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Mark, you write that you have seen a poor guy give his next-to-last noodle to someone else, and that this is uncommon in our birth country, but you love it there. Do you have any real friends there? Can you trust anyone there? Maybe some people gave their next-to-last noodle because they saw you watching, or gave it to you. But that doesn't mean they didn't have self-interest in mind when they did it. How much of the time can you take what people say at face value? Yes maybe there are many people in the continental also who will slip and fall and sue you for a dollar, and maybe there are crooks in Wall Street, Jews Gentiles and Muslims. Communists who can't do math trying to shut down the coal factory and herd up a lot of people to pillage the "big bad medical companies and insurers" who actually if you look carefully don't even have all that much money to pillage anyway. But there are some people here who I can say are my friends, who I can trust. Not a lot, but I want to know by the way, have you found anyone you can trust, can you leave your wife and children and money and guns in their house?



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Life in the Tropics

Life here beats the good old USA any day, been here 25 years and counting, been cheated a few times, was cheated big time up in States by a swindler in 1981, I take care, am aware.
There is no paradise on earth and change comes from inside
If relocating visit first for at least 3 months, volunteer and take Spanish lessons if you require them, rent at first, land has no legs, unable to run away. saludos.


thank you for that,, well I look at it like this, if I can shine some light on something, maybe it will save someone else from having to learn it the hard way. I didn't have much help in my search for a place to live or shipping ect. and trust me it cost me a lot of money and time that I could have saved so if I can pass that on by a few key strokes great. I have learned much from just reading others post on here. The world would be far better off if we all fired the people we elect to oversee everything and just help each other. sure we will still have problems that will have to be taken care of, but I feel we all would be better off. I feel that government should get out of our biz for the most part. Like the other day I saw a show of a man who lives in canda and he has a lot of wifes and a whole lot of children by them, not sure the total but it was a lot, so this sword cuts both ways, I feel like if this man and all this women want to do this the gove. has no right to say other wise. but the other side of that sword is each one of his wifes and getting funds for those children so they need the gove. to support their lifestyle. Their not supporting mine so why his? if you want 20 wifes and 70 kids thats fine but you better be able to take care of them and not throw them on the gove. to do so.


thanks for the clarification. you definitely seem like a good person, and honest, not to mention smart information and facts and very generous to share it so openly.


their home,, I would have to say no. I have two local workers that work for me out of a bunch of them and those two to date have not stolen a dime from the company I allow them to run solo. the money and stock are dead on each month. But saying that I don't think I would hand over all the above things and feel good about it. local people are poor living on some 200.00 per month and trying to feed 5 kids. I spend over that amount once a week on food. so I don't see how they do it. many times a crime happens because the opportunity presents itself, otherwise that person wouldn't plan on doing that crime. many american's in small towns could be trusted more I would guess due to the fact they are not as bad off and they have to live within that town for their whole lives and being labeled a bad person is something they don't wish to happen to them.

I've never stolen as much as a candy bar, but if I found myself broke and had no other way to feed my kids no one would be safe. I watched a video the other day of a old man robbing a c store and the clerk was as old as the robber was, the robber said Im sorry to have to do this about three times and the old man working there said how about I give you 40.00 and you go on, and the old man said I'm sorry but that won't be enough to cover the bills. he went on to tell the man that when he gets back on his feet he would return that money to him. times are getting hard.

which house

Hi mark, thanks for responding. just to be clear, I asked if you could leave your wife, children, money and guns in their house? Not in your house; and not another expat, a local. I could list dozens of people/families here in my very town in the US who I could and would trust in this way, but overseas very few if any, probably the only 1 being in Costa Rica, and even there I would be concerned because the rest of the family.


I feel that we are really safe here where we are in panama. I have no problems leaving the girls home alone. As a matter of fact I'm heading out to do some ocean fishing off the coast for a few days. do I have friends, yes, many here. but with that being said I do need to point out that we don't live in panama city, we live in the richest part of panama and our crime rate here is next to nothing, and what little crime there is, is very minor. no one has been shot here, no home has been broken into while the people have been inside. we have a police station in the middle of town and with the richest people in panama and the most powerful people as well, they don't allow any type of crap to go on here. the police don't want to get booted out of this nice area and end up working in the bush someplace. as far as friends there are a bunch of gringos here and all that I have met are not broke nor are they hiding from things in their past. can you take what people say for face value? no of course not, but in time you will be able to know one way or the other. yes many people do things with self interest in mind, but there are many who do things just for the good of doing them. Like when I helped that old guy out, I had no hidden reason to do it, it was just the right thing to do, it's how I was raised.

there is goodness and badness in all of us. I try to see the good side of people. I speak in general I don't say everyone in the u.s. is bad or people here are bad. The things I dislike about the states makes me fit better here, that's all. the things I didn't like are not a problem here, are there things here I don't like? sure no place is perfect.

I just see more greed in americans overall. FACT; an average american's environmental impact is 30 to 50 times that of the average citizen of india. When I lived in colombia friends there would say I really didn't want to become friends with you at first because every american I have ever met has been rude, loud and demanding. After a while there I knew that he was right and I didn't want to hang around any of them either.

the only perfect place was the garden of eden and someone had to go and mess that up as well

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