You just can't make this stuff up

so I have lived here in panama for 5 year or so, and in all that time I have been driving on my u.s. drivers lic. which of course are no longer any good. well the police use to not have a way to check your back ground record or drivers lic. till now. Now that they have this new toy to check things, they are using it left and right and handing out 150.00 tickets and towing your car if you don't have a drivers lic. which is ok that's what we use to do in the states as well. so I thought ok I got to get my new lics. so I start off to do just that....

right off the bat they tell me because my u.s. lic is not good, then I must take a 36 hour driving course. cost 300.00
well I paid a guy 150.00 bucks and he gets that for me.
so with that in hand I take a friend of mine along with me to the lic. center. he speaks s better then I
blood test.. done
eye test done
hearing test done
all forms and copies done
now it's just down to a 10 question test and the driving test... no problem

well I can't read the test because its in s. so the lady lets my friend come in there with me and she stays during the test. it's on a computer and you have one min. per question to hit the right answer. he for some reason was having trouble reading the test and all the answers in that time frame and she was saying the answer is B,, NEXT A next D ect so I'm thinking cool she is going to pass it for me... at the end of it the computer flashed red and she looked at me and said you failed, you missed 4 questions.... WHAT? how the heck did I fail it? are you kidding? you told me all the freaking answers!!! sorry she said come back next week. my godness you have got to be kidding. you work here, and you helped me FAIL the test you give 100 times a day!!!!

we just had to laugh.. so then I said ok take me over to where they do the tags for cars because I have been having trouble getting mine this year and I didn't understand what they were telling me was wrong. so we go over there, and the place is locked up.. what's going on? well it turns out that the mayor and the guy in charge of that office had gotten into a fight and the mayor fired him, the guy locked the door and was gone... ok

down here each car has to have a card with your info on it and it must be in your car at all times. well I don't have mine so I said lets go over there and see about that,, so we did, the lady's looked it up and said yes it's been done and waiting on you at the attt office. so we go there. they tell us no sorry it's not here you need to go back to the testing office because they are in charge of making these cards we just hand them out... the same office that the lady helped me FAIL my test.. we went there only to find that it was closed for the day.

0 for 3 I told my friend hey I got a great idea, lets go down the road here to the beach and stop at my friends bar and have a drink or 4. that made my total for getting what needed to be done 1 for 4 for the day.. we sat and watched the sun slip off, smelled the ocean waves, watched the birds dive for fish had a great meal and some drinks and laughed all night at my little helper. life is good no matter what it slaps you with.

also if some of you have been reading you will be glad to know that the sick man that was at my apt. should be half way home by now , his flight left at 9 am today.
we all have problems some times and sometimes I feel like it's just to much living in another country and getting mad about all the things that you have to do which really doesn't add up. but in the end its worth it to live here. I am blessed and a lot of times I don't stop to see that. I am healthy, I have a knock out wife both in looks and in heart, and I have two little girls, all three have taught me the true meaning of the word love.



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Some people might say that everywhere is backward, but I tend to think that some places are more backward than others.  I had about five years of tolerance for those kinds of issues, and ultimately I found them becoming more and more an issue for me. Switching backward countries doesn't help, either, although a person is getting better (hopefully) and whether staying or moving will learn more tricks.  Of course there are the benefits of the backward countries.  It sounds like you are able to appreciate those benefits enough so that the annoyances don't overwhelm you and make life impossible.

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