless once a few cars run out of fuel. now you can't make that 75 mile drive.

many people will dismiss this post as a rant from a nut case. fair enough I'll been called that before. I was called that when I told friends to start selling off their real estate holding and to buy gold years ago. they didn't do it of course and said your nuts, now they can't do either one. Their holdings are worthless and many have just handed them back over to the banks because they were upside down in them.

just spend a little time and think over this post, yeah I understand there are some if's and maybe's in there, it reminds me of when my dad would have fire drills in our home, as a kid I would hate to be woken up for a drill, it seemed like a waste, until one night my dad yelled fire and we all were standing were he told us to be, all safe and accounted for while we watched the house burn.

love you all



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SEX is what they are trying to keep our youth's minds on. They want to devalue our young men and women even more. shows like jersey shore that you speak about, I watched it once and said wtf? a whole show about getting drunk and screwing anyone anyplace anywhere.. keeping up with the Kardashinigs,, spelled wrong, dont care,, and then khole and whatever her husbands name is, drama about their lives? what a bunch of crap. and the show list goes on and on.. don't read a book people, play video games.

The best video I have seen in a while was a young woman during daylight hours, in front of a store, wearing a mini skirt, squat right there on the sidewalk and pee, this older man maybe a vet comes up behind her and kicks her square in her ass.. that's what todays youth needs, a kick in the pants, but their parents have already lost that sence of respect.

think back to the last depression, men and women had morals, were people of honor, and they went through it helping each other,, this time around youths and gang members will rule the streets.

This thread went absolutely

This thread went absolutely no where. Great post to the 802 Guy. Alot of people are blind to the fact of what is going on in America. Too many reality shows have their minds in a frenzy. Not to mention Jersey Shore. If you watch that show and like it, I think you need a reality check.


OK who left the gate open to the dumb ass reply pen??? anyone.. yes you are correct sir, the whole u.s of freaking A is trying to kill everyone who lives in Detroit by running their cars.. heck I drove through detroit a few years back and farted as much as I could, I was trying to kill you,, but all I did was make your brain 95 percent dead.. sorry I didn't do a better job. why waste what little time you have left in Detroit by replying here, why not just go to some porn site and enjoy what little time you have?




dude that is by far the most dumb ass reply I have ever read, Even your own mother is going WHAT THE FCUK?

The United States Racist and prejudic aganist Latinos and Hispan

i live in Detroit,MI where see outragious behavior of trying to kill latino and hispanics on the street of Detroit with Air Pollution and Over Dose of Abuteral Breathing inhaler medicine spray when ever i walk down the street i see truck and car park and running their engines of their cars and trucks and semi tractor Trailer Trucks to the level of over heating to put out lethal Air Pollution of diesel smoke of mercury and sufer diesel Exhaust Emission of Air Pollution from Semi Tractor Trailer Trucks into the Atmosphere make more Acided Rain that is travaling all around the world from Detroit,Michigan plus these detroiter are stalking latinos and hispanics with running behind them with over dose simtoms of Abuteral breathing inhaler asthma medicine spray to make latinos or hispanics to hyperventilation or faint from the over dose simtoms to their Resiptory or breathing system these people in Detroit,MI are animals plus are Racist and klanmen an Neo Nazis Paramilitary Militcia force for the black knights of the klu klux klan in Detroit,MI and Michigan in The United States it is from Black African Americans people and also White Caucasion people


Shhh about your location if you intend to avoid moochers and poachers. Now that idea of much desired trade items deserves more thought. I'm thinking toilet paper, cosmetics, perfume, panty hose, hair spray, tooth paste, deodorant, Hustler, tobacco, lots of rum.... gasoline, kerosene, matches, condoms, playing cards, board games, .... what else? I'm thinking that the poles might be most affected by solar radiation. Ultraviolet is worse at altitudes. Volcanoes are easy to spot and we know the tectonic movements enough to keep a distance. EMP would be a problem for anything not hardened.


Yes I am aware that panama is close to the equator, but that is not going to make us the bullseye. when a solar flare shoots out where ever it hits it hits. The prediction is based in part on a major solar storm in 1859 that caused telegraph wires to short out in the United States and Europe,
In 1989, the sun unleashed a tempest that knocked out power to all of Quebec, Canada.

— A remarkable 2003 rampage included 10 major solar flares over a two-week period, knocking out two Earth-orbiting satellites and crippling an instrument aboard a Mars orbiter.

The race is on for better forecasting abilities, as the next peak in solar activity is expected to come around 2012.

so yes I have studied history and yes these events have happen before and will again.

I have seen what happens in the u.s. when you have a black out, looting and crime goes wild. people turn into dogs, when the power goes out down here, people build a fire, cook food on it and everyone gets together and parties. then of course we have a small baby boom 9 months later.

I'm not saying the sky is falling, I'm saying be prepared if it does.


What kind of cheap liquor and where you at? Will only help people to prepare for rough times. Things get better, those who prepare and think things over can make some changes necessary for a healthy future. Change is indeed in order the US dependence on cheap fuel is ridiculous. People need to change. Do you need a big as truck to use as a car? Do you need a 5 bedroom mansion for 2 people to retire in? Do you need Nascar? Some things have gone way wrong and I hope its not too late to change.

Rough Times

Does anyone remember Howard Ruff and the Ruff Times from about twenty-five years ago? But I was newly married to a Jr. Miss and life was looking lovely and hopeful. Now I'm almost 62 and she has a young boy friend that gets ... well, everything is different. Now, I am broke, busted and hoping someplace in Panama or Ecuador hides part of the answer. Shearson cleaned me out of my silver profits by failing to sell on my Stop order.

Your post

Wow! They say that I'm negative, but dude, you take the cake. Have you studied your history? Do you think that the events you interpret as sure signs of pending disaster have not occurred before? Solar Flare? If that is indeed a concern of yours, don't you realize that Panama is closer to the equator than the U. S., therefore in a geographical area more likely to suffer the ill effects of such an event than is the U. S.???? (Hint: the equator is the closest part of the earth to the sun).


Good post 802mark, You are just reiterating what many people are saying. Simon Black of "Sovereign Man" has been saying this quite a bit lately. It the book "The Big Short", where they interview people who made a boatload of money when the housing market crashed - that was one of the fears of all the people interviewed - that once the American people had found out how they had been screwed, they would revolt. Just did not happen - YET. True foresight - it is the time of action - when the house of cards fall, it will be very fast - then it will be to late. Good advice that few will heed. Cheers, John D. Wilson aka- The Big Mozey

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