Well today was really nice, the sun did come out for a while to say hello, before the clouds took over. Which reminds me of a story about two months back I had let a friend of mine use my camera which I always carry with me in the truck, and while coming home up the mountain I made a turn and just had to stop and pull over to look at this awesome cloud that was just sitting half way down the mountain, it looked as if the cloud said I'll rest here a bit before moving on. you could see the mountain above and below it. I thought wow what a shot, so I reached for my CAMERA.. o well at least I have the shot in my mind.

wow if any of you have been watching the news, what the heck is giong on? dead birds, fish all over the world. many just falling from the sky. I can't say what is going on but you can bet humans had a hand in it some how. our greed. I guess in the end mother earth will get tired of us and we shall start falling down dead until our numbers reduce down. People really don't stop and think about things until they are taken away and you have to do without it for a while. Two points here I know a young married couple and the guy hasn't been treating his wife very well at all, so I told her to leave him, she said I love him to much, Yes but your not happy, so take off for about three months and I bet you when you return things with him will be a lot better...

Due to all the rain we have had this year the lake which is the water supply for all of panama city was filled with dirt and mud from the mountains, now the water plant can't clean that amount of dirt out of it and they are having to wait until it all settles down. so going on 3 weeks the good folks in the city are doing without water. bottled water here is hard to find, and the other day the beer company said they might not have beer next week due to it!! oooo my the world will end..............

where I live which is up in the mountains we have fresh water pouring out of the ground. You can drill 200 ft down and up comes the most clearest water ever, of course it is warm, some places hot!!! but it has nothing in it. clear fresh and clean, no smell at all. That's what I see that is going to wipe out millions of people, no fresh water to even drink. Right now the super rich are buying up large tracts of land that has fresh water under them and are pumping them dry to sell to, drum roll please CHINA. yep you see china has this out look on things make crappy toy's that the gringo's in the u.s. will buy and who cares where you dump the waste from doing it. along with 1 billion 600 million people all flushing the can at least 5 times a day, not counting the showers. All these people packed into that small area, no wonder what water they do have is bad. They are buying our fresh water and pumping it into a tanker then they fill a whole line of these huge floating bags which these ships tow back to china, once there, they pump all of it off into their water plant, turn around and head right back for another load.

gas here is 3.30 a gal, bottle water is higher then that fuel as of right now.. soon it's going to cost far more. and of course the rich will be in charge of it and will say who gets it and who doesn't. One thing many people are not aware of and it's going on all over the u.s. is a little thing called cracking. Here's the story. your sitting up in the hills on say 200 acres of really pretty farm and wooded land. and up comes two well dressed young men that shake your hand and tell you that they work for a large natural gas company. we all know how clean natural gas is and how good it is for the u.s right??? so these men inform you that according to their test your sitting on a large field of it.. and they are willing to share in the profits with you!!! momma we have done gone and hit the jack pot. well they sign and soon the well goes up and the drilling starts, wow lot of trucks cutting up our road, and dang that drill sure makes a lot of noise, wow don't they stop to sleep? soon they drill down into the earth and then they drill sideways, after that's done they pump in thousands of gallons of chemicals and water and this makes the bedrock crack, which releases the natural gas which they pump off. They do this same thing around 12 to 15 times. once all that gas is pumped out they pack up and head to the next farm. o wait I forgot the best part, they do pump off that gas, but they don't pump off all those thousands of gals of chemicals and water, you see each time they crack it they lose all of that, it drains deep into the ground, forcing them to add more to it each time.

now in many of these places they get all their drinking water right out of that same ground, which now isn't fit to drink, which means every home in that county just lost their clean water supply for ever. Their crops die, their fishing ponds are all dead their trees and flowers start to die off. wild life dies or has to move off and your stuck with 200 acres of a dead zone. even the water in your kitchen sink with burn.. what? water burns? nawwww right out of the tap? come on!!! you say, what have I been drinking today? well here's a little 30 sec. video watch it..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRZ4LQSonXA

how can this be allowed to happen? where is the EPA? bought off. you don't count. you are not important, your life and that of your children means nothing. This is only one reason I wanted to move out the the u.s. trust me there are many more reasons, but I wanted to live someplace where you could at least be a little free to do as you please. like here no one is beating on my door to tell me to paint my house this color of that or else. but you know even here times are changing and one day that day will come as well. government is getting bigger and bigger and taking more and more of your freedoms as well as your money. where can I move to next?
maybe a boat in the middle of the ocean? a small hut on the back side of a mountain that takes a day's walk to get too?

It's getting crazy. lets look at one thing to own and drive a car in panama. keep in mind when I came here many of these things were not needed, even ins wasn't.

now to drive a car. you need driver lic. fee's for that, takes a few days to get. you have to have a blood test done!! you take a written test, and a driving test, eye and hearing test. ok so that's normal.
Ins. must be paid for that car. fee for that. ins papers must be in car and up to date at all times.
window sticker.
a attt card showing all info on you and your car.
then you have to have police paperwork in case you have a wreck. you must have these forms at all times in your car, and you must have a camera in your car to photo wreck at all times.
now they are going to start charging a road use tax based on the price of your car.. and when they first passed this law which now they had to go back and change it, it was not done based on the cost of your car today, it was based on the new price of your car when new!! pretty soon I will have to have a filing box screwed into the back seat just to hold all the forms and paperwork needed when I am stopped at a check point which are popping up all over the place!! hello officer, hello, drivers lic please, attt card please, visa card please, camera please, wreck forms please, ins forms please, proof of road use payment please, ok let me just check your tags and window sticker ok have a nice day, next!!!!!!



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well thanks for the kind words Larin most of the time people are fighting with me over something I said.. well I would try this web site which is really good http://www.encuentra24.com/panama-en/classifieds you will be able to check out a lot of rental homes in many areas. Of course as you know if you stay out of the tourist hot spots finding a place to live is a lot cheaper. But the draw backs are you won't find many homes that you would stay in. Depends on your standards. Homes where I live go anywhere from a shack for 400.00 upwards to 2k per month. outside the valle you could find a nice rental home for 500.00 to 800.00 per month.

a lot of times you will find a very nice home near the beach and they have a smaller home on that same property due to having lots of friends and family over for parties, that you might could rent out for far less money. I have a small place like that on my land which is going to be open soon it rents for 400.00 per month. tv, full kitchen, power, gas and water included. we are about 30 mins down the mountain to the beach. but you will find many units out there for rent. lots of people bought here and planned on moving full time but they lost their nest egg and are having to stay and work longer now.

I just am not the type of person to rent anything. You never gain wealth by doing that. of course I understand the up side of renting as well. My thing was I have this money and I would rather own something like land or a home then have it sitting in the bank where one day and that day is coming soon that bank will close it's doors and my money will go up in smoke. yes I know about fdic but they put aside enough money to cover a few people in a few banks not many.

anyway check out that site and you can find a lot of places. I would stay out of bocas de toro and darrien area's. darrien is just to wild and frac from colombia work in this area. bocas is ok but it's full of young people with nothing to do but smoke a little and hang out and see how they can grab a buck. many gringo's in that area which means everything is over rated and far over priced.

Stumbled onto your blog

Hi Mark - I recently found your blog while doing some cursory searching on expats living in Central America. I really enjoy what you've had to say and you seem to have learned quite a bit about Panama in living there. I'm in the states, but have traveled to Central America about a half dozen times. I've always liked my stay there and for years have been considering an extended stay. Not sure I have the cajones to commit to purchasing a residency, but I want to find out some details on long term rentals. Do you have any tips? Websites you'd reccomend? Any insight on the monthly rent of something near the beach (fairly bare bone as I'd be saving to live)? Thanks! Larin

no end

no I believe the snake is huge and it can reach and has already reached this part of the world. the u.s. killed the president of panama years back and then of course came here in 89 and killed a bunch of folks. that's why I wrote where to go next? in a boat in the middle of the ocean or in a hut on the back side of a mountain that you had to hike into. they know no bounds.

hard to go against the tide of government

In many cultures now, there is an increase in the number of government employees, like a snake choking its victim, some people would probably say... But do you think the snake is not very strong to get you down there, or are you just enjoying those last few breaths?

For my part, I certainly find it annoying when the person at the tax office smiles and taxes my money all the time right to the bank to buy more stuff for themselves.  But on the other hand, after living in so many places where freedom of speech were less important than pride, I prefer back in the states overall.  

One thing that is annoying, according to the actuaries this is temporary, is that the poor people here don't need to work.  They can just go get their check etc.  So when I hire people to work hard doing some X, Y, or Z, and then actually expect them to work hard, they can just say, oh, you actually want me to work?  And just not come back, get another one of their checks etc.

Glad to see that you are able to see the brighter side in any case!

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