A Visit to the Vet

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We've had our dog Winter for almost two months now. He's a golden retriever. He is about three years old. He was a gift from a local woman who felt she could no longer take care of him. Indeed, he arrived with a small itchy infection in the skin of one leg.

We washed it, and it seemed it was not too bad. But slowly it got a little bigger, rather than smaller. Yesterday, I was talking to a local friend, and he told me that I should take a careful look: if there is a 'breathing hole' in the bump, probably there is a worm inside the infection. He insisted the thing to do was to squeeze it out like a pimple.

So I carefully inspected my dog. He actually had two spots where had bumps with breathing holes. I followed my friend's advice, squeezed like a pimple, and it was really true: a white worm about one inch long squirted out. But when I got to the other infection, Winter was not interested in cooperating as much as with the first one. Indeed, it seemed to be a nastier bump.

So today, my wife and I walked the dog and carried the baby on our way to the weekly farmer's market (feria) in Uvita, and on the way we stopped at the vet's.

The vet's assistant and I held winter down, as the vet then proceeded to squeeze the second hole just as I had the first. I thought to myself, "Jeesh, I'm paying to have him do the same thing I was doing!" One worm head started to emerge, and the vet immediately grabbed it with pliers, and a white worm came out, identical to the one I had removed. But that was just the beginning of the fun. He then proceeded to use a razor blade to enlarge the hole, and squeezed out three dead black worms and one more live one. This was all from a small bump in Winter's leg. It was almost as unbelievable as the birth of Rosalinda last month.

Finally, the vet gave Winter an injection, he said of an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. I read the label of the bottle myself but the bizarre name didn't ring a bell and has since seeped out of my memory.

The vet asked us to stop by again Monday or Tuesday.

We paid 12,000 colones and continued to the market.

I'm not sure whether Winter is happier yet, or not. He's a golden. He always seems happy; even when he was struggling on the vet's table, he seemed happy.



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