Beachfront Construction (Nicaragua)

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This is the summery the bank gave me on construction of the Villa in Huehuete.
The property values are so cheap and the construction , if careful , can be maintained at great levels...

I love building on the beach and have over 20 lots which i can continue doing so in years to come.

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Eastern Europe

indeed is full of con artists so there were too much competition for you."""""" If you were indeed a possible client then I might take the time and bother to do so meanwhile, I was simply questioning about the post at hand., Peter"""""" get real Jorge hahahahahaha.

Black and white

I am sadden to see some folks that go thru what appears to be hassles but its just that folks are just not careful enough.
When I traveled to Eastern Europe I was treated the same way and sometimes, most of the time, taken advantage of. Doing business in some of these countries is a challange and one needs to have all your information BEFORE investing and have a good lawyet.

I thank you for your interests in property in Nicaragua. (or assuming ) Peter, I am a contractor and BUILD homes not sell real estate. The property that I use has clear title and is exempt from the costal law. This is where I like to build. I really don`t mind if you are shown documents for not , you are not of interests to me. If you were indeed a possible client then I might take the time and bother to do so meanwhile, I was simply questioning about the post at hand., Peter.


Chillout []

why does this have to turn into an assault on Nicaragua. Attack individuals maybe but don't group everything into your absolutist terms of what is good and bad, black or white. Chill, relax. There is a combination of positive and negative forces in both and all countries. Here we learn about what some of those things are. Many people have different objectives and opinions, circumstances and abilities, and for some it makes more sense to live or enjoy life in one place or another. We are not here trying to detemine these things for other people, we can olny be vehicles of information. Experience is a personal tale.

I love Nicaragua.

Crime in Nicaragua

I personally know two foreigners who were "minding their own business" and were kidnapped by taxi, terrorized, beaten and robbed by ATM withdrawals, one of them to include his overdraft protection. They were Europeans. I know second hand of 6 more cases. One was beaten and raped, as well. All were dumped with nothing but the clothes they were wearing in dangerous neighborhoods. None of this occured in Managua, which we have come to think of as very dangerous, and where a tourist was beaten and robbed and left for dead in a traffic circle there.

The US State Department says that 26 Americans were kidnapped and robbed in this manner in the first 6 months of 2009. It's my guess that the number for the last half of the year is even higher. And in all the cases I know of personally, the victims were not Americans, so I think the number is significant.

I know of two home invasions as well.

Many foreigners who were "minding their own business", like shopping in Pali (supermarket) have had their money, passports and credit cards pickpocketed. I know several Nicaraguans who have also been robbed in this manner. And don't get me started on how many times I have been scammed and lied to in order to extact money from me.

I don't have much experience in Costa Rica to compare, so I don't have an opinion on it. But there is a lot of propaganda out there, mainly by people who want to sell real estate,in Nicaragua, that is misleading if not a downright lie.

Yes, come and see for yourself. Live here for a year before you invest your money. Come see how the streets are full of garbage, the electricity and water get shut off for a day, an hour or a few minutes very, very frequently. Come see how horribly noisy it is, with people shooting off mortars day and night and loud amplied music and commercial and public announcements. Come live next door to someone who decides to open a factory or a discotec next door to your house. There is no zoning in Nicaragua, so your neighbor can do anything he wants.

Overall, Nicaragua is probably safer than many US cities, but it is not some kind of Utopia and foreigners are targeted for their perceived affluence, mostly non-violently, but sometimes very violently. I think it will get worse due to the influx of guns from the drug trade, a worsening economy and the fact that more than half the population is under 20, an age group that commits the most crimes.

Black and white

I think those who have contributed to this site (individually and as a group) have shown a more rounded picture of Costa Rica and Nicaragua than you imply. We've also taken our time, and we've also seen for ourselves. If you think nobody bothers foreigners minding their own business, you should do some interviews of the people who go to the foreign embassies in Managua (and other capitals in Central America) daily with the stories about being robbed, and threatened with extortion. Do you have a US passport so you could go in and listen to the stories people are telling at the little round windows in the embassy? If not you could at least read the warden's reports of all the latest news.

By the way, I didn't see any report from a bank about the house that was built in Nicaragua, just another picture. Was I missing something?

If you indeed have 20 lots as you say, feel free to also post a recent "literal" property report from the Land Office for them; otherwise, people will assume you are claiming yourself as the owner but in fact the land is owned by someone else and you're just a middleman.

All the HIPE on Nicaragua

Althought most of the things you hear about Nicaragua are true, nothing really bothers foreigners that are here minding there own business.
I find it funny to see how everything seems sooooo right in Costa Rica and everything things is soooo wrong here.
Maybe its not as true as folks are painting it.
Take the time and come see for yourselves......before crying "The sky is falling"

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