Tired, just plain tired.....

Yep. I'm 47 years old, smoke far to dang much, trying to stop. want to be around to see my two girls grow up and get them on the right path. I watched as a father handed his daughter to her new husband the other day made a tear come to my eye.. 

My whole life changed the day my daughter was born, for the first time I know the real meaning of the word love. nothing compares to when she grabs my neck and squeezes as hard as her three year old arms can and says I love you so much.  The other day at the zoo a chicken which she was feeding corn too, pecked her little finger, she yelled out and jumped back. That night when I put her to bed, she said daddy do you remember when that chicken ate my finger??   yes my love yes..

It's funny to me for them to have chickens in pens as part of a zoo. that's just to common really.

TIRED...  yes back to where I started.. I am tired, and no it's not from my 25 year old wife either... lol

No I am tired of the waiting and games and paperwork that gets filled out after waiting all day and then paid for, to then find they have no record of any of it.

This is going on right now over a building permit. They handed me a fine the other day for not having one. I have pulled the check I wrote for it, but they don't seem to think that's proof of anything.  Then they can't find the plans for the buidling. which I find really odd because the person that works in that office was the one I paid to do them.

It's always something.  My lawyer, which is a joke, but he is, ohh I forget which number he is. I have fired so many so far, tells me he is working on it.  It's like watching a dog trying to grab his tail.

Yeah I know go with the flow, been doing that it seems since I got here.  I am getting better thou, when I first got here I wanted everything done yesterday, now I am glad if it gets done this year.

we do have a new president thou!!! yeahhh, and he is out to make some changes that we need so much here. mainly the way the government works, or I should say doesn't work.

overall thou, I am still happy I am sitting here, rather then in the states. I don't have any plans of going back.

my dad and I sit outside at night and talk about this and that, and we both always end up saying how nice it is to be able to sit outside without the bugs eating you alive.  Back home you just couldn't do it. I don't miss the crime, nor the booming car bass, nor the cold winters, nor the high power bills.  Nor do I miss the little lady back home who was in charge of the city beauty act, which gave her the right to say what was good or bad with any building or home. If she didn't like you watch out, you would get a ticket to repaint or change the color, or cut or plant this or that.

none of that here.  I hope all of you who are back in the states and want to make a change, will do so soon. things are not looking very well back there and I pray for you all.



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shorts, internet, and shut yo lips!!

shorts well not sure that its a law or anything, it is frowned on, but I saw a lady int eh casino playing cards that had a pair on. so I don't think they will not allow you in with shorts.

I have seen thou, that even my workers change into nice clothes after work on the site before they go home.

when I went to colombia, people there are very clean. they think americans are dirty. and I guess we are cause we don't shower as much as they do.  my wife will shower two times a day.  My shower times depends on the weather. in teh rainy season I shower everyday in the dry season sometimes once a week rofl

internet,, we have three or four compaines that offer you deals. mine is wireless and about 70.00 per month 512k speed.  I am two hours from the city on top of a mountain.

free speech.. well here they don't take it lightly if you start talking bad about someone or company and that party is fast to haul you in front of a judge for hurting their company. so what ever you say you better be able to back it up.

Freedom of Speech & Internet

Isn't freedom of speech also restricted in Panama?  Also you can't go into a business with shorts on?

Another question I have is what is the state of internet connectivity now in your area?  How fast is your internet connection, and how reliable?  The states has fairly high quality service (maybe a hair behind Korea or Japan but still ahead of most of the world - and cheap).  What's the situation in Panama?  Is there a monopoly or a variety of providers, and especially, what's it like in the rural areas?


yeah you see that all over the world, everyone is getting hit with it right now, but the u.s. hasn't seen this since the 30's most of us never saw it. we all lived in the bubble of whatever you want you can get on credit. never mind what it cost, how much is the monthly notes?

now those days are gone and won't return anytime soon.  If you watch the news its all getting slowed down and on the way back up, slow but sure. but if you walk down main street all you see is for sale signs and closed shops. Malls shutting their doors.

also your rights are been taken from you everyday. soon you will be told what to say and how to act.

all over the world ;)

There must be ten million expats all over the world watching the dogs chase their tails in their respective countries and trying to make sense of it.  It's pretty amazing that anything gets done anywhere.  And yet there is something so nice about living in a warm climate with cheap foodstores and feeling unique.  I love it and hate it.  I'm not quite as fatalistic about the states as you are, when I see the problems like you describe... aren't these the advantages and disadvantages that we'll find anywhere?

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